Friday, 30 October 2020

New Books - November 2020

Botulinum Toxin Treatment in Surgery, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine / edited by Bahman Jabbari
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020 

Book Cover of Botulinum Toxin Treatment in Surgery, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine
“All books on the market which have been written on the subject of botulinum toxin therapy focus on treatment of hyperactive movement disorders, autonomic dysfunction (bladder, sweat and salivary glands) and some pain indications (migraine). Reference to pre-or post -surgical indications are brief and often out-dated. No book has information on dentistry or veterinary medicine.  This book provides up-to-date information on botulinum toxin therapy in surgical fields. It is also the only book in the market that provides information on botulinum toxin therapy in dentistry and veterinary medicine and furnishes the latest information.  Botulinum Toxin Treatment in Surgery, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine appeals to many disciplines including surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicines well as appealing to neurologists and internists.”  From publisher’s website 

Oral Epidemiology / edited by Marco A. Peres, Jose Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes, Richard G. Watt
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021 

Book Cover of Oral Epidemiology
“This intermediate textbook on oral epidemiology is designed to meet the needs of advanced students in the fields of Dentistry and Oral Health and dentists in the early stages of their career. Readers will find detailed information on the epidemiology of individual diseases and disorders and on hot topics and methods in oral health research. The extensive first part of the book explores the international epidemiological literature regarding a wide range of conditions, from dental caries and periodontal diseases to halitosis and malocclusions. In each case, the prevalence, disease-specific measures, and associated factors are identified. Attention is then focused on cutting-edge research topics in oral epidemiology, such as the intriguing mechanisms linking oral diseases and chronic general diseases, life course epidemiology, and the role of socioeconomic determinants of oral health. The final part of the book is devoted to description of the epidemiological methods and tools applied in the field of oral health. Here, the coverage includes validation of questionnaires, data collection and data analyses, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses.”  From publisher’s website 

Minimally Invasive Approaches in Endodontic Practice / edited by Gianluca Plotino
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021 

Book Cover for Minimally Invasive Approaches in Endodontic Practice
“This book describes the latest minimally invasive approaches in endodontics and explains the principles that guide them. The advantages and limitations of these approaches are critically analyzed with the intention of defining new endodontic gold standards. The trend toward the use of more conservative procedures within endodontics reflects the wider adoption of minimally invasive dentistry in general and is being fostered by the introduction of new materials, devices, instruments, and techniques as well as the use of magnification and advanced three-dimensional diagnostic imaging technologies. In this book, readers will find clear explanation of these advances and their impacts. Minimally invasive access to the root canal system is described, and detailed attention is devoted to the application of novel strategies in root canal instrumentation and disinfection, root canal filling, coronal restoration, retreatment, and endodontic surgery. Minimally invasive alternatives to complete endodontic treatment, such as vital pulp therapies, and to dental extraction and implant placement, including surgical extrusion, intentional replantation, and tooth autotransplantation, are also discussed. Minimally Invasive Approaches in Endodontic Practice will be of value for endodontists at all levels of experience.”  From publisher’s website 

An Illustrated Atlas of Tooth Carving and Wax‐Up Techniques / by Anil Bangalore Shivappa
2021 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 

Book Cover for An Illustrated Atlas of Tooth Carving and Wax‐Up Techniques
“Learn the basics of dental morphology while improving your cognitive and psychomotor skills with one authoritative resource 

An Illustrated Atlas of Tooth Carving and Wax-Up Techniques combines important information on dental morphology, and tooth carving and wax-up techniques. This book provides those who wish to improve their cognitive and psychomotor skills with a comprehensive and authoritative resource essential to aesthetic and restorative procedures. 

Containing clear diagrams and detailed explanations on dental morphology and tooth carving, this book is invaluable for the improvement of manual dexterity in undergraduate and graduate students, particularly in the area of aesthetic procedures and restorative procedures. 

- Contains information on the pre-carving preparation of wax blocks 
- Provides a description of anatomical landmarks 
- Offers a complete and stepwise guide to the carving and wax-up of each tooth 
- Includes video resources, located on the companion website, to assist students in the procedure 

An Illustrated Atlas of Tooth Carving and Wax-Up Techniques is perfect for undergraduate and graduate students in dentistry who aim to improve their cognitive and psychomotor skills.” From publisher’s website 


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