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Happy Holidays - Online videos for feature films, documentaries and live broadcasts of concerts, operas from the library

Are you ready for the holidays? Did you know there are resources available from the library that can help you relax? Here are two very good resources for your enjoyment this winter break:

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Criterion-on-Demand - an online streaming database featuring a large number of film producers, including, but not limited to: 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, DreamWorks SKG, etc.
For this database, streaming must be connected through each title, available through the Library catalogue. The link provided here only acts as a browser for remote users. - a classical music video streaming resource including concerts, opera, dance and documentaries. It is also available on your mobile devices. For iPhone or iPad user, please click here; for android mobile phone or tablet, please click here.

For more online video resources please check:

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Wish you all have a wonderful holiday and see you in New Year!

Friday, 5 December 2014

New Books - December 2014


Basic guide to anatomy and physiology for dental care professionals / by Carole Hollins
John Wiley & Sons, 2012

"Beginning with a definition of anatomy and physiology, and with all the basics of cell, tissue and organ biology, this Basic Guide covers: the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, all of which are central to the DCP curriculum core areas such as skull and oral anatomy, periodontal tissues, blood and nerve supply to the oral cavity, muscles of mastication, and major salivary glands areas such as jaw and tooth development, and the histology or oral and dental tissue Each area is covered separately and in depth, giving the reader an understanding of their structure and function in health as well as illnesses relevant to medical emergencies and dental-related disorders (such as acid reflux which causes tooth erosion)." Taken from publisher description

Clinical textbook of dental hygiene and therapy / edited by Suzanne Noble
John Wiley & Sons, 2012

"Fully revised and updated to reflect changes in clinical practice, legislation and regulation, this groundbreaking textbook intertwines the subjects of dental hygiene and dental therapy to provide a comprehensive resource for students of these courses, as well as those studying new degree programmes in oral health science. Following course developments and an expansion in the remit of both hygienists and therapists, this book has been written not only for students, but as a revision and updating manual for those already in practice." Taken from publisher description

Clinical cases in prosthodontics / by Leila Jahangiri ... [et al.]
Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

"Wiley-Blackwell's "Clinical Cases" series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics grounds itself in core principles of this rehabilitative specialty and demonstrates their practical, every-day application through range of case presentations building from simple to complex and from common to rare. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from conventional complete denture prostheses to full mouth rehabilitation using both implant and tooth-supported prostheses." Taken from publisher description 


Evidence-based dentistry for the dental hygienist / edited by J. Frantsve-Hawley

Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc., 2014

"As discussed in this book, an evidence-based approach includes incorporating the scientific evidence with the clinician's expertise and the individual patient's needs and preferences. These are the three cornerstones that, when used together, provide a strong basis for all personalized client decisions. The skills taught in this book include identifying, appraising, and using scientific evidence. But that is simply one part of the process. This evidence must then be applied to clinical decision making [...] by asking three specific questions about evidence: (1) Are the results valid? (2) What are the results? (3) Can the results be applied to my patient? The book is divide into two main parts. The first section addresses the specific skills needed to implement an evidence-based approach in your practice, while the second section addresses current evidence on topics of interest to the dental hygienist."  Taken from Preface, vii

Interceptive orthodontics : a practical guide to occlusal management / by J. Noar

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

This book "aims to guide the practitioner in the art of interceptive management of the developing dentition. The goal is to guide the permanent dentition into the line of the dental arches, avoiding complex orthodontic treatment for teeth displaced far from their ideal position, and thereby reducing orthodontic treatment time. This book covers growth of the jaws and tooth development, and explains the correct timing of interceptive management. It also discusses orthodontic assessment, special investigations and comprehensive management of the mixed dentition, taking in the issues of early crowding, impaction, supernumerary and supplemental teeth, dental arch expansion, space maintenance and space management. In line with best available evidence, it provides clear treatment objectives and detailed treatment planning advice. Practical, accessible, and illustrated with a wealth of colour images, this is an ideal clinical companion for general dental practitioners, oral surgeons, paediatric dentists and orthodontists. It is also a valuable reference for all training grades." Taken from back cover
Also available online

Disinfection of root canal systems : the treatment of apical periodontitis / edited by N. Cohenca
Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

This book "is an evidence-based manual that describes root canal anatomy, the endodontic biofilm, and the role of disinfection before presenting the most up-to-date methods of irrigation and disinfection. Individual chapters are devoted to each method, such as positive pressure irrigation, apical negative pressure irrigation, sonic activation, photodynamic therapy, laser technology, and ozonization and electrochemical activation. Clinical photographs throughout show proper irrigation and disinfection techniques" Taken from back cover

Fundamentals of implant dentistry / by G. Byrne 

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

This text "provides a concise yet comprehensive look at the basic background and science of implantology and includes practical, evidence-based instruction on common procedures such as single implant crowns, bridges, and overdentures. Well-illustrated with clear line drawings and clinical photos, the book serves as the perfect introduction to this exciting area of dentistry. 
Special features:

  • Distills foundational knowledge in implant dentistry in an accessible guide
  • Includes practical instruction on adding implant procedures to general dental practice
  • Organized in a succinct, easy-to-follow manner
  • Features clear illustrations and clinical photographs to illustrate concepts discussed"
Taken from back cover

The dentist's drug and prescription guide / by M. Weinberg and S.J. Froum

Wiley-Blackwell, 2013

This book "is written for dental professionals seeking quick advice on prescribing medications for their patients. Using an easy-to-read question-and-answer format, the text describes evidence-based pharmacologic therapy with current and up-to-date references regarding adjunctive pharmacologic treatment of the dental patient. Drug therapy for each dental discipline, including periodontics, implantology, oral surgery, and endodontics, is included. Recommendations for pharmacologic treatment with periodontal and implant surgery as well as treatment of periodontal diseases, dental pain, and infections are also covered." Taken from back cover
Also available online - from Coutts MyiLibrary and Wiley-Blackwell Online Books

Basic guide to oral health education and promotion, 2nd edition / by A. Felton, A. Chapman and S. Felton

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

This book "is the perfect step-by-step course companion for dental nurses studying for a qualification in Oral Health Education. In addition, it is an invaluable resource for other members of the dental team and health professionals involved in educating and promoting oral health to patients and the wider general public [...] Topics covered include dental structures, anatomy and physiology, oral diseases and prevention, the principles of education, oral health and society, promoting oral health in the 21st century, patient communication, project planning and workplace assignments. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and revised in line with the substantial changes to the role and professional obligations of the dental nurse. The book reflects recent changes in oral health, numerous innovations in procedures and techniques, infection control with regards to oral hygiene aids and developments in oral health products. In addition, a brand new section has been added on education and research." Taken from back cover 

Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd., 2014

"This book describes those minor oral surgical procedures that can be performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation in the general dental practice setting. In addition to describing the surgical techniques the assessment of surgical patients, the appropriate use of drugs and the management of complications and emergencies are discussed." Taken from back cover

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, 2nd edition / by C. Kerawala and C. Newlands

Oxford University Press, 2014

"Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (second edition):

  • Encompasses new evidence and changes in guidelines and clinical practice
  • Explains the diagnosis and treatment of a wider range of congenital and acquired conditions that affect the mouth, jaw, face, and contiguous structures
  • Provides updates coverage of the Exit FRCS (OMFS) syllabus and also remains relevant for those working towards MFJDS
  • Contains new and improved figures and photographs to illustrate procedures
  • Has an authorship of unparalleled expertise from across oral and maxillofacial surgery"
Taken from back cover

Oxford handbook of clinical dentistry, 6th edition / by D.A. Mitchell and L. Mitchell, with contributions from L. McCaul

Oxford University Press, 2014

"The authors have distilled the essentials of clinical practice into a readily accessible style. Concise and practically focused, the handbook balances a pragmatic approach alongside evidence-based clinical knowledge, guidelines, and protocols. This handbook is in full colour, with even more images and diagrams to aid in understanding. It includes revised chapters on fast-moving areas of dental practice such as therapeutics and anaethesia, as well as updates on the aetiology and management of cancer, reflecting recent discoveries. More information on topics such as the difference in healthcare and legal requirements of the UK devolved countries, and guidelines, further reading, and life support protocols have been updated throughout." Taken from back cover

Ergon, 1994

Language note: Includes some text in English

Updates in clinical prosthetics, the tenthmeeting : research articles published, accepted, under consideration byinternational journals, sent by the Turin University Department of ProstheticDentistry, 1998-2000 = X Giornate di aggiornamento in clinica protesica :ricerche pubblicate, accetate, inviate dalla Cattedra di Protesi Dentariadell'Università di Torino a riviste scientifiche internazionali nel trienno1998/2000
Cattedra di Protesi Dentaria dell'Università di Torino, 2000

"The tenth meeting: an important milestone [...] Ten congresses have fostered and consolidated our relationship with schools and colleagues throughout the world. The school's contribution to each congress has been an expression of our progress: initially revolving around teaching activities, then clinical treatment as it relates to such activities, and lastly research [...] 24 papers of an international standard, of which 10 published during 1998-2000, 7 accepted for publication and 7 under consideration, is the sum of our research work over recent years." Taken from Introduction 

Language note: Text in Italian with abstracts in English; introductory matter in Italian and English

The epidemiology of malocclusion : inter-relations of malocclusion manifestations and etiological factors / by R.M. Grainger
Author, 1960(?)

"This paper is a preliminary report on the prevalence and inter-relations of various clinical manifestations of malocclusion and certain predisposing etiological factors." Taken from p. 1

Implant restoration : a step-by-step guide, 3rd edition / by C. Drago
Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

This book "offers clinicians a practical, step-by-step approach to treatment planning and restoring dental implants. This highly illustrated, case-based book demonstrates how to treat the most commonly encountered treatment scenarios by describing the procedures, techniques, and sequences required in clear, concise language and in an easy-to-use format. The book takes the theory of implant restoration, using as its basis two different implant systems, and places it directly in the operatory, concentrating in detail on each stage of the actual clinical procedures involved in treating different patients. It integrates implant treatment with the realities of running a successful restorative practice. Building on the work of the second edition, the third edition of this successful text reflects the advances of implant prosthetics over the intervening years, providing new cases, exploring new techniques and technology, and demonstrating updated system components and armamentarium." Taken from back cover

High-strength ceramics : interdisciplinary perspectives / edited by J.L. Ferencz, N.R.F.A. Silva and J.M. Navarro
Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc., 2014

"[The authors] believed that a text could be created that focused on the collaboration of biomaterials science, industry clinical, and dental laboratory perspectives. [The authors] envisioned that most chapters could combine perspectives by asking biomaterials experts to work with clinicians to write chapters [...] This text is intended for dental students, dental technicians, dental faculty, and practicing dentists alike. We [the authors] believe that to be a successful user of ceramic materials today, one must have an understanding of basic biomaterials. We [the authors] thoroughly hope that this text introduces readers to new ceramic materials, high-quality clinical procedures, and laboratory techniques with an underpinning of biomaterials science." Taken from back cover

Dental implant prosthetics, 2nd edition / by C.E. Misch
Elsevier Mosby, 2015

"The definitive resource on the latest dental implants and treatments! Written by a foremost authority in the field, Dental Implant Prosthetics, 2nd Edition helps you advance your skills and understanding of implant prosthetics. Comprehensive coverage includes both simple and complicated clinical cases, with practical guidance on how to apply the latest research, diagnostic tools, treatment planning, implant designs, materials, and techniques to provide superior patient outcomes.

  • NEW! Emphasis on treatment planning helps decrease the number of visits while providing effective, long-term results for the patient
  • NEW! Original illustrations and photos highlight and clarify key clinical concepts and techniques
  • Treatment supported by clinical evidence equips you with a more targeted evidence-based approach to patient procedures."
Taken from back cover

The Wiley handbook of anxiety disorders: volume I: theory and research / edited by P. Emmelkamp and T. Ehring

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

"This state-of-the-art Handbook on the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders is the most clinically oriented Handbook currently available. It offers a truly international approach, encompassing a broad network of researchers and covering issues of global--not just Western--relevance [...] Volume I covers various aspects related to theory and research into anxiety disorders, including epidemiology, course, classification according to DSM-5, and major etiological approaches. Disorder-specific chapters provide in-depth information on each anxiety disorder as well as on a number of anxiety-related problems classified in other categories, including PTSD, OCD, sexual anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorders." Taken from back cover
Also available online - from Scholars Portal Books or Wiley-Blackwell Online Books

The Wiley handbook of anxiety disorders: volume II: clinical assessment and treatment / edited by P. Emmelkamp and T. Ehring

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

"This state-of-the-art Handbook on the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders is the most clinically oriented Handbook currently available. It offers a truly international approach, encompassing a broad network of researchers and covering issues of global--not just Western--relevance [...] Volume 2 presents the very latest treatments for anxiety disorders. Chapters cover the most recent research findings in their respective areas, as well as clinically relevant information including brief case vignettes. In addition to established treatments, new and innovative approaches are covered, including cognitive bias modification, virtual reality exposure therapy, deep brain stimulation, and the use of cognitive enhancers." Taken from back cover 

Also available online - from Scholars Portal Books or Wiley-Blackwell Online Books

Cengage Health Care, 2013

"As a dental assistant, you will be expected to take on an increasing number of clinical and administrative responsibilities to stay competitive. Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach delivers inclusive coverage of the basic and advanced clinical skills you need to master. This complete learning system includes the most current information on leading dental practices/procedures, equipment, and patient safety standards, as well as, incorporates animation, video, step-by-step photo illustrations, real-life case studies, and dynamic review materials." Taken from back cover

Essentials of dental assisting, 5th edition / by D.S. Robinson
Elsevier, 2013

"Many of the chapters within this edition have been modified and enhanced to include the most up-to-date knowledge and skills that are being taught to dental professionals and practiced in clinical settings. The book is divided into 10 parts, beginning with historical and scientific background, leading into preclinical and clinical areas, and finishing with preparation for employment and national board examinations. Each chapter provides specific objectives for the reader to achieve, terms for the reader to review to ensure comprehension of the content, specific figures and tables that will assist the reader in grasping the material, and, finally, procedures that provide detail and exercises designed to test comprehension." Taken from Preface, v

Cengage Learning, 2014

"The first dental professional a patient encounters is generally the front office staff. This interaction is the key to promoting the practice and making the patient comfortable. Dental Office Management, Second Edition, hones professionalism and improves efficiencies in managing the business aspects of dentistry. The various tasks associated with front office dental management are addressed in six sections: The Business of Dentistry, Practical Communications, Clinical Records Management, Business and Financial Records Management, Dental Office Employment, and The Use of Practice Management Software [...]
  • Includes DENTRIX software with a detailed guide for its use allowing valuable practice with dental management software.
  • Discusses the latest trends in dentistry including use of Web sites and social marketing, networking, and making the dental office greener.
  • Incorporates new technologies which improve efficiencies in the contemporary dental office." Taken from back cover


Efficacy of nutrition and physical activity counseling for pre-adolescent children in a dental setting : a randomized controlled trial / by Anoushe Sekhavat.

Thesis (MSc)--University of Toronto, 2014.

Availability of TGF-Beta1 in the myofibroblast metrix: a matter of strain and fibronectin / by Franco Kleinberg.

Thesis (PhD)--University of Toronto, 2014.


Cengage Health Care, 2013

Essentials of dental assisting, 5th edition / by D.S. Robinson 

Elsevier, 2013

Cengage Learning, 2014

Children's Literature

Franklin and the tooth fairy / by Pauletter Bourgeois and Brenda Clark 

Kids Can Press, Ltd., 1995
A Classic Franklin Story