Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Books - September


Endodontic pain: diagnosis, causes, prevention and treatment / by Paul A. Rosenberg.
Springer, 2014.

John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2014

"Open-bite malocclusion: treatment and stability presents the etiology, treatment, and its stability of anterior open bite malocclusion in the early, mixed, and permanent dentitions. Special emphasis is devoted to orthodontic treatment and its stability in the permanent dentition because this is the time when treatment of open bite presents greater relapse" Taken from publisher description

The dentist's drug and prescription guide / by Mea A. Weinberg, Stuart J. Froum
Wiley-Blackwell, 2013

"The Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guide is the only book to offer comprehensive coverage of this topic and has quickly become the go-to reference for dental students, general dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists." Taken from publisher description


Peri-implantitis / by Stefan Renvert and Jean-Louis Giovannoli
Quintessence, 2012

"The present monograph provides a comprehensive insight into all aspects of peri-implant diseases. Special emphasis is given to the diagnosis of mucositis and peri-imnplantitis. Risk indicators and possible risk factors for the development of peri-implant diseases are carefully selected and discussed on the basis of scientific evidence. The monograph finally addresses the therapy of both mucosistis and peri-implantitis. The monograph is highly recommended for graduate students, teachers, dentists and specialists." Text from Foreword.

Behavioral dentistry, 2nd Edition / by David I. Mostofsky and Farida Fortune (Eds.)
Wiley Blackwell, 2014

Behavioral dentistry /"This book surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice of dentistry. This book combines contributions from leading experts in each of the major subspecialities of behavioral dentistry. Its aim is to provide the student and clinician not merely with a comprehensive review of the impressive literature or discussion of the theoretical background to the subject, but also with a practical guide to adapting the latest techniques and protocols and applying them to day-to-day clinical practice." Text from back cover.

Oral health surveys: basic methods, fifth edition / by World Health Organization
World Health Organization, 2013.

"This manual encourages countries to conduct standardized oral health surveys that are comparable internationally. The manual provides guidelines for assessing the current oral health status of a population and the future needs for oral health intervention."

Dental foundation training: the essentail handbook for foundation dentists / by Amit Rau
Radcliffe Publishing, 2014

Dental foundation training : the essential handbook for foundation dentists /"Foundation Training is mandatory for the majority of UK dental graduates who wish to practice NHS dentistry. Dental Foundation Training is a highly practical resource for all dentists interested in Foundation Training. Easy-to-read and comprehensive, it includes an essential survival guide and offers a detailed snapshot of the various directions available in the career crossroads which await after Foundation Training." Text from back cover.

Handbook of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation, 4th edition / by Morris S. Clark and Ann L. Brunick
Elsevier, 2015.

Handbook of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation /"This unique chairside handbook is the only product of its kind focused specifically on nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation. Now in full color, it features a quick-access outline format, along with summary tables, clear illustrations, step-by-step photos, and a variety of techniques to equip you with all the information you need - right when and where you need it." Text from back cover.

Profitable dental practice: 8 strategies for building a practice that everyone loves to visit / by Philip Newsome and Chris Barrow
Radcliffe Publishing, 2014.

Profitable dental practice : 8 strategies for building a practice that everyone loves to visit /
"This highly practical guide has been completely revised, updated and expanded, highlighting the changing face of dental practice today. It considers characteristics common to successful organizations and applies them to the profession of dentistry. Focusing on eight key strategies, it is specially designed to develop a thriving dental practice whilst maintaining a healthy personal and professional balance." Text from back cover.

Homelessness and health in Canada / by Manal Guirguis-Younger, Ryan McNeil and Stephen W. Hwang (Eds.)
Homelessness and health in Canada /University of Ottawa Press, 2014

"This book brings together leading and emerging researchers to advance understanding of the complex relationships between homelessness and health. Covering a wide range of topics from youth homelessness to end-of-life care, contributors outline policy and practice recommendations to respond to this public health crisis." Text from back cover

Endodontics : principles and practice / by Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton, Ashraf F. Fouad.
Elsevier, c2015.

"Written by well-known national and international experts, this text provides a practical, evidence-based understanding of the principles and procedures in endodontics. Updated, clear guidelines describe etiology, prevention, diagnosis, and management of pulpal and periapical diseases, as well as, how to perform root canal treatment." Text from back cover.

Elsevier, c2014

"Authored by an expert of international renown, the latest volume has been thoroughly updated and includes a whole spectrum of new medical and surgical topics and fully explores other important issues in contemporary practice such as the need for effective communication and informed consent." Text from back cover.

Canadian Medical Directory, 60th ed. / Canadian Medical Association
Scott’s Directories, c2014


Expression analysis of CTHRC1 in the murine embryo during mid-facial development / by Laurene Dao-Pei Yen
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2014.

Fluid dynamics and biofilm removal generated by syringe-delivered and two ultrasonic-assisted irrigation methods: a novel experimental approach / by Gillian Layton
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2014.

Decreased face primary motor cortex (Face-M1) excitability induced by noxious stimulation of the molar tooth pulp in dependent on the functional integrity of Face-M1 astrocytes / by Leith Awanleh
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2014.

Particle size influences fibronectin internalization and degradation by fibroblasts / by Peter Bozavikov
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2014.

Assessing the position and angulation of single implants restored in the Predoctoral Dentistry Program / by Waad M. Kheder
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2014.