Friday, 29 September 2017

New Books - October 2017


Advanced CBCT for Endodontics: technicalconsiderations, perception, and decision-making / by A. Khademi
Elsevier, 2017.

"This book encourages endodontists to develop a sound technical and theoretical understanding of CBCT. The authors compare the capabilities of modern CBCT imaging with traditional radiography and also present vital information about image interpretation and perception to increase competence and confidence in CBCT interpretation and minimize overdiagnosis and subsequent overtreatment." From published website

Orthodontics: current principles and techniques, 6th ed./ by Graber et al.
Elsevier, 2017.

"Reflecting today's emerging trends in orthodontics, this classic reference provides evidence-based coverage of esthetics, genetics, temporary anchorage devices, clear aligners, technology-assisted biomechanics, and much more. New to this edition is an Expert Consult website using videos and images to show concepts difficult to explain with words alone. From a team of respected editors Lee Graber, Robert Vanarsdall, Katherine Vig, and Greg Huang along with a veritable Who's who of expert contributors, this reference remains the go-to textbook for the latest advances in orthodontic treatment. " From book cover.

Infection control and management of hazardous materials for the dental team, 6th ed./ by C.H. Miller
Elsevier, 2018.

"The go-to source for patient safety and infection prevention in the dental office! Emphasizing patient safety and disease prevention in the dental office, [this book] is a must-have resource for all dental office personnel. With discussions ranging from microbiology concepts to protocols for clinical asepsis, this comprehensive, highly practical text features the most up-to-date regulatory recommendations, as well as new chapters on patient safety preparation and infection control breaches. Step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to perform safety procedures and use the supplies and equipment needed to prevent the spread of infectious disease, and new case scenarios present opportunities for critical thinking and application." From back cover

Tooth whitening techniques, 2nd ed./ by L. Greenwall
CRC Press, 2017.

"The field of tooth whitening has continued to develop as more and more dental practitioners have turned to cosmetic dentistry and associated aesthetic facial procedures. This new edition of an acclaimed text covers recent technical innovations, but also looks at the latest innovations in practice to treat the single tooth or lesions and white spots. The editor is extremely well placed to give expert advice on how to incorporate whitening into a full aesthetic facial practice." From back cover

Community oral health practice for the dental hygienist, 4th ed./ by C. French Beatty
Elsevier, 2017.

"[This book] helps you acquire the skills to improve the oral health of people throughout various communities and build a successful career in the public health sector. Now in full color, this edition contains key updates on Healthy People 2020, the Affordable Care Act, health literacy, access to care, and more. Test-taking strategies, cases, and application exercises. as well as practice quizzes online, provide a wealth of opportunities for classroom and board exam preparation" From back cover

Tooth preparations: Science and Art / by C. Pagani
Quintessence Publishing, c2017.

"[This book] by Prof. Clovis Pagani and co-authors is a fully illustrated guide on tooth preparations, a fundamental part of daily dental practice. It contains essential theory and sound practice, including more than 700 high-quality 3D images. The most current concepts on tooth preparations for indirect restorations are covered, with a focus on biological care, preservation in operative procedure, and precision. The book is divided into eight chapters, covering topics such as restorative planning; state-of-the-art principles, sequences, and tools for preparations; intra- and extracoronal restorations; compromised teeth; adhesive milled restorations; minimally invasive preparations; and preparations for CAD/CAM restorations. This book provides a clear and objective outline of different conservative preparation designs indicated for a variety of clinical situations and is an indispensable addition to the collection of all restorative dentists." From back cover

Mosby's dental drug reference, 12th ed. / by A.H. Jeske (ed)
Elsevier, 2018

"Use this concise drug reference at the point of care! With an emphasis on dental-specific considerations, this comprehensive drug reference profiles the most commonly used drugs in dentistry. More than 800 drug monographs make it easy to find information such as dosages, indications, contraindications, interactions, precautions, side effects, and serious reactions. Providing drug essentials at a glance, this guide is ideal for chairside use!" From back cover

Mosby’s dental assisting exam review, 3rd ed. / by by Betty Ladley Finkbeiner
Elsevier, 2018.

"Prepare for local, state, and national board exams with the most comprehensive resource available! Prepare for and pass your local, state, or national board exams with Mosby's Dental Assisting Exam Review, Third Edition. This best-selling comprehensive resource is modeled after the format of the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc., (DANB) and includes 600 all-new questions. With a total of 2800 multiple-choice questions, all the standard topics and procedures specific to dental assisting are meticulously covered." From back cover

Wiley, 2017  

"[This book] is a valuable resource for undergraduate dental students as well as residents working towards bard certification. Individual cases cover temporomandibular joint disorders, masticatory muscle disorders, headache, neuropathic pain, dental pain, tooth wear, and dystonia. following the popular Clinical Cases series style, cases are presented with associated academic commentary, including background information, diagnostic criteria and fundamental points that might influence the diagnosis, treatment planning or management of the case. Well-illustrated throughout, each chapter features self-assessment study questions to help foster independent learning." From back cover

Kaplan, 2017

"[This book] is a through, practical guide to help you score higher on the National Board Dental Examination: Part II. It includes all the topic covered on the NBDE. Part II exam - endodontics, operative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral diagnosis, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry, patient management, periodontics, pharmacology, propsthodontics, and a special section on study strategies. This book is completely revised for easier reading and understanding, and the new bulleted design allows for targeted, focused prep." From back cover. 

Quintessence Publishing, 2017

"[This book] expertly describes the key features of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, such as the surgical anatomy of the floor of the mouth, papilla reconstruction, the modified lingual flap and the preservation of the mental nerve during flap advancement, growth factor applications used in conjunction with perforated membranes, managing complications of membrane exposure and graft infections, and a step-by-step description of complete reconstruction of the severely resorbed maxillary ridge using GBR with simultaneous sinus augmentation. Almost all cases described include a retrospective section with suggestions on what could have been done differently to achieve even better results, making this book a frank, ambitious, and immensely informative text on the clinical practice of ridge augmentation with GBR." From Publisher

Quintessenza Edizioni, 2016 

"This volume guides the reader to a systemic approach to 3D imagine; the subject matter is introduced to students and specialists step by step, and its various branches are
investigated in detail. The authors in this book have achieved a phenomenon in the field of translational medicine: starting from basic research, they transfer these concepts to a complete analysis of stomatognathic system and then to the clinical application of the data gathered." From foreword

Human tooth crown and root morphology: The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System / by G. R. Scott and J.D. Irish 
Cambridge University Press, 2017.

"This guide to scoring crown and root traits in human dentitions substantially builds on a seminal 1991 work by Turner, Nichol, and Scott. It provides detailed descriptions and multiple illustrations of each crown and root trait to help guide researchers to make consistent observations on trait expression, greatly reducing observer error. The book also reflects exciting new developments driven by technology that have significant ramifications for dental anthropology, particularly the recent development of a web-based application that computes the probability that an individual belongs to a particular genogeographic grouping based on combinations of crown and root traits; as such the utility of these variables is expanded to forensic anthropology." From back cover

Also available online.

Darby's comprehensive review of dental hygiene, 8th ed. / by C.M. Blue
Elsevier, 2017

"A one-stop review for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE), Darby's Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene offers essential review plus 2,500 practice questions, including four online NBDHE-style exams - all with answers and rationales to help you identify areas of focus for content remediation. This best-selling tool parallels the NBDHE with outline-style content reviews, in-depth case studies throughout, the 'testlet' format for community health and research content, and an emphasis on computer-based testing for realistic preparation." From back cover


Access to deep sedation and general anaesthesia services for dental patients: a survey of Ontario patients / by Soheil Khojasteh 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Characterization of the inflammatory infiltrates associated with oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma / by Hayder Ali Mahdi 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Development of a transdermal microneedle patch for conscious sedation in pediatric dentistry / by Yang Heon Kang
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Effect of surface treatments on zirconia roughness and wear of opposing artificial enamel / by Najm Mohsen Alfrisany 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Enamel bond strength of self-etching adhesives to orthodontic brackets: an in vitro study / by Melissa Cerone 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Exploration of degradative activities of Enterococcus faecalis and determinants of bacterial biofilm proliferation within the sealer-dentin interfacial margins / by Muna Qasim Mustafa Marashdeh 
Thesis, PhD –University of Toronto, 2017

Gender differences and precictors of referral in a sample of Ontario dentists / by Adam Ohayon 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Impact of bonding pericervical dentin on biomechanical response in root filled maxillary single-canal premolars / by Nghia Quang Huynh 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Knowledge and practices of family and emergency physicians in managing non-traumatic dental conditions: a case-based survey / by Ralph Dana
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017.

Local targeting of anabolic drug conjugates for treatment of bone loss after tooth extraction / by Hendrik Doering 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Long-term effects of nasaoalveolar molding in patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate / by Azadeh Reyhani 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017

Mechanical properties of graded thermodynamic nickel titanium archwires in bending and torsion / by Ouliana Oguienko 
Thesis, MSc –University of Toronto, 2017