Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Books - May 2012


Netter's head and neck anatomy for dentistry, 2nd ed. / by Neil S. Norton
Elsevier, c2012

'Whether for your dnetal anatomy course, board review, or as a handy reference in your dental office, this concise, visual guide with beautiful Netter illustrations is an excellent anatomy atlas and quick reference for students and professionals in dentistry and dental hygiene.' Taken from back cover

Seltzer and Bender's dental pulp, 2nd ed. / by KM Hargreaves, HE Goodis and FR Tay
Quintessence Books, c2012.

Like the first edition, this book focuses on the dental pulp and its interaction with other tissues during health and disease, with each chapter providing the latest information on the biologic principles and the basis for clinical treatment procedures. As such, the book is ideally suited for practicing dentists as well as residents and dental students. This newly revised second edition includes entirely new topics (eg, regenerative endodontics) as well as greatly expanded reviews on dental implications of biofilms, immune interactions, pain mechanisms, the interactions between restorative dental procedures and pulpal health, and neuroanatomy, among other topics.' Taken from preface, vii.

Dental nurse survival guide: common questions and answers for the dental nurse / by Kathryn Porter.
Quay Books, c2011
'Gaining your qualifications and becoming registered is just the start for any Dental Nurse or Dental Care Professional (DCP). You have learnt the theory and gained some practical experience but now you are on the job and there [are] so many situations that you are expected to deal with. Where do you turn to for advice if you need answers immediately? The Survival Guide series aims to be the resource that helps answer those questions. This user-friendly book is designed to be a practical, handy reference with brief answers to some common questions and scenarios to provide immediate help in clinical practice.' Taken from back cover

Practical dental local anaesthesia / by John G. Meechan
Quintessence Publishing, c2010.

'This book covers aspects of local anaesthesia relevant to operative pain control in dental practice. It will describe the techniques, available to dentists to provide anaesthesia of the teeth and surrounding structures. The management of failure, safety issues and methods of reducing injection discomfort will also be described' Take from back cover

Sarayin ve Cumhuriyetin Discibasisi Sami Gunzberg / by Rifat N. Bali

Biography of Sami Gunzberg, dentist. [In Turkish].

Implant treatment planning for the edentulous patient: a graftless approach to immediate laoding / by Edmond Bedrossian.
Mosby-Elsevier, c2011.
'The science of osseointegration has given dentistry an understanding of the physiologic rehabilitation of edentulous patients in a simplificed, safe, and predictable manner. Collaboration between multicenter international groups has lent credibility to the concept of graftless surgery and immediate loading. Expansion of the original protocol of the two-stage approach by Profession P-I Branemark to the current concept of immediate loading of endosseous implants is the result of an appreciation of distance, contact osteogenesis, and load control. The purpose of this publication is to present the current philosophy, as well as surgical and prosthetic techniques for the treatment of  edentulous patients with dental implants to support a fixes prosthesis...' Taken from preface, p.ix

CRC handbook of chemistry and physics, 92end edition 2011-2012 / by W.M. Haynes

CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group c2011

Dental office medical emergencies: A manual of office response protocols, 4th ed. / by Timothy F. Meiller et al.

Lexi-Comp, c2011

'A manual of office response protocols, designed to assist in addressing emergenxy situations, facilitating treatment, and reinforcing basic life support techniques. This reference is intended for use during times of crisis as well as for office preparedness and staff training for management of emergencies.' Taken from back cover

Fluoride and the oral environment / by M.A.R. Buzalaf
Karger, c2011

'This volume brings together current concepts relating to the use of fluoride in dentistry. In contributions written by expert authors, data from this large and complex field have been assembled into a clear senquence and presented in a lucid fashion...As a clear up-to-date summary of current thinking in the field, this book will be essential reading for research workers and post-graduate students.' Taken from back cover


GLUT2 and TAS1R2 genotype and risk of dental caries / by Tabitha Chng
Thesis (M.Sc.)--University of Toronto, c2012.