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New Books - December 2012


Koda-Kimle and Young's Applied therapeutics: the clinical use of drugs, 10th ed. / by Brian K. Alldredge et al.
Wolters-Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, c2013

'Readers familiar with past editions of the text will notice some welcome changes in the tenth edition. The overall design has been updated for visual appeal and to allow the reader to more quickly distinguish cases from surrounding text. In lieu of the traditional chapter outline, all chapters now contain a Core Principles section at the beginning, which provides the most important 'take home' information from the chapter.' Taken from preface, iv.

Evidence-based clinical orthodontics / edited by Peter G. Miles, Daniel J. Rinchuse and Donald J. Rinchuse
Quintessence Books, c2012

'This text can serve as as reference guide for research and studies in many difficult clinical areas where there is a lack of evidence-based information. The distinguished editors are all involved in education, research, and practice, ad they have invited well-known experts and authorities to critically evaluate the literature and topics such as early treatment, extraction and nonextraction, Class III treatment, asymmetries, temporary skeletal anchorage devices (miniscrews), impacted canines, root resorption, temporomandibular disorders, retention, stabilitym and accelerated orthodontic tooth movement' Taken from Foreword.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2012.

'Lippincott Williams and Wilkins' Comprehensive Dental Assisting Workbook is the ideal companion text for dental assisting students who are using LWW's Comprehensive Dental Assisting textbook. The interactive Workbook is designed to reinforce the content in the textbook, using a variety of exercises to suit all types of learners.' Taken from back cover.

'Covering both new and proven techniques in this rapidly changing field, this book helps you provide solutions to many common occlusal and TMD problems. Clear descriptions ensure that you develop a complete understanding of normal occlusion and masticatory function allowing you to better appreciate and manage abnormal occlusion and masticatory dysfunction.' Taken from back cover.

Ridge preservation and immediate implantation / by Devorah Schwartz-Arad Quintessence Publishing, 2012

'This textbook is valuable for all members of the treatment team. It will give the reader organization and direction, medical and dental evaluation principles, bioengineering concepts, surgical principles, alternative treatment planning, and pharmacological considerations, from single teeth to full arch rehabilitations. It is a book to be read and reread by the serious student and practitioner of implant dentistry.' Taken from back cover.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2012

'Lippincott Williams and Wilkins' Certification Preparation for Dental Assisting is a thorough, focused review that will prepare you for the Certified Dental Assisting exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). This new guide is organized by content area, just like the exam, with an easy-to-follow outline format and related questions integrated into each section.' Taken from back cover.

'Based on the authors' extensive experience and research, The naked tooth is an indispensable guide to selecting a quality cosmetic dentist and achieving the perfect smile. Leading cosmetic dentists Colleen and Jason Olitsky offer a must-have research tool for anyone seeking the safest, most cost-effective ways to improve their appearance with a bright, shining smile.' Taken from back cover.

Jaypee’s dental dictionary / by Priya Verma Gupta, LC Gupta, Sujata Sarabahi
McGraw-Hill, 2011

'A compact yet comprehensive dictionary of hundreds of dental words and terms enhanced by numerous full-color photographs and diagrams. The book covers all key topic areas, including syndromes, causes of dental diseases, tooth numbering system, and more.' Taken from the University of Toronto Libraries' Bowker Data Service Summary.

First aid for the NBDE: Part 1, 3rd ed. / by Derek M. Steinbacher, Steven R. Sierakowski
McGraw-Hill Medical, 2012
'One-stop NBDE preparation -- written by students who aced the exam, First aid for the NBDE Part 1, is a concise review for the exam, containing hundreds of high-yield facts and mnemonics, and more than 200 photos and illustrations.The book offers what-to-study guidance for the most frequently tested topics in anatomic sciences, biochemistry and physiology, microbiology and pathology, and dental anatomy and occlusion. Readers will also find confidence-building, performance-enhancing test-taking strategies.' Taken from the University of Toronto Libraries' Main Description.

Complete Dentures: from Planning to Problem Solving, 2nd ed. / by P. Finbarr Allen, Sean McCarthy
Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd., 2012

'The proportion of elderly adults is rapidly rising as life expectancy increases. Many of these adults will not retain sufficient numbers of teeth for the remainder of their lives, and will require complete dentures at some point. This book deals with the planning, construction and review of complete dentures and examines the role of osseointegrated prostheses in the management of edentulism.' Taken from the back cover.

CRC Press, 2009

'The aim of Biodental Engineering is to slidify knowledge of bioengineering applied to dentistry. Dentistry is a branch of medicine with its own peculiarities and very diverse areas of action, and in recent years multiple new techniques and technologies have been introduced. This book is a collection of keynote lectures and full papers from Biodental 2009 (Porto, Portugal, 26-27 June 2009). The contributions are from nine countries and provide a comprehensive coverage...on several scientific and relevant fields, such as: biomechanical disorders, orthodontics, implantology, aesthetics, dental systems, medical devices, medical images. Taken from the back cover.

Clinial aspects of dental materials : theory, practice, and cases, 4th edition / by Marcia Gladwin and Michael Bagby
Wolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2013.

'Written for the dental hygiene student by a dental hygiene educator and a biomaterials  scientist, [this book] gives you the knowledge and skills you need to competently select and utilize dental materials. The textbook's acclaimed outline format makes it easy to follow and facilitates mastering new concepts. The authors' emphasis on clinical applications throughout the book connects dental materials theory to the practice of clinica dental hygiene.' Taken from back cover

Dental instruments: a pocket guide to identification, 2nd edition / by Melanie Mitchell
Wolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012.

'[This book] offers you a quick, portable reference and review of the full array of dental instruments used in contemporary practice, from basic hand instruments to specialty instruments. Its flashcard presentation, coupled with the guide's many hands-on, interactive exercises, makes it easy to identify all dental instruments, including their uses, different varieties, and placement on the tray.' Taken from back cover

Dental practice solutions manual; 2011 edition /by Springboard Institute
Springboard Corporation, c2011.

"Springboard's mission is simple: to improve the delivery of dental care in America. You've  got the skills and equipment to provide high quality care, we've got the tools & expertise to help you deliver that care to your community." Taken from back cover

The National Academic Press, c2011.


Children's Books

Child’s Play International, c2011

'How long will we have to wait? Will it hurt? What's the best way of cleaning my teeth? Reading Dentist with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more!' Taken from back cover


Random House, c1981.

'Sister and brother get some needed dental attention' Taken from summary, ii.


Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon, c2007.

'SpongeBob can't wait for his six-month checkup at the dentist! That morning he discovers that not only has Patrick never gone to the dentist, but he's never even brushed his teeth! SpongeBob calls his dentist and gets Patrick an appointment that same day....' Taken from back cover

Mahadeo Movement, c2012.

'Teddy Visits the Dentist describes an appontment at the dental office for a routine checkup and cleaning. Miss Molar takes Teddy for a ride in the chair and shows him the variuos instruments. Teddy has his teeth counted, cleaned and checked. Miss Molar explains what he can do at home to take care of his teeth. Teddy has fun with his Dental Hygienist!' Taken from back cover

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New Books - November 2012


Dental Practice Solutions Manual / by Springboard Institute.

Springboard, c2011.

"The modern dental practice is faced with countless decisions on a daily basis that affect the health and well being of members of the community...and we can do more with the resources we already have! Springboard's mission is simple: to improve the delivery of dental care in America. You've got the skills and equipment to provide high quality care, we've got the tools and expertise to help you deliver that care to your community." Taken from back cover
Advancing Oral Health in America / by Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on an Oral Health Initiative

National Academies Press, c2011.

"Though it is highly preventable, tooth decay is a common chronic disease both in the United States and worldwide. Evidence shows that decay and other oral diseases may be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. However, individuals and many health care professionals remain unaware of the risk factors and preventive approaches for many oral diseases. They do not fully appreciate how oral health affects overall health and well-being. In Advancing Oral Health in America, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) highlights the vital role that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can play in improving oral health and oral health care in the United States. The IOM recommends that HHS design an oral health initiative which has clearly articulated goals, is coordinated effectively, adequately funded and has high-level accountability. In addition, the IOM stresses three key areas needed for successfully maintaining oral health as a priority issue: strong leadership, sustained interest, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Advancing Oral Health in America provides practical recommendations that the Department of Health and Human Services can use to improve oral health care in America. The report will serve as a vital resource for federal health agencies, health care professionals, policy makers, researchers, and public and private health organizations." Taken from UTL Publisher's Description

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry /by Hardy Limeback

Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.

"Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry provides one user-friendly resource that brings together information on the scientific basis and clinical practice of all aspects of preventive dentistry. This thorough and all-encompassing resource offers techniques and strategies for maintaining excellent oral health in patients through a regimen of preventive measures. Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry is grounded in a patient-centered, pre-emptive, and minimally invasive philosophy. The book begins by covering individual diseases, such as caries, periodontitis, and oral cancer, as well as therapies (sealants, fluoride) and other relevant conditions (toothwear, hypersensitivity). Additionally, concepts such as the role of diet and nutrition in oral health are discussed." Taken from back cover

Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.
"As dental implants are used more frequently, clinicians are faced with the challenge of augmenting deficient natural physiology to provide effective sites for implantation. Implant Site Development helps the clinician decide if, when, and how to create a ridge site amenable to implantation. Highly practical, the book offers solutions to many implant site preservation scenarios, discussing different treatment options, a variety of materials and techniques, and their application to the clinical practice. With a unique integrated clinical approach, Implant Site Development covers a range of site development techniques." Taken from UTL Main Description

Pearson, c2013.
"Oral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, Second Edition,offers a comprehensive review of the principles of pharmacology and their application to dental hygiene practice. This practical textbook covers many oral manifestations of drugs of which the dental hygiene student should be aware. Quick drug guides, fun facts, and unique rapid dental hints in each chapter help students understand different pharmacologic principles while reinforcing key information. Case studies extensively review the medical conditions, potential drug interactions, and dental management of drug interactions." Taken from UTL Main Description

Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012.

"Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' Comprehensive Dental Assisting is an exciting first-edition textbook that brings the voice of the dental assistant and dental team to the resources used in the classroom. The text's reader-friendly and engaging style, dynamic colorful design, and comprehensive electronic media clarify important dental assisting concepts while maintaining students' interest and improving their retention of essential information. Unique features emphasize critical thinking and help students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world challenges in their careers. Hundreds of photographs and drawings clearly illustrate the anatomy, concepts and procedures of dental assisting." Taken from back cover.

BVR’s Guide to Valuing Dental Practices / edited by Stanley L. Pollock.
Business Valuation Resources, c2011.

"This reference includes overviews of the dental practice valuation process by two leading practitioners, an essay on the qualitative factors that go into valuation- complete with checklist- a chapter focusing on the special requirements of orthodontic valuations, a chapter on goodwill from a leading healthcare valuation practitioner, and a summary of recent legal cases involving dental practice valuations, as well as two full dental practice valuation reports." Taken from Introduction.

Three-dimensional cephalometry: a color atlas and manual / by G. R. J. Swennen et al.
Springer, c2006.

"This richly illustrated colour atlas and manual provides orthodontics, maxillofacial, craniofacial and plastic surgeons, genetic dysmorphologists and medical anthropologists with exhaustive information on all aspects of three-dimensional cephalometric analysis of hard and soft tissues." Taken from back cover

Dental Admission Test: comprehensive review, practice, and strategies, 8th ed./ by Kaplan.
Kaplan, c2012.
"Kaplan Test Prep has a proven track record of helping students get the score they need to get into dental school. Kaplan's comprehensive guide to the DAT includes: 2 full-length practice tests: 1 in the book and 1 online, detailed answer explanations to target areas of focus, comprehensive content review and proven test-taking strategies from the leader in test prep, high-yield charts and diagrams throughout to aid in learning complex content and full-colour, removable study sheets featuring condesnsed bilogy and chemitry information and formulas for protable study on the go." Taken from back cover

Dentistry’s Business Secrets: proven growth strategies for your new or existing practice / by Edward M. Logan, DDS.
AuthorHouse, c2011.

"Whether you are a new dentist opening your first practice or an experienced dentist looking to take your current practice to the next level, Dr. Edward Logan's new book on dental practice growth will help you achieve your goals. Reveals the vital business truths Dr. Logan perfected while growing three successful dental pracitces from scratch." Taken from back cover

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 12th ed. / by Lange.
McGraw Hill, c 2012.

"To be as clinically relevant as possible, the book includes sections that specifically address the choice and use of drugs in patients and the monitoring of their effects, and case studies that introduce clinical problems in many chapters. Presented in full colour and enhanced by more than 300 illustrations, Basic & Clinical Pharmacology features numerous summary tables and diagrams that encapsulate important information." Taken from back cover 

Dental Composites with Nano-Scaled Fillers / by Matthew J. Little and Hao Fong.
Nova Scotia Publishers Inc., c2010

"Developed almost half a century ago, dental composites, consisting of a polymeric resin matrix and silanised glass or ceramic fillers, presented opportunities never before equalled in modern dentistry. Compared to dental amalgams, the composites possess better aesthetic property, have fewer safety concerns, and show reasonably satisfactory clinical results. Consequently, the composites have been widely adopted by the dental profession as the restorative material of choice. This book presents research which states that innovative dental composites reinforced with nano-scaled fillers including polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS), fibrillar silicate, and electrospun glass nanofibres were prepared, characterised, and evaluated." Taken from UTL Main Description

Wholeistic Dentistry: Balancing conventional dental care with ancient wisdom / by Bette Jo Arnett.
Beaver’s Pond Press, c2011.

"This book discusses ways for patients to encourage conventional dentists to integrate holistic concepts into their practices. It is a useful reference for any person seeking more balance in their dental care." Taken from back cover.

The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions / by American Dental Association, edited by Lauren L. Patton, DDS.
Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.

"The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions is designed to assist in the safe delivery of coordinated oral health care for patients wtih medical conditions. Many diseases, as well as some medical treatments, have oral manifestations that may reflect the patient's general health status. The dentist is particularly qualified and trained to diagnose and make evidence-based treatment decisions to help manage these oral conditions." Taken from back cover.

Treatment Planning for Traumatized Teeth, 2nd ed. / by Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi
Quintessence Publishing, c2012.

"This new edition emphasizes a minimally invasive approach to treating dental traumas in which procedures are aimed at assisting the natural healing process of the dental hard tissues, pulp, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone; where possible, invasive restoration, pulpectomy, and extraction are avoided. Updated protocols elucidate the most recent approaches to effective treatemnt of dental traumatic injuries." Taken from About the Book    

Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry, 6th ed. / by Harald O. Heymann, Edward J. Swift Jr.and André V. Ritter.
Elsevier/Mosby, c2013.

"Presenting an illustrated, step-by-step approach to restorative and preventive dentistry, this updated book draws from theory and practice, and is supported by clinical and laboratory research. It provides an understanding of caries and an approach to its treatment and prevention." Taken from Bowker Data Service Summary

Master Dentistry: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, and Oral Medicine, 2nd ed. / by Paul Coulthard et al.
Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier, c2008.

"Combining the core areas of oral pathology and surgery, this volume offers a concise text with with self-assessment exercises and full answers. A section on exam techniques is included." Taken from Bowker Data Service Summary


Jaw bone changes on panoramic imaging after head and neck radiotherapy / by King Chong Chan
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, c2012.

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New Books - October 2012


Peterson’s principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery volume 1 and volume 2, third edition / by Michael Miloro et al
People's Medical Publication House- USA, c2012.

"The 3rd edition of this textbook is unique in many respects, with the inclusion of contributions of more than 100 oral and maxillofacial surgeons and other dental and medical specialists. The clear purpose of this textbook is to provide a concise, authoritative, easy-to-read, currently referenced, contemporary survey of the entire specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery that contains the information that a competent surgeon should possess and understand." Taken from Preface ix-x.

Oral and maxillofacial pathology : a radionatel for diagnosis and treatment, volume 1 and 2, second edition / by Robert E. Marx and Diane Stern.
Quintessence Books, c2012.

"What is new from a disease inclusion perspective is bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis, of which the inclusion in the first edition marked the very first identification of what is now recognized as a worldwide serious drug complication. Additionally, we have included sections on cavernous sinus thrombosis and Ludwig angina and expanded the chapters on salivary gland tumors, fibro-osseous diseases, and more." Taken from Preface to the Second Edition, xiii.

Oxford handbook of oral and maxillofacial surgery / by Luke Cascarini et al.
Oxford University Press, 2011.

"Practical and based on the latest clinical evidence and guidelines, the Oxford handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the definitive guide for anyone working in oral and maxillofacial departments or covering the specialty during their surgical rotation" Taken from back cover.

Advanced immediate loading / by Georgio E. Romanos
Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc., c2012.

"The inclusion of more advanced surgical techniques using lateral and vertical bone augmentation--including the sinus augmentation--with simultaneous implant placement and immediate functional laoding illustrates one of the main areas of focus in this book. Long-term data is included as evidence of the viability of these advanced treatment protocols" Taken from Preface, xi.


Comparison of the performance of a triangular chuck locked bur turbine assembly with the traditional circular friction lock design / by Joel Abikhzer.
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Effects of 10% carbamide peroxide on fracture toughness and microhardness of human dentin in situ / by Parvaneh Bahrami.

Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Maturation of cervical vertebrae in patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate / by Camila Caro
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Biofilm formation within the interface of bovine root dentin treated with conjugated chirosan and sealer containing chitosan nanoparticle / by Luis DaSilva
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Assay of oral polymorphonuclear neutrophils for assessment of oral inflammation in pregnant women / by Sabrina Huda
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Development and application of a technique for three-dimensional sialography using cone beam computed tomography / by Fatima M. Jadu
Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Design of an approach to characterize CD11B CRE X LOXP BDNF deletion in mice: implications for neuropathic pain / by Robert Marciniak.
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Burdern of care analysis of various infant orthopedic protocols for improvement of nasolabial aesthetics in patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate / by Emily Singer

Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Retrospective review of dental local anesthetic induced paresthesia in the United Kingdom / by Sepehr Zahedi
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2012.

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New Books - September 2012


Quantun Health Press, LLC., c2011.

'[This book] represents a shift away from the traditional 'mouth-only' orientation of dentistry, focuses on oral hygiene, fillings, and extractions. This revolutionary view of dentistyr recognizes that issues in the mouth can trigger seemingly unrelated physical illness.' taken from back cover

Quintessence International, c2011.

'In the established tradition of the Clinical Sucess series, this succinct and easy-to-read book provides practitioners with a solid foundation for daily clinical use of the Invisalign system. The author introduces the reader to essentials on Invisalign treatment, from the basic biomechanics of thermoformed plastic aligners to the ClinCheck 3D simulation treatment planning software, which allows the clinician to program in advance the velocity and direction of tooth movements; amount and frequency of force; anchorage; and available space necessary for the planned movements.' taken from back cover

Core collection of dental books / by Roger Farbey et al.
Tomlinsons Book Services, c2012.

'Tomlinsons would like to welcome you to the first edition of the Core Collection of Dental Books', the latest addition to the core collection family. We hope that this new collection proves as popular as the others and becomes another important tool in library acquisitions.' Taken from Facts and Figures, p.v

Little and Falace's Dental Management of the medically compromised patient, 8th edition / by James W. Little et al.
Elsevier, 2013.

'The purpose of the book remains to give the dental provider an up-to-date, concise, factual reference work describing the dental management of patients with selected medical problems. '

Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics, 4th ed. / by Herbert T. Shillingburg et al.
Quintessence Books, c2013
(Third copy)

Elsevier, c2013
(Second copy)

Elsevier, c2013
(Second copy)

Oral health care for socially disadvantaged communities / by Febrovia Kokulengya Kahabuka et al.
Nova Science Publishers Inc., 2012.

"The aim of this book is to provide readers in a single cover, the current information on common oral diseases and conditions and their management in socially disadvantaged communities. The book summarizes the available evidence signifying that social disadvantage is a strong risk factor in oral health, and therefore the need of addressing the social inequalities in the efforts to improve oral health among populations."

Ten Cate's oral histology, 8th edition / by Antonio Nanci
Elsevier, c2013
(Second copy)

"Understand oral histology and learn to apply your knowledge in the clinical setting with this definitive reference. Now in full colour and thoroughly updated, Ten Cate's 8th Edition provides insight on contemporary research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, postnatal growth and development that is essential to your success in oral health. The new full colour format showcases vivid photomicrographs and line drawings to enhance your understanding of key oral histology learning."

- taken from A look inside: summaries

Canadian Medical Directory 2012 edition, 58th edition / by BIG Directories Limited in association with the Canadian Medical Association.
Scott's Directories, c2012.

Techniques in complete denture technology / by Tony Johnson and Duncan J. Wood.
Wiley-Blackwell, c2012.

"This practical manual focuses on the discipline of complete denture technology. It sets out the ideal properties of complete dentures, and provides the reader with techniques for acheiving these when carrying out any stage in the production process. Procedures are clearly set out in step-by-step format and fully illustrated with clinical photographs."

How to overcome fear of the dentist : a patients guide to understanding dentistry / by Bertrand Bonnick.
Bloomington, IN : AuthorHouse, c2010

This book is an account written by a dentist who lived through and overcame his fear of dentists by becoming a dentist. After many years of helping others overcome their fears, this book is his way of sharing with others how they can overcome their fear by giving them the solutions to their dental problems. As a dentist who knows what dental fear is first-hand Dr. Bonnick "speaks the language of the fearful patient."
 - taken from

Fundamentals of periodontal instrumentation and advanced root instrumentation / by Jill S. Nield-Gehrig.
Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2013. 7th ed.

"The Seventh Edition of this highly acclaimed text enables learners to quickly master periodontal instrumentation and put knowlege into practice. New Content in the Seventh Edition includes a "calculus removal and patient cases" module featuring 6 new ficticious patient cases for skill application and a new module on pain management for periodontal instrumentation. The finger rest modules feature new photographs showing right- and left-handed clinicians."
- taken from back cover

Surgical manual of implant dentistry : step-by-step procedures / by Daniel Buser, Jun Young Cho, Alvin B.K. Yeo.
Chicago : Quintessence, c2007.

"This book is thr cilmination of many years' effort to standardize surgical technique in implant dentistry. It is designed for postdoctoral students and practitioners who wish to perform surgical implant procedures in daily pratice with a high predictability for success and a low risk for complications. Basic surgical principles and procedures for placing implants both in standard sites and in sites with local defects are presented using detailed explanations and hand-drawn illustrations."

- taken from preface

Bloomington, Ind. : Trafford Pub., c2011.

"The most frequently asked questions answered in detail to help the patient understand and receive ideal dental care. This is the ultimate guide to personal dental health."

- taken from front cover

Chichester, West Sussex, UK ; Ames, Iowa : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

'Wiley-Blackwell's "Clinical Cases" series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Periodontics describes the core principles of periodontics and demonstrates their practical, every-day application thorugh a range of representative cases building from the simple to the compelx and from the common to the rare. Highly illustrated in full colour, Clinical Cases in Periodontics utilizes a format that fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations."
- taken from back cover

The mini-implant technique / by Bruno Lemay.
Toronto : Palmeri Pub., c2011.

"Dr. Bruno Lemay has been practicing the Mini-implant Technique since 2000 and has helped thousands of patients regain chewing ability with a less invasive, more affordable and almost painless technique. He has developed his own technique, which gave him a very high long-term success and has extended the technique to more than just denture stabilization."
- taken from back cover

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New Books - August 2012


Contemporary orthodontics, 5th ed. / by Proffit et al.
Elsevier, c2013.

'Contemporary Orthodontics, 5th Edition is a practice resource with a long tradition of excellence. This book includes detailed information on diagnosis, treatment planning concepts, related problems or controversies, and current treatment procedures, including comprehensive looks at 3-D imaging, temporary anchorage devices (TADs), and accelerated tooth movement.' Taken from back cover

Robbins basic pathology, 9th ed. / by Kumar et al.
Elsevier, c2013.

'Get the pathology knowledge you need, the way you need it, from the name you can trust! An unbeatable author team helps you efficiently master the core concepts you need to know for your courses and the USMLE exams' Taken from back cover

Ten Cate's oral histology, 8th ed. / by Antonio Nanci.
Elsevier, c2013.

'Understand oral histology and learn to apply your knowledge in the clinical setting with this trusted reference. Now in full color and thoroughly updated, Ten Cate's Oral Histology 8th Edition provides insight on contemporary research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, postnatal growth and development - information that's essential to your success in oral health!' Taken from back cover

Nutrition : concepts and controversies, 2nd Canadian ed. / by Sizer et al.
Nelson Education, c2012.

'You've heard the phrase, "you are what you eat?" The second Canadian Edition of Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies gives you a better understanding of the phrase and brings home the simple but obvious truth: you really are what you eat!
This title has been a cornerstone in nutrition classes across North America, serving the needs of students and professors in building a healthier future. In keeping with our tradition, we explore the ever-changing frontier of nutrition sciences in Canada, while maintaining our sense of personal connection with students and instructors alike. We address the learner in clear, engaging writing, but with a fresh crispness that we hope you will enjoy.' Taken from back cover
Human Physiology: an integrated approach, 6th ed / Dee Unglaub Silverthorn
Pearson, c2013

Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach broke ground with its thorough coverage of molecular physiology seamlessly integrated into a traditional homeostasis-based systems approach. The newly revised Sixth Edition introduces a major reorganization of the early chapters to provide the best foundation for the course, along with new art features that streamline review. Essential topics are now presented so that students can access them more easily on an as-needed basis. Accompanying the Sixth Edition, Mastering A&P offers activities and assessments for every chapter of the text, including new case studies, art activities and A&P Flix tutorials. Taken from back cover

Handbook of local anesthesia, 6th ed. / by Stanley F. Malamed
Elsevier, 2013.

"This sixth edition of Local Anesthesia includes new and/or expanded discussions of the periodontal ligament (PDL) injection--including the use of computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (C-CLA) systems for PDL (and other injections); the administration of the local anesthetic articaine HCl by mandibular infiltration in the adult mandible; buffering of local anesthetic solutions (the local anesthetic "ON" switch) to increase patient comfort during injection, decrease onset time of anesthesia, and, perhaps, increase the depth of anesthesia; phentolamine mesylate (the local anesthetic "OFF" switch) giving the doctor the opportunity to significantly minimize the duration of a patient residual soft tissue anesthesia, thereby minimizing the risk of self-inflicted soft tissue injury" Taken from preface


Stedman’s medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing, illustrated seventh edition / by Wolters Kluwer
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Wolters Kluwer
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012

With Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing, Seventh Edition, you not only read a definition, you can hear it, see it, and watch it in motion. Everything you need to understand and use medical terms correctly is here. Taken from back cover


Is severe early childhood caries associated with dental caries in adulthood? A pilot project / by Alexandra Nicolae

Thesis (M.Sc)—University of Toronto, 2012.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Books - July 2012


Drug information handbook for dentistry: including oral medicine for medically compromised patients and specific oral conditions, 17th ed. / by Wynn et al
Lexi-Comp, 2011.

Emerging nanotechnologies in dentistry: processes, materials and applications / by K. Subramani and W. Ahmed
Elsevier, c2012.

'This comprehensive reference work brings together a number of experts from the fields of nanobiomaterials, biomedical engineering, and clinical dentistry to discuss the recent advances and developments on the applications of nanotechnologies in restoration, fixation, replacement or regeneration of hard and soft tissues in and about the oral cavity and craniofacial region.' Taken from back cover

Also available online

Your mouth: the gateway to a healthier you: a yoga-based approach to exploring the connections between oral health, whole body wellness and longevity / by Dana G. Colson
DJC Corp., c2011.

Percrestal sinuslift: from illusion to reality / by G. Watzek
Quintessence, c2012.

This book is intended to alert the reader to the shortcomings of the various techniques of transcrestal sinus floor evaluation, with the intention of providing a blueprint to help develop transcrestal sinus floor elevation into a surgical technique that meets the general medical standards of a minimally invasive procedure. Taken from back cover

Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery: biomaterials, bone grafting and tissue engineering / edited by Joël Ferri and Ernst B. Hunziker.
Woodhead Pub., c2011.

The development of oral implantology has accelerated dramatically since the discovery of osseointegration (the integration of bone and implants). The stability of the implant after its insertion is essential for successful osseointegration. In order to achieve this stability, it is often necessary to prepare the area and reconstruct the bone to ensure that the site is the correct shape and size for the implant. In maxillofacial surgery this procedure is known as preprosthetic surgery. Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery: biomaterials, bone grafting and tissue engineering provides readers with the fundamentals of the biology and physiology of maxillofacial bone reconstruction. Taken from back cover

Colombo, c2008

This book which is concise and easily readable is an essential item for all students starting in Dentistry. It is also a very useful book for dental surgeons and doctors who are interested in a general introduction to the subject of History of Dentistry.   Taken from foreword

Immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants: conceptual background and clinical results / G. Bayer et al.; with the collaboration of Fabian Sigmund et al.
Quintessence, c2011

Dental erosion: diagnosis, risk assessment, prevention, treatment / Adrian Lussi & Thomas Jaeggi, (Eds.). Quintessence, c2011


Percrestal sinuslift: from illusion to reality / by G. Watzek
Quintessence, c2012.