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New Books - February 2017


Advanced Protocols for Medical Emergencies: An Action Plan for Office Respose, 4th ed. / By D.P. Lewis and A.M. McMullin
Lexi-Comp, Inc., 2015.

"Advanced Protocols for Medical Emergencies is a must for all offices administering nitrous oxide, consious sedation and general anesthesia. This manual provides information to the anesthesia team so that prevention, preparation, protocols and management of office emergencies are an integral part of the normal operation base."

From Back Cover

The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, 1916-2016: A Dental School on University Lines / By A.J. Formicola
Columbia University Press, 2016.

"In 1916, Columbia University established the School of Dentistry (now known as the College of Dental Medicine). In 1917, the university merged the school with the newly acquired New York Post-graduate School of Dentistry and New York School of Dental Hygiene. To those working in the health sciences, the move was a powerful signal of a field on the rise. It recognized dental medicine as a key component of individual and social well-being and initiated a monumental era in medical innovation and progressive public health outcomes.

This hundred-year history shares the turbulent story of dentistry, a medical field in the making. It recounts the institutional battles and research controversies that set the terms for the development and practice of dentistry. The assimilation of the dental school into the university system was not smooth. Rivalries played out in public and in private; traditionalists fought the inclusion of a young and evolving medical approach. Once the school found its footing, the College of Dental Medicine developed rapidly, and by the end of the twentieth century, had successfully launched a series of global outreach programs that immeasurably helped impoverished and underserved communities worldwide. The school's work now includes transitioning the field into the digital age and effecting even greater change in the lives of those without access to high-quality dental care. Featuring fascinating biographical details of the school's major teachers, administrators, and graduates, this book secures the reputation of Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine as a global leader in advancing the public good."

From Publisher's Website

Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics / Edited by S. Patel, S. Harvey, H. Shemesh, C. Durak
Quintessence Publishing, 2016.

"In recent years, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has become much more widely available and utilised in all aspects of dentistry, including endodontics. Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics is designed to inform readers about the appropriate use of CBCT in endodontics, and enhance their clinical practice with this exciting imaging modality."

From Back Cover

Pearson Education, Inc., 2016.

"Despite the increasingly important relationships between nutrition and oral health, many dental health professionals may still be hesitant to give nutrition guidance to their patients. Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health is designed to enable readers to answer patient questions and integrate nutrition into clinical practice just as comfortably as they would fluoride and other preventive modalities. Filled with models, guidelines, and practical suggestions, the book can be used as a how-to manual for diet screening and guidance. Readers can also use the book and appendix as a reference on specific nutrition topics, life-cycle groups, or health-related conditions. For educators, an Instructor’s Manual with lecture outlines, topics for discussion, and lecture PowerPoints is available to supplement your course."

From Publisher's Website

"With the publication of the revised ANSI/ADA Specification No. 57 in 1993, the USA expert meeting with the ISO/TC Subcommittee 1, Working Group 2 for Endodontic Materials proposed that the specification be used for revision to ISO 6876, Dental Root Canal Sealing Materials. The final version of the ISO revision includes many of the US proposals. Round robin testing by members of the ISO working group, including the USA, resulted in new test procedures and test molds for Setting time, Dimensional Change following setting, and Solubility."

From Foreword, pg. 2

Quintessence Publishing, 2016.

"This unique collaboration between 17 internationally renowned women dentists has resulted in an inspirational textbook on esthetics in modern dentistry. Illustrated with over 800 figures, this book presents a thorough overview of various aspects of esthetics, including orthodontics and orthognathics, implantation, restoration, rehabilitation, materials, trauma, and surgery.
Each author also provides fascinating insight into their journey to become a successful female dentist in a male-dominated industry. The stories differ, but the results are the smae - excellent patient care and excellent esthetics."

From Back Cover

The United Church Publishing House, 1987.

"Peter Sturberg, was born in China, at Chefoo. The place that Peter remembers best was Kaifeng where his father was Postal Commissioner of Honan and where the Canadian Anglican mission was located. His father was also Postal Commissioner of Western Szechwan and was stationed in Chengtu, the headquarters of Canada's largest mission, the United Church West China Mission.
Peter Stursberg was the first CBC war corespondent to cover the Canadian troops in action and many of his reports are in the Public Archives Canada. He was described recently as the pre-eminent practitioner of oral history. This is his tenth book."

From Back Cover

Quintessence Publishing, 2012.

"The sixth volume of the ITI Treatment Guide series provides clinical recommendations for implant-supported prosthodontic treatments in patients with multiple missing adjacent teeth in the esthetic zone. The authors review the current literature before detailing the treatment alternatives and procedures based on the scientific and clinical evidence. Special emphasis is given to preoperative evaluation, treatment planning, and assessment of risk factors for the complex indications of the esthetic zone. Descriptions of the surgical and prosthodontic procedures include step-by-step clinical case presentations. Complications of various etiologies are also highlighted with preventive measures as well as clinical cases that document their management." 

From Publisher's Website

Elsevier Ltd., 2016.

"Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology continues to offer the essentials of oral microbiology in an easy-to-read, readily accessible format. Commencing with a description of the healthy mouth and the properties of the resident oral microbiota, the new edition of this popular textbook then explores the formation and consequences of plaque development, plaque-mediated disease, orofacial infection, antimicrobial agents and prophylaxis, orofacial fungal and viral infections, and the relationship between oral microbiota and systemic disease. The book is completed by a chapter on infection control."

From Back Cover

Quintessence Publishing, 2016.

"This comprehensive examination workbook provides more than 700 practice questions on oral implantology. Topics include medical problems, biomedical sciences, radiology and computer-assisted technology, anatomy, biomechanics, patient data, treatment planning, principles of implantology, bone and soft tissue grafting, implant prosthodontics and occlusion, esthetics, maintenance, pharmacology, and complications."

From Publisher's Website

Thieme Publishers, 2016.

"Orthodontic Postgraduate Education: A Global Perspective is the first book of its kind to report on the global educational environment in orthodontics and review the structure and function of postgraduate orthodontic programs in different parts of the world. It begins with an overview of the history and current state of orthodontic education, and then describes the academic, clinical, and research components of orthodontic specialty programs in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. The book also provides useful facts about the organizational aspects of orthodontic board examinations."

From Publisher's Website

Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012.

"This study assessed which behaviour management techniques, BMTs, pediatric dentists are using, and find effective in treating patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD and identified influences which contributed to their use. Surveys were mailed and emailed to 1669 members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Seven hundred eighty-nine (48.2%) completed surveys were returned. Nearly 60% of respondents treated children with ASD weekly or more frequently. Of the 23 listed BMTs, General Anaesthesia, Tell-Show-Do, Distraction, and Non-verbal Communication, were considered effective. Seventy percent of respondents were primarily users of classical BMTs. Pharmacological and classical techniques, are used frequently, but may not be effective. Time and costs limit the use of modern techniques. Cost efficiency and long-term patient management were the most influential factors in selecting a BMT; patient co-operation was the least influential. Pediatric dentists recognized a need for further education related to behaviour management of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders."

From Publisher's Website

Bentham Science Publishers, 2015.

"The phosphorylated proteins of the extracellular matrix of bone and teeth play a crucial structural role in the two tissues. They also act as signaling molecules. Phosphorylated extracellular matrix proteins have been implicated in nucleation and mineralization of skeletal tissues. This e-book covers research on these specific proteins, including details about the cells producing these molecules, their impact on bone and teeth pathology (osteogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta) and the potential of these molecules in promoting of inhibiting mineralization."

From Publisher's Website

Springer, 2015.

"This book presents the current state of research on the basic scientific aspects of root canal biofilm biology within a clinically applicable context. Root canal biofilms are complex polymicrobial structures adhering to the root canal surface that are formed by microorganisms invading the pulpal space of teeth, and are associated with persistent root canal infections. Concerted efforts to study root canal biofilms have been made in the past decade, resulting in the publication of observational and experimental studies that detail the morphology and biology of these structures in infected root canals. In addition to confirming that bacteria in root canals do not exist in free-floating planktonic states as previously assumed, this new information on root canal biofilm infections has provided an opportunity to re-evaluate conventional clinical protocols and improve endodontic therapeutic measures."

From Publisher's Website

Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

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New Books - January 2017


Jawetz, Melnick, and Adelberg's Medical Microbiology, 27th ed. / by K.C. Carroll et al.
McGraw Hill Education, c2016.

The twenty-seventh edition of Jawetz, Melnick, and Adelberg's Medical Microbiology delivers a concise, up-to-date overview of the roles microorganisms play in human health and illness. Linking fundamental principles with the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections, this classic text has been updated throughout to reflect the tremendous expansion of medical knowledge afforted by molecular mechanism, advances in our understanding of microbial pathogenesis, and the discovery of novel pathogens. 

From Back Cover


Atlas of Myobacterium Tuberculosis / By A.A. Velayati and P. Farnia
Copyright 2017 Elsevier Inc.

Atlas of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis reveals in-depth information about mycobacterium tuberculosis which has never before been reported. Using atomic force microscopy (AFM), the in-depth phenotypic interaction that occurs in different stages of the tuberculosis lifecycle is illustrated, including resting, exponential, and dormant states.

Coverage also includes the macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of mycobacterium, including pigmentation, morphology of colonies, size and shape, and the phenotypic changes from susceptible to resistant, all shown with images from electronic and atomic force microscopes.

This book will open a new window into the results of molecular changes at the cellular level, guiding researchers and scientists to think in new ways about the area of cell wall and the reproductive and drug resistance phenomena surrounding tuberculosis.

  • Identifies the different stages and morphological aspects of mycobacterium tuberculosis with the use of new microscopy techniques

  • Includes never-before-seen photographs from the personal collection and scientific achievement of the authors

  • Outlines the nature of the lifecycle of mycobacterium tuberculosis in relation to adaptation in humans
From Publisher's Website

Biostatistics and Computer-Based Analysis of Health Data Using Stata / By C. Lalanne and M. Mesbah
Copyright 2017 Elsevier Ltd.

This volume of the Biostatistics and Health Sciences Set focuses on statistics applied to clinical research. The use of Stata for data management and statistical modeling is illustrated using various examples. Many aspects of data processing and statistical analysis of cross-sectional and experimental medical data are covered, including regression models commonly found in medical statistics. This practical book is primarily intended for health researchers with basic knowledge of statistical methodology. Assuming basic concepts, the authors focus on the practice of biostatistical methods essential to clinical research, epidemiology and analysis of biomedical data (including comparison of two groups, analysis of categorical data, ANOVA, linear and logistic regression, and survival analysis). The use of examples from clinical trials and epideomological studies provide the basis for a series of practical exercises, which provide instruction and familiarize the reader with essential Stata packages and commands.
  • Provides detailed examples of the use of Stata for common biostatistical tasks in medical research
  • Features a work program structured around the four previous chapters and a series of practical exercises with commented corrections
  • Includes an appendix to help the reader familiarize themselves with additional packages and commands
  • Focuses on the practice of biostatistical methods that are essential to clinical research, epidemiology, and analysis of biomedical data
From Publisher's Website

Copyright 2016 ISTE Press Ltd.

Faced with the exponential development of Big Data and both its legal and economic repercussions, we are still slightly in the dark concerning the use of digital information. In the perpetual balance between confidentiality and transparency, this data will lead us to call into question how we understand certain paradigms, such as the Hippocratic Oath in medicine. As a consequence, a reflection on the study of the risks associated with the ethical issues surrounding the design and manipulation of this “massive data” seems to be essential. This book provides a direction and ethical value to these significant volumes of data. It proposes an ethical analysis model and recommendations to better keep this data in check. This empirical and ethico-technical approach brings together the first aspects of a moral framework directed toward thought, conscience and the responsibility of citizens concerned by the use of data of a personal nature.
  • Defines Big Data applications in health 
  • Presents the ethical value of the medical datasphere via the description of a model of an ethical analysis of Big Data 
  • Provides the recommendations and steps necessary for successful management and governance of personal health data 
  • Helps readers determine what conditions are essential for the development of the study of Big Data

From Publisher's Website

Biostatistics and Computer-based Analysis of Health Data using R Software / By C. Lalanne and M. Mesbah
Copyright 2016 ISTE Press Lts.

Biostatistics and Computer-Based Analysis of Health Data Using the R Software addresses the concept that many of the actions performed by statistical software comes back to the handling, manipulation, or even transformation of digital data.

It is therefore of primary importance to understand how statistical data is displayed and how it can be exploited by software such as R. In this book, the authors explore basic and variable commands, sample comparisons, analysis of variance, epidemiological studies, and censored data.

With proposed applications and examples of commands following each chapter, this book allows readers to apply advanced statistical concepts to their own data and software.

  • Features useful commands for describing a data table composed made up of quantitative and qualitative variables 
  • Includes measures of association encountered in epidemiological studies, odds ratio, relative risk, and prevalence 
  • Presents an analysis of censored data, the key main tests associated with the construction of a survival curve (log-rank test or Wilcoxon), and the Cox regression model

From Publisher's Website

Copyright 2016 Elsevier Inc.

Perfect for radiation oncology physicians and residents needing a multidisciplinary, treatment-focused resource, this updated edition continues to provide the latest knowledge in this consistently growing field. Not only will you broaden your understanding of the basic biology of disease processes, you'll also access updated treatment algorithms, information on techniques, and state-of-the-art modalities. The consistent and concise format provides just the right amount of information, making Clinical Radiation Oncology a welcome resource for use by the entire radiation oncology team.

From Publisher's Website

Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health: Mechanisms, Consequences, and Opportunities: A Volume in Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition / Edited By J.M. Saavedra and A. Dattilo
Copyright 2017 Elsevier Ltd. 

The nutrition of an individual during gestation and the first two years of life—the first 1,000 days—sets the stage for lifelong health. Nutrition quality and quantity in this period can influence the risk of developing diseases that constitute today’s epidemics. Early-life nutrition can program the body’s tissues, organ structure and function, and metabolic and immunologic responses. These factors impact growth, development and cognition, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, allergies and obesity. The first part of Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health examines the mechanisms by which early nutrition affects the risk of developing these conditions. The second part of this book reviews specific non-communicable diseases (NCDs) associated with early nutrition. The third part discusses the effects of nutritional programming from fetal life to toddlerhood. Prevention of over- or undernutrition in early life, rather than dietary, behavioral or therapeutic interventions in later life, is likely to have a greater return on society’s investment in coping with the modern epidemic of NCDs.

Examines the relation between early life nutrition and long-term health

Covers the mechanistic aspects of nutritional programming and its impact on risk of chronic non-communicable diseases

Reviews associations between infant and child diet and its effect on growth, development, cognition and later occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, allergies, metabolic conditions and obesity

From Publisher's Website

Copyright 2017 Elsevier Inc. 

Fetal & Neonatal Physiology provides neonatologist fellows and physicians with the essential information they need to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage sick and premature infants. Fully comprehensive, this 2-volume resource continues to serve as an excellent reference tool, focusing on the basic science needed for exam preparation and the key information required for full-time practice.

The 5th edition is the most substantially updated and revised edition ever. In the 5 years since the last edition published, there have been thousands of publications on various aspects of development of health and disease; Fetal and Neonatal Physiology synthesizes this knowledge into definitive guidance for today's busy practitioner.

From Publisher's Website

Copyright 2016 Elsevier Ltd.

Health Industrialization discusses the way healthcare professionals distinguish between medicine, surgery, and diet and lifestyle guidelines. In other words, the ways that medicine aims to provide quantity of life. 

Men and women would rather remain in good health as long as possible and compensate for the deficiencies that crop up to the best of their abilities. Hence, they are looking for quality of life that results in tensions brought on by different objectives. This book hypothesizes that this tension is the cause of an industrialization of medicine or health that depends to a degree on the point-of-view we choose.

  • Offers the key to understanding how this new form of industry will spread to create real change in the field of patient care 
  • Explores ethical issues and analyzes the various technologies at work in this transformation

From Publisher's Website

Copyright 2017 Elsevier Ltd.

Drs. Cohen, Powderly and Opal, three of the most-respected names in infectious disease medicine, lead a diverse team of international contributors to bring you the latest knowledge and best practices. Extensively updated, the fourth edition includes brand-new information on advances in diagnosis of infection; Hepatitis C; managing resistant bacterial infections; and many other timely topics. An abundance of photographs and illustrations; a practical, clinically-focused style; highly-templated organization; and robust interactive content combine to make this clinician-friendly resource the fastest and best place to find all of the authoritative, current information you need.

From Publisher's Website

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New Books - December 2016

New eBooks from Wiley @ UofT

Avoiding and Treating Dental Complications: Best Practices in Dentistry / by Deborah A. Termeie
John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016
  • Covers a range of dental issues and complications found in daily practice
  • Written by experts in each specialty
  • Features tables and charts for quick information
  • Includes clinical photographs and radiographs

Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach, 2nd ed. / by Tony Johnson et al.
John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2016

Now available in a second edition, Basics of Dental Technology is a complete reference for the current techniques and materials used in dental technology.

  • Retains the accessible, task-based approach and step-by step guidance of the first edition
  • Features updates throughout, as well as a new chapter on digital dental technology and an interactive student website to support self-assessment
  • Explains key competencies, concepts, instruments, and equipment, and also introduces more specialist techniques and procedures, such as denture prosthetics, fixed prosthodontics, orthodontic work, and maxillofacial technology
  • Provides essential information for trainee dental technicians and students learning about dental technology, including study tips and strategies for working effectively within a dental team

Current Therapy in Endodontics / by Priyanka Jain
John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016

Dentistry has been undergoing enormous changes, and the field of endodontics has certainly been at the forefront. Recent advances in technology, materials, and equipment have changed the way endodontics is practiced today, thereby facilitating treatments with greater efficiency, precision, and success, ultimately leading to better outcomes. Current Therapy in Endodontics encompasses the recent discoveries and applications for this field in one clinically relevant volume.

Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices / by Michael M. Okuji
John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016

Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices is a practical tool that helps you manage your office in tune with the realities of modern dental practice.

Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, 2nd Edition / by Stuart J. Froum
John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016

Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition, is organized sequentially, guiding the reader through complications associated with the diagnosis, treatment planning, placement, restoration, and maintenance of implants at any stage. Complications associated with various bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures are also discussed in detail with emphasis on their etiology and prevention. Each chapter utilizes a highly illustrated and user-friendly format to showcase key pedagogical features, including a list of "take home tips" summarizing the fundamental points of each chapter.

John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2017

Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain: A Clinical Manual approaches a complex topic in a uniquely practical way. This text offers valuable advice on ways to observe and communicate effectively with patients in pain, how to analyze a patients' pain descriptions, and how to provide a proper diagnosis of orofacial pain problems that can arise from a myriad of sources-anywhere from teeth, joint and muscle pain, and paranasal sinuses to cluster headaches, neuralgias, neuropathic pain and viral infections.

  • Helps the student and practitioner understand the diagnostic process by addressing the exact questions that need to be asked and then analyzing verbal and non-verbal responses to these
  • Edited by experts with decades of clinical and teaching experience, and with contributions from international specialists
  • Companion website provides additional learning materials including videos, case studies and further practical tips for examination and diagnosis
  • Includes numerous color photographs and illustrations throughout to enhance text clarity

Etiology-Based Dental and Craniofacial Diagnostics explores the role of embryology and fetal pathology in the assessment, diagnosis, and subsequent treatment planning of a wide range of disorders in the dentition and craniofacial region. Initial chapters cover various aspects of normal dental and craniofacial development, providing the necessary biological background for understanding abnormal patient cases. Chapters then focus on the etiology behind a wide range of cases observed in everyday practice-including deviations in tooth morphology and number, tooth eruption, root and crown resorption, and craniofacial malformations, disruptions and dysplasia.
  • Unique new work from a leading authority in orthodontics, craniofacial embryology and fetal pathology
  • Demonstrates how human prenatal development offers unique insights into postnatal diagnosis and treatment
  • Clinical significance and implications are highlighted in summaries at the end of each chapter
  • Ideal for postgraduate students in orthodontics, paediatric dentistry and oral medicine

Forensic Odontology: Principles and Practice / by Jane A. Taylor and Jules A. Kieser
John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2016

Forensic Odontology: Principles and Practice pulls together the very latest research findings and advice on best practice and essential skills, including aspects of forensic science that provide a well-rounded educational experience for the reader. Chapters provide coverage of anatomy and morphology, mortuary techniques, physical anthropology, applied forensic sciences, child and elder abuse, and facial approximation. The text introduces the various topics and discusses underpinning philosophies without being an exhaustive historical treatise. Appropriate case studies are used to highlight issues, and references to current research are provided to stimulate further reading and research.

John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 2017

This pioneering book is uniquely dedicated to the science of Tissue Engineering and Regeneration in Dentistry. It presents the growth of knowledge and advancement in this specialist field along with laboratory considerations for the dental researcher. Furthermore it offers detailed coverage of the basic underlying principles and scientific evidence as well as highlighting the practical applications via 'protocol' boxes throughout.

Understanding Masticatory Function in Unilateral Crossbites / by Maria Grazia Piancino, Stephanos Kyrkanides 

John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2016

Unilateral posterior crossbite is a problem often seen in orthodontic practice, and properly understanding chewing patterns will lead to the most effective treatment program. Drawing on their research and available literature, Drs. Piancino and Kyrkanides present a fascinating look at chewing cycles and their role in the functional treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite.
  • Describes the physiology and pathology of chewing patterns and muscular activation in humans
  • Explains chewing patterns and muscular coordination, and their influence on the growth and harmony of the stomatognathic system
  • Clinical instruction for checking and correcting masticatory function and functional asymmetry in order to prevent the relapse of the malocclusion
  • Clinical cases walk readers through the treatment of seven crossbites

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New Books - November 2016


Understanding Dental Caries : From Pathogenesis to Prevention and Therapy / by Michel GoldbergSpringer, 2016.

"The present book focuses most exclusively on the carious lesion, going from the initial pathogenesis of the lesion, mild enamel alteration, to deep dentin lesions, which appear as a major pathology with pulpal irreversible incidences. The therapies and prevention of the enamel decay are analyzed in the fi rst part of this book. After a brief description concentrating on the structure and epidemiology of the diverse forms of enamel alterations, carious lesions are reported. We describe successively enamel softening and analyze the etching pattern of acidic effects on enamel. Doing so, we moved from the superfi cial etching to the initial enamel carious lesion. Bacterial films and acidic biofi lms of the dental plaque lead to the formation of active and/or inactive lesions. The methods used for an accurate diagnosis of the carious lesion were improved during the past few years, and a specific chapter concludes the first part of the book, by reporting new diagnostic methods." From Preface

Handbook of Bioceramics and Biocomposites / by Iulian Vasile Antoniac
Springer, 2016.

"This 44-chapter Handbook of Bioceramics and Biocomposites edited by Prof. Iulian Antoniac of the University of Bucharest provides a comprehensive view of one of the best investigated classes of biomaterials in research and practice, namely bioceramics and related biocomposites" From preface
Springer, 2016.

"The International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD) is a unique learning experience for both imaging specialists and clinicians. The course is useful for experienced radiologists, imaging specialists in training, and clinicians wishing to be updated on the current state of the art in all relevant fields of neuroimaging. This course is organ based and disease oriented. It includes imaging of the brain, head, neck, and spine. In addition, there will be satellite courses covering pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine related to neuroimaging in more depth. These courses are also represented in the current Syllabus, as well as our traditional breast imaging satellite course. During the last few years, there have been considerable advances in the field of neuroimaging driven by clinical as well as technological developments. These will be highlighted in the workshops given by internationally known experts in their fi eld. The presentations encompass all the relevant imaging modalities including CT, MRI, hybrid imaging, and others." From preface.

Atlas of temporomandibular joint surgery / by Peter D. Quinn, PD and Granquist EJ.

Wiley-Blackwell, 2015

"We wanted to produce a concise “how‐to” surgical guide for both the novice and experienced surgeon.  Intra-articular and extra-articular open procedures, for the correction of diseases involving the temporomandibular joint, which have been shown to be safe and efficacious are reviewed in detail. We believe that only through clinical trials, and well‐ designed translational research, will we continue to further our understanding of the complexities of this unique articulation. It is our sincere hope that the second edition of this surgical atlas will contribute to this most important scientific endeavor." From preface


A survey of professional burnout and depression among pediatric dentists in the United States / by Leena Chohan
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Assessment of the therapeutic potential of a dental probiotic in orthodontic patients affected by gingivitis: a randomized control trial / by Sarah Habib.
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Association between caregiver’s and child’s oral health status and Oral Health Related Quality of Life / by Elaine de Oliveira Cunha Cardoso.
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Characterization of two small RNAs of Streptococcus mutans UA159 / by Andrew Latos
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Effects of a bioactive scaffold containing a sustained TGF-β1-Releasing nanoparticle system on the migration and differentiation of stem cells from the apical papilla / by Craig D. Bellamy.
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Effects of Lyme disease pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi on murine bone biology / by Tian Tian (Cornelia) Tang.
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Identification and characterization of Candidate Treponema pallidum vascular adhesins by heterologous expression in the Lyme disease pathogen / by Wei-Chien (Andrew) Kao
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Identification of CD marker expression and neutrophil surface marker changes in health and disease using high-throughput screening flow cytometry / by Flavia Lakschevitz.
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Residual micro-strain in root dentin after canal instrumentation measured with Digital Moiré Interferometry / by Helena Lim
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

The effect of two wattages of low-level laser therapy on orthodontic tooth movement / by Melissa Anne Milligan
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Topical 5-Fluorouracil: a novel targeted therapy for the keratocystic odontogenic tumour / by Nicholas John Ledderhof
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Trends in utilization of a children’s hospital emergency department for caries-related complaints / by Molly Ehrlich Friedman
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Variation in strategies for the facilitation of dental treatment in pediatric patients / by Gabriella Amneris Garisto
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2016.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Books - October 2016


Wiley-Blackwell, 2016 

'Salivary Gland Pathology: Diagnosis and Management, Second Edition, updates the landmark text in this important discipline within oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, and general surgery. Written by well-established clinicians, educators, and researchers in oral and maxillofacial surgery, this book brings together information on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of salivary gland pathology. Clear and comprehensive, Salivary Gland Pathology: Diagnosis and Management offers complete explanation of all points, supported by a wealth of clinical and surgical illustrations to allow the reader to gain insight into every facet of each pathologic entity and its diagnosis and treatment.' Taken from publisher description.

Contemporary fixed prosthodontics, 5th ed. / by Rosenstiel et al.

Mosby-Elsevier, 2016

'The fifth edition now includes cone-beam technology for diagnostic purposes and implant placement. Impression making was expanded with a section on optical imaging, and solid casts are contrasted with their virtual counterparts. Wax pattern fabrication is still presented in the classical manner but is augmented with specific information on computer-aided design followed by either printing or milling. Similarly, the section on the fabrication of metal ceramic substructures and all-ceramic restorations was revised to include the new CAD/CAM techniques.' From Preface,

Early childhood oral health, 2nd ed. / by J.H. Berg et al.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2016

'This book represents the second edition of the first published textbook on the topic of the name it carries— Early Childhood Oral Health. This topic has caught the attention of a large host of stakeholders, as evidence of its importance to those who encounter the youngest members of our society. We hope that after reading this book, you will agree there is nothing more important in dentistry than early intervention, with the connected comprehensive prevention and management of the prevalent early childhood caries. We have the tools available to us to prevent most dental caries in children at a very early age, yet we have seen an increase in dental caries in pre‐ schoolers in recent years.' From Introduction, p. 1


Wiley-Blackwell, 2017.

'[This book] offers an indispensible step-by-step guide to the dental foundation training application process. Including example situational judgement tests and scenario questions, this practical guide enables students to navigate the interview and recruitment process with confidence. Written in a succinct and user-friendly style, topics covered include ethics, professionalism, patient communication and clinical management'. From back cover

Pearson, 2017.

'The guiding principles that served as the impetus for the first three editions of Dental public health and research remain consistent with an added emphasis on the dental hygienist's understanding of research principles. The twenty-first century mandates a change in the practice and understanding of dental public health concepts. The dental hygiene practitioners who will be practicing in this century need information on how to effectively practice and conduct dental hygiene research in dental public health setting. The fourth edition expands on public health science from its inception and further explains the essence of dental public health.' From preface, pp. xiii.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry / by S. J. Stefanac and S. P. Nesbit
Elsevier, 2017
Also available online 'The third edition of this text is a significant expansion from the prior two editions. Now titled Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry , we have added two new chapters Common Diagnoses in Dentistry and Interprofessional Treatment Planning . The first pertains to diagnosis, the bedrock from which all treatment decisions are made. The focus of this chapter is the range of patient diagnoses commonly encountered in dental practice. Second, because dentists are partners with other health professionals, we anticipate that dental treatment will increasingly be delivered in a collaborative, interdisciplinary setting where patients and providers will both benefit from a team approach to oral and general healthcare delivery.' From Preface, viii.

Scully’s handbook of medicalproblems in dentistry / by C. Scully

Elsevier, 2016.

'Prepared by an author of international renown, Scully's Handbook of Medical Problems in Dentistry offers a wealth of information in a handy easy-to-carry format. Containing over 250 colour photographs, artworks, and tables, many of which have never been published before, this useful guide covers the main conditions seen in clinical practice together with their relevance to oral health care.' From back cover

Essentials of dental caries, 4thedition / by E. Kidd and O. Fejerskov

Oxford, 2016.

'Dental caries (tooth decay) is one of the most highly prevalent diseases around the world affecting a significant proportion of the population. Dental caries may take place on a any tooth surface in the oral cavity where dental plaque is allowed to develop over a period of time. Understanding its causes and progression allows the dental team to help the patient control and manage it so that patients can maintain health teeth for life. The fourth edition of this book provides readers with an up-to-date, clinically relevant guide to dental caries. Written with accessible style, the authors explain the biological and socioeconomic background of lesion development and progress.' From back cover

Nanobiomaterials in Dentistry: Applications of Nanobiomaterials / by A. M. Grumezescu
Elsevier, 2016

'Nanobiomaterials in Dentistry offers an up-to-date overview of the use of nanomaterials in dentistry, including current applications, findings from the latest research, and future possibilities. Drawing from the expertise of leading researchers from across the world, the book presents modern nanotechnology used in the production of dental materials and examines composite resins and adhesives, (bio)cements, and dental liners, which are modified with nanoparticles for enhanced mechanical, antibacterial, and remineralizing properties.' From publisher description.

Vertical Alveolar Ridge Augmentation in Implant Dentistry: A Surgical Manual / by L. Tolstunov
Wiley Blackwell, 2016

'Vertical Alveolar Ridge Augmentation in Implant Dentistry: A Surgical Manual presents the main methods of vertical ridge augmentation in a clinically focused surgical manual. After an introductory section on the alveolar ridge and requirements for dental implants, sections are devoted to each procedure: guided bone regeneration, sinus lift, distraction osteogenesis, block grafting, and free bone flaps.' From publisher description.

Dental Public Health at a Glance / by I. G. Chestnutt 
Wiley Blackwell, 2016

Dental Public Health at a Glance / by I. G. Chestnutt 
Wiley Blackwell, 2016

'Dental Public Health at a Glance presents a richly-illustrated introduction to dental and oral health issues in communities and populations. Offering comprehensive coverage of this increasingly important field, each topic is presented in an easy-to-comprehend two-page spread with essential facts clearly summarized and accompanied by tables, illustrations, and diagrams.' From publisher description. 

Implant Prosthodontics: A Patient-Oriented Strategy / by S. Wolfart et al
Quintessence Publishing, 2016

'Illustrated with well over 2000 figures and numerous flowcharts, this book presents a coherent, evidence-based concept of prosthesis-oriented implant placement and individual esthetic prosthodontic restoration, conceptualized in detail from the first stages of planning to the aftercare period. The key interfaces between implantologist and prosthodontist, prosthodontist and dental technician, and also between the patient and the treatment team, are explained in detail.' From publisher description.

Jaypee, the Health Sciences Publisher, 2015.

'This informative book provides information on conventional and newer crowns as well as advanced techniques. It covers illustrations, principles and colorful images for better understanding. The book helps the reader to improve their current concepts and to upgrade their knowledge and techniques for crown placement and to solve the clinical problems.' From Foreword, pp. vii.

Quintessence Publishing, 2014.

'Dental implants are used routinely throughout the world to replace missing teeth. With the broadening of treatment options and an increasing number of clinicians who provide implant therapy, it is important to ensure that the treatment methods used meet the highest clinical standards.' From publisher description.

Oral and maxillofacial trauma, 4thed. / by R.J. Fonseca et al.

Elsevier, 2013
Also available online 'Describing the diagnosis and management of maxillofacial and associated traumatic injuries step by step, 'Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma' takes you beyond the surgical management of head and neck trauma to cover the general management of traumatic injuries, systemic evaluation of the trauma patient, and special considerations associated with maxillofacial trauma patient care. New to this edition are over 700 full-color illustrations showing details of traumatic injuries and their treatment.' From publisher description.

Quintessenza Edizioni, 2013

'Mucogingival esthetic surgery is dedicated to the treatment of mucogingival esthetic alterations. These may be caused by gingival recession, often in association with non carious cervical lesions and/or root caries or, on the contrary, by altered passive eruption. Objectives of mucogingival esthetic surgery are also to augment gingival thickness and height around prostheses or implants and soft tissue augmentation procedures in edentulous ridges. Techniques for edentulous ridge augmentation are addresses in the second volume. This volume describes and illustrates mucogingival surgical techniques as applied to natural teeth or implants with the chief aim of satisfying the patient's esthetic requirements.' From publisher description.