Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Books - July 2012


Drug information handbook for dentistry: including oral medicine for medically compromised patients and specific oral conditions, 17th ed. / by Wynn et al
Lexi-Comp, 2011.

Emerging nanotechnologies in dentistry: processes, materials and applications / by K. Subramani and W. Ahmed
Elsevier, c2012.

'This comprehensive reference work brings together a number of experts from the fields of nanobiomaterials, biomedical engineering, and clinical dentistry to discuss the recent advances and developments on the applications of nanotechnologies in restoration, fixation, replacement or regeneration of hard and soft tissues in and about the oral cavity and craniofacial region.' Taken from back cover

Also available online

Your mouth: the gateway to a healthier you: a yoga-based approach to exploring the connections between oral health, whole body wellness and longevity / by Dana G. Colson
DJC Corp., c2011.

Percrestal sinuslift: from illusion to reality / by G. Watzek
Quintessence, c2012.

This book is intended to alert the reader to the shortcomings of the various techniques of transcrestal sinus floor evaluation, with the intention of providing a blueprint to help develop transcrestal sinus floor elevation into a surgical technique that meets the general medical standards of a minimally invasive procedure. Taken from back cover

Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery: biomaterials, bone grafting and tissue engineering / edited by Joël Ferri and Ernst B. Hunziker.
Woodhead Pub., c2011.

The development of oral implantology has accelerated dramatically since the discovery of osseointegration (the integration of bone and implants). The stability of the implant after its insertion is essential for successful osseointegration. In order to achieve this stability, it is often necessary to prepare the area and reconstruct the bone to ensure that the site is the correct shape and size for the implant. In maxillofacial surgery this procedure is known as preprosthetic surgery. Preprosthetic and maxillofacial surgery: biomaterials, bone grafting and tissue engineering provides readers with the fundamentals of the biology and physiology of maxillofacial bone reconstruction. Taken from back cover

Colombo, c2008

This book which is concise and easily readable is an essential item for all students starting in Dentistry. It is also a very useful book for dental surgeons and doctors who are interested in a general introduction to the subject of History of Dentistry.   Taken from foreword

Immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants: conceptual background and clinical results / G. Bayer et al.; with the collaboration of Fabian Sigmund et al.
Quintessence, c2011

Dental erosion: diagnosis, risk assessment, prevention, treatment / Adrian Lussi & Thomas Jaeggi, (Eds.). Quintessence, c2011


Percrestal sinuslift: from illusion to reality / by G. Watzek
Quintessence, c2012.

Monday, 4 June 2012

New Books - June 2012


Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics, 4th edition / by Herbert T. Shillingburg et al.

Quintessence Books, 2012

'This book was designed to serve as an introduction to the area of restorative dentistry dealing with fixed partial dentures and cast metal, metal-ceramic, and all-ceramic restorations. It should provide the background knowledge needed by the novice as well as serve as a refresher for the practitioner or graduate student.' Taken from preface, ix

Prosthodontic treatment for edentulous patients: complete dentures and implant-supported prostheses, 13th ed. / by George Zarb et al.
Elsevier, 2012.

'The thirteenth edition of Prosthodontic treatment for edentulous patients seeks to maintain our commitment to guiding dental students, dentists, and prosthodontists to make the best-informed clinical decisions while optimally managing the needs of edentulous patients. As practicing dentists and clinical educators, we continue to seek educational formats that reconcile established clinical protocols with research developments, while never losing sight of the ultimate beneficiaries of our professional skills--our patients' Taken from preface, ix.

Advancing oral health in America: Committee on an oral health initiative board on health care services / by Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.
The National Academies Press, c2011
"In Advancing Oral Health in America, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) highlights the vital role that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can play in improving oral health and oral health care in the United States. The IOM recommends that HHS design an oral health initiative which has clearly articulated goals, is coordinated effectively, adequately funded and has high-level accountability."-- Publisher's description

"Keep Smiling! has the answers to...many more questions about dental health care. The book demystifies the dental health process and provides valuable information on personal dental care that can help you avoid painfil dental disease, stressful visits to the dentist and painful extractions from your wallet."  -- Taken from back cover

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed / by American Psychological Association APA, c2010

"The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the style manual of choice for writers, editors, students, and educators in the social and behavioral sciences. It provides invaluable guidance on all aspects of the writing process, from the ethics of authorship to the word choice that best reduces bias in language." -- Taken from back cover

Periodontal disease / by DF Kinane and A. Mombelli (eds).
Karger, c2012

"Comprising reviews from renowed experts in the field, this book presents a comprehensible overview of this exciting and pertinent subject matter. It provides new insights into the structure and composition of subgingival biofilms and the nature of the extracellular matrix. Further, a summary of current understanding of subgingival microbial diversity and an overview of experimental models used to dissect the functional characteristics of subgingival communities are presented." -- Taken from back cover

State of the art orthodontics: self-ligating appliances, miniscrews and second molar extractions / by Hugo Trevisi and Reginaldo Trevisi Zanelato.
Mosby Elsevier, c2011

"The provision of high-quality treatment with good aesthetic outcomes and shorter treatment times are important goals for all practising orthodontists. This textbook addresses these issues and is illustrated to clearly describe the diagnosis and treatment planning of Class II and III malocclusion and the use of second molar extraction." -- Taken from Bowker Data Service Summary

Also available online

Manual of forensic odontology, 4th ed. / by Edward E. Herschaft et al. American Society of Forensic Odontology, 2006.

"The ASFO Manual of Forensic Odontology, 4th Edition provides the reader a basic workbook, procedural and reference guide and overview of the discipline of forensic dentistry. The contents of the Manual of Forensic Odontology are founded on a body of evidence based knowledge concerning all aspects of forensic dental science." -- Taken from back cover