Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Books - May 2011


Biodegradable Composites for Bone Regeneration / by L. Calandrelli, P. Laurienzo, et al.
Nova Science, 2010

"The present book, after briefly summarizing recent literature concerning modification and applications of these materials, several recent developments of bio-composites containing silica nanoparticles or calcium sulphate intended for gone regeneration are reported. The composites are characterized with respect to their chemical-physical  and mechanical properties. Their bio-compatibility and capacity to induce the osteoblastic phenotype in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells have been assessed. The authors focus on two particular systems based on either natural or synthetic bio-polymers with different biofillers: alginate/chitosan blends with calcium sulphate and poly(-caprolactone) with silica nanoparticles." taken from the preface

Lingual orthodontics: a new approach using STb light lingual system and lingual straight wire / by Giuseppe Scuzzo and Kyoto Takemoto.
Quintessence Publishing, c2010.

"This book follows on from the authors' previous Invisible Orthodontics (2003) and charts the rapid evolution of the lingual technique using the new STb Light Lingual System and Lingual Straight Wire. A large portion of the book is dedicated to the characteristics and benefits of low-friction forces using STb, the first variable-friction lingual bracket." taken from back of book

Report on the findings of the oral health component of the Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007-2009 / by Health Canada.
Minister of Health, c2010.

"This report provides national estimates of the oral health status of Canadians, placed in the context of Canada's oral health care delivery system and compared to previous Canadian estimates and two similar international surveys. The findings are derived from the Oral Health Module of the omnibus Canadian Health Measures Survey conducted from 2007 to 2009." taken from Executive Summary, pg 1

The toxic dental office: How to protect yourself and your family / by Donald Robbins, DMD.
Eyestorm Books, c2010.

"What Choice Do You Have? You're sitting in the dental chair and your dentist says 'You need a
silver filling placed'. You wonder: Is this safe? At a dental checkup. You're told your child needs a fluoride treatment. Should you allow it? Are dentists telling you what materials they're placing in your mouth? Who's monitoring or regulating these materials? What are your choices?...Find out what you need to know to choose the tools to protect yourself and your family" taken from preface