Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Books - July 2013


Springer, 2013.

"This text provides an improved understanding of the biomechanics of the treated atrophic maxilla through computational analyses to study the effect of stress distribution and displacement on bones, zygomatic implants and framework under various occlusal and masseter loading. The simulations utilised the meticulous finite element model to represent the clinical settings accurately and act as a prediction tool for the zygomatic implant stability from different surgical approaches for short-term or long-term evaluation". Taken from Preface, viii.

Springer, 2012.

"This book summarizes the current understanding of the mechanical, chemical, and biological processes that are responsible for the degradation of a variety of implant materials. The 18 chapters were written by internationally renowned experts and address both fundamental and practical aspects. Different failure mechanisms such as corrosion, fatigue, and wear are reviewed, together with experimental techniques for monitoring them, either in vitro or in vivo. Procedures for implant retrieval and analysis are presented". Taken from preface, v.


Successful local anesthesia for restorative dentistry and endodontics / by Al Reader, John Nusstein, Melissa Drum
Quitessence Publishing, 2011.

"Fear of pain is the number one reason people give for not making regular visits to the dentist. A the same time, a majority of dentists report experiencing anesthesia-related problems during restorative dental procedures. If dentists are able to administer successful local anesthesia, patient compliance and satisfaction are likely to improve." Taken from back cover.

Get sharp: Nonsurgical periodontal instrument sharpening / by Marisa Roncati
Quintessenza Edizioni, 2011.

"Learning how to sharpen dental instruments is not a simple task. I discovered that even I was making mistakes when sharpening nonsurgical periodontal instruments, although I had diligently studied the principles and rules for sharpening techniques. Moreover, in teaching students and colleagues how to sharpen their own instruments, I still encountered difficulties. I feel that learning the techniques for sharpening and their application in daily practice must be supported by illustrations and schematics that can simplify the student's understanding of the task." Taken from preface.

"Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients, Sixth Edition provides succinct, yet comprehensive, information on in-hospital care and outpatient management of the medically complex dental patient, as well as the management of non-surgical problems of the maxillofacial region. Fully revised to include up-to-date information on procedures and medications, the sixth edition contains more than 15 additional charts and tables for rapid reference and expanded coverage on maxillofacial prosthodontics and increasingly prevalent conditions, such as OJN." Taken from back cover.

Surgical essentials for immediate implant dentistry / by Jay R. Beagle
Wiley-Blackwell, c2013

"[This book] provides a definitive text on this important treatment modality. Assisting readers to make sense of the various clinical techniques and protocols. Dr. Beagle discusses the available underlying evidence to provide a practical, comprehensive, and navigable aid to attaining a thorough understanding of this complex and highly relevant subject." Taken from back cover

Essentials of oral histology and embryology: a clinical approach, 4th ed. / by Daniel J. Chiego, Jr.
Elsevier, c2014.

"With clear coverage of the anatomy of oral and facial tissues, Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology: A clinical Approach, Fourth Edition, helps you understand normal orofacial development to prepare you to care for patients with abnormalities or dental pathologies. It provides a strong foundation in oral biology, focusing on the development and structure of cells and tissues, the stages of tooth development and maturation, and the parts of teeth including enamel, dentin, dental pulp, and cementum" Taken from back cover.

Mini dental implants: principles and practice / by Victor I. Sendax
Elsevier, c2013.

"Covering the latest advances in mini dental implant technology, Mini Dental Implants: Principles and Practice makes it easy to incorporate MDIs into your practice. An illustrated, evidence-based approach shows how MDIs can provide successful outcomes in long-term use and also in shorter-term transitional applications." Taken from back cover

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