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New Book - June 2013


Springer, 2010

"This book covers a wide range of topics in oral surgery with detailed, step-by-step analysis of surgical techniques, with many examples. Various aspects of surgical techniques are analyzed. These include the instruments and materials used in oral surgery, types of flaps and suturing techniques, radiographic techniques, complications and treatment, and odontogenic infections." Taken from publisher description

"This book covers a wide range of applications in oral medicine and describes through applied research projects, important methods like 3D radiographic imaging, 2D and 3D finite element analysis, proteomic analysis, genomic analysis, oral human microbiom, computational biomodeling, molecular modeling, and computational biochemistry and biophysics " Taken from publisher.

Management of complications in oral and maxillofacial surgery /  by Michael Miloro, Antonia Kolokythas
"Management of Complications in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a comprehensive reference that covers the minor and major complications which may occur in all facets of oral maxillofacial surgery. Each chapter covers the potential complications encountered during the routine practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery, from the most commonly encountered complications, to those less frequent and more complex with which every competent oral and maxillofacial surgeon should be familiar." Taken from publisher


Inspiration: people, teeth, and restorations / by Luiz Narciso Baratieri
Quintessence Publishing, 2012.

"Natural tooth behaves much as a collection of mosaics that change color according to the type of light and media in which they are found, and it is this beauty of tooth composition and form that is the inspiration to those who seek to mimic tooth in dental restorations. This stunning atlas represents over 25 years of dedicated study into the optical behavior of teeth and restorative materials" Taken from back cover.

Oxford University Press, 2013. 4th ed.

"An Introduction to Orthodontics, Fourth Edition, is an established starting point for the study and practice of orthodontics. It covers all aspects of the field, guiding the reader from initial treatment planning to advanced orthodontic techniques." Taken from back cover.

William Andrew, 2013. 1st ed.

"Bringing together an interdisciplinary and international team of experts, this book helps researchers and clinicians alike to unlock the potential of nanobiomaterials for the field of clinical dentistry. The book is a comprehensive professional reference for the subject, covering the range of nanobiomaterials available today in clinical dentistry and explaining the innovative techniques and applications for the restoration, fixation, replacement, or regeneration of hard and soft tissues in and about the oral cavity and craniofacial region." Taken from back cover.

Nova Science, c2010.

"Psychogenic denture intolerance is a complex and rising problem of dentistry and presents many intricate problems, which are being tackled by various disciplines of both basic and clinical research...The text is dedicated to clinical aspects including clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention and treatment possibilities, although numerous aspects of theoretical background and various basic research data will also be introduced." Taken from preface.

Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2013.
"Clinical Problem Solving in Periodontics and Implantology - a new title in the successful Churchill Livingstone's Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry series - provides a highly visual step-by-step guide to the practical management of a wide variety of clinical problems commonly seen in practice. Containing over 400 high-quality photographs, many in full colour, the book is written in an easy-to-read 'how to' style and contains a large number of real life clinical cases carefully presented to maximise learning outcomes for the reader." Taken from back cover.

Esthetic soft tissue management of teeth and implants / by André P. Saadoun.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

"This is a step by step guide to success in periodontics and implant dentistry, helping clinicians to create a natural and esthetically pleasing smile for their patients. Starting with a general discussion of facial esthetics and analyzing the dento-gingival constituents of the smile, the book goes on to consider the impact of these on people's quality of life, both in terms of health and social engagement. Subsequent chapters focus on specific esthetic treatments such as crown lengthening procedures, gingival recession coverage with connective tissue grafts or periodontal regenerative material, and soft tissue management for natural teeth and implants." Taken from back cover.

Elsevier/Saunders, c2013. 12th ed.

"This book represents a comprehensive overview of the composition, biocompatibility, physical properties, mechanical properties, manipulative variables, and performance of direct and indirect restorative materials and auxiliary materials used in dentistry. The book is intended as a textbook for dental students, dental hygiene students, laboratory technicians, and dental materials scientists. It is also designed as an authoritative reference book for dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and corporate marketing staff." Taken from preface.

Quintessence, c2012.

"In this stunning book, the authors blend scientific knowledge and practical experience to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, indications, and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery, focusing especially on minimal soft tissue trauma and maximally perfect wound closure...The microsurgical principles and procedures presented in the book are explained step-by-step in meticulously illustrated case examples with large, exquisite images. Each case example also includes an illustrated armamentarium of the materials and instruments necessary for the practical implementation of the microsurgical procedure. The book concludes with instructions on how to manage all major complications for each procedure. Every periodontist will benefit from the techniques and considerations explained in this landmark text." Taken from publisher. 

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