Tuesday, 1 September 2020

New Books - September 2020

 Short Implants / edited by B. J. Tomasetti & R. Ewers

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020

"This comprehensive guide to short implants will take the reader through their research and development, explain the clinical indications, evaluate the outcomes achieved with various implants, and explore restorative and laboratory considerations.  Short implants have steadily gained greater market share in the last decade as practitioners sought alternatives to traditional length implants in order to avoid grafting procedures. Current manufacturers offer a variety of implant lengths and widths, allowing surgeons and restorative dentists the ability to select the best implant for each clinical circumstance. Cutting edge information is provided on the research and clinical results achieved utilizing a range of implants, specifically those developed by Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Jack Hahn, and Bicon.  Readers will also find an extensive description of the role of ultra-short implants involving reconstruction in both cleft patients and cancer patients who have lost portions of their mandible and/or maxilla. This book is a must-have for those interested in learning how the use of short and ultra-short implants offers both surgeons and restorative dentists an opportunity to stand out from those that use only the traditional length implants." From publisher's website

Imaging Techniques in Dental Radiology / edited by I. Rozylo-Kalinowska
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020

"This book is an up-to-date guide to the performance and interpretation of imaging studies in dental radiology. After opening discussion of the choice of X-ray equipment and materials, intraoral radiography, panoramic radiography, cephalometric radiology, and cone-beam computed tomography are discussed in turn. With the aid of many illustrated examples, patient preparation and positioning are thoroughly described for each modality. Common technical errors and artifacts are identified and the means of avoiding them, explained. The aim is to equip the reader with all the information required in order to perform imaging effectively and safely. The normal radiographic anatomy and landmarks are then discussed, prior to thorough coverage of frequent dentomaxillofacial lesions. Accompanying images display the characteristic features of each lesion. Further topics to be addressed are safety precautions for patients and staff. The book will be an ideal aid for all dental practitioners and will also be of value for dental students." From publisher's website

Complex Dental Implant Complications / edited by S.C. Bagheri, H.A. Khan, and M.R. Stevens
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020

This book offers up-to-date guidance in the diagnosis and management of the various complex complications that may be encountered during or after the placement of dental implants. The aim is to raise the awareness of clinicians regarding such complications and to equip them with the knowledge needed in order to deal with complications promptly and effectively. This in turn will assist in the avoidance of “complications of the initial complication”, which is of critical importance in preventing more serious clinical and psychological problems for patients as well as medicolegal issues for clinicians. The range of complications covered in the book is very wide, encompassing medical, intraoperative, aesthetic, and infectious complications as well as medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw, complications in the atrophic mandible, trigeminal nerve injuries, and more. Complex Dental Implant Complications is written by a team of leading experts and surgeons in the field. It will be a valuable aid for all clinicians who place dental implants." From publisher's website