Friday, 1 March 2019

New Books - March 2019


Elsevier, 2018

"The leading text for orthodontic education! With a world-renowned author team led by Dr. William Proffit, Contemporary Orthodontics, 6th Edition continues its long tradition of excellence in providing detailed coverage of orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment techniques. Key topics include practical applications of computer technology, alternative treatment approaches, the biomechanics of orthodontic appliances, the selection of efficient treatment procedures, and the treatment of complex problems in both children and adults. A wealth of case studies with photographs and illustrations highlight and reinforce key concepts" From publisher description

Toronto Notes for Medical Students, 2018

"[This book]  is a study aid designed to assist students with exam preparation. We highlight the most high yield information for the purpose of exam writing using full colour figures and descriptive adverse drug reaction icons. Featuring pharmacology basics, antimicrobials, autonomic nervous system, cancer, cardiovascular, central nervous system, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hematological, immunological, renal, urological, obstetrics/gynecological, respiratory." From back cover.


Springer International Publishing, 2018

"This book includes real-time photographical recording and panoramic summary of 105 cases with oral mucosal diseases along with their diagnosis and management. This book reflects the characteristic clinical manifestations through images of each case presented. In addition to the medical history, examination, diagnosis, pathology and management of each case, a comprehensive commentary is introduced in the end of each chapter with an emphasis on the normative clinical train of thoughts and guidelines" From publisher description.

Springer International Publishing AG, 2018

"[This e-book is] separated into very clear and practical divisions. The first covers wonderful topics often missed in the average complication text. Fantastic chapters dedicated to medicolegal issues involved with the cosmetic surgery patient along with pain management are just a couple that make this an outstanding resource. Also, the text covers anesthesia issues, infection prevention, and treatment standards, along with an excellent discussion involving current therapy for wound treatment and healing. Detailed management of specific facial cosmetic surgical complications in the book’s second section is very up-to-date with the newest and most ideal management for each common procedure" From preface. 

Springer International Publishing, 2018

"The book provides a comprehensive description of the fundamental operational principles, technical details of acquiring and specific clinical applications of dental and maxillofacial cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). It covers all clinical considerations necessary for optimal performance in a dental setting. In addition overall and region specific correlative imaging anatomy of the maxillofacial region is described in detail with emphasis on relevant disease. Finally imaging interpretation of CBCT images is presented related to specific clinical applications. This book is the definitive resource for all who refer, perform, interpret or use dental and maxillofacial CBCT including dental clinicians and specialists, radiographers, ENT physicians, head and neck, and oral and maxillofacial radiologists" From publisher description. 

Springer International Publishing AG, 2018

"This book describes medical applications of photochemistry. In the first part, a general introduction to photochemistry and related phototechnologies is provided. In the second part, photochemistry-based medical applications for diagnostics (biochips and bioimaging) and therapeutics (biomaterials for artificial organs, medical adhesives, dental materials, drug-delivery systems, tissue engineering, and photodynamic therapy) are described, with examples of recent research" From publisher description. 


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