Monday, 2 April 2018

New Books - April 2018


Quintessence Publishing, 2017.

Predictable shade matching in dentistry remains a significant challenge for clinicians in daily

practice. Color is an important aspect in the esthetics of teeth and dental restoration fabrication, and color discrepancy can mar restorative results, even when other aspects (marginal fit, occlusion, and morphology) are adequate. This book provides step-by-step protocols to help dental professionals accurately match, communicate, and reproduce the color of teeth and gingiva. These authors demonstrate how to implement color science in simple problem-solving instructions for predictable esthetics in both clinical protocols and laboratory techniques. An extensive presentation of clinical cases is included to illustrate the use of recommended protocols in general practice. An outstanding contribution to the practice and theory of color management in contemporary dentistry. From publisher site

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Dental Management of the Pregnant Patient / edited by C. A. Skouteris
Wiley, 2018

[This book] is the first book to focus on treating dental patients during pregnancy. The first book to compile all of the knowledge for managing pregnant patients into a single source. Offers a comprehensive approach to the physiological changes in pregnancy, clinical considerations for treating pregnant patients, and discussion of medical emergencies. Covers medications, oral disease, tumors, trauma, management of gynecological emergencies, and more. From publisher site

Clinical Cases in Endodontics / edited by T. Komabayashi
Wiley, 2018

A problem-based text that presents a wide range of real cases in endodontics. [This book]

presents actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in endodontic therapy. It begins with sets of cases illustrating the most common diagnoses and the steps involved in preparing a treatment plan. Subsequent chapters continue in this style, presenting exemplary cases as the basis of discussing various treatment options, including nonsurgical root canal treatment, re-treatment, periapical surgery, internal and external resorption, emergencies and trauma, and treating incompletely developed apices. The progression from common to increasingly challenging clinical cases enables readers to build their skills, aiding the ability to think critically and independently. From publisher site
Glossary of Dental Implantology / by K. Almas, F. Javed, S. Smith
Wiley, 2018

[This book] provides a comprehensive, consensus-based global platform of dental implant terminology for effective communication among dental professionals, clinicians, clinical and basic science researchers, and scientists. Offers clear definitions for dental implant-related terms for use by the whole dental team. Fosters a working knowledge of currently used dental implant terminolog. Helps team members to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Presents a comprehensive guide for specialist and general dentists, dental students, residents, dental hygienists, and dental laboratory technician. Includes entries for hardware technology, regenerative materials, lasers, radiology, and more. From
Impacted Third Molars / by J. Wayland
Wiley, 2018

[This book] offers a comprehensive surgical guide for the successful removal of impacted third molars. It walks readers through basic anatomy, case selection, complications, pharmacology, and anesthesia, and covers surgical principles and techniques in detail with illustrations and photos. Instruments and postoperative care are also described, and a unique chapter discusses the author's mobile third molar practice. [This book] covers everything that dentists need to know to safely remove impacted third molars with efficiency and confidence. This book provides step-by-step procedures for removing impacted third molars, includes practice management, legal, and marketing advice, features procedural videos on a companion website. Impacted Third Molars is an ideal reference for the general dentist, specialist, or resident. From publisher site


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