Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dentistry Library Digital Collections

Often times our research takes us on a historical adventure... going back in time to learn from our mistakes or seeing what has already been done so we don't have to reinvent the wheel again.. and again... and again...

But usually looking at historical information means sitting down with old, dusty, crusty books - sneezing and leafing through brittle pages to find information you need.  Comparing that to the ease of finding more current information digitally at your finger tips from home using a database like Medline or Embase (where many articles are just a click away with the "Get it at UTL" button) may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed with a historical literature search.

Wouldn't it be nice if historical books could just be digitized and readily available from home with a click of the mouse?  Well, actually... many pre-1923 books in the Dentistry Library Collection have been digitized and uploaded to Internet Archive.  Here you can read the contents of these books online, download a PDF, Kindle, Daisy or many other types of file to read on your computer or device.

We also have many pre-1923 items in our collection that have been digitized by other institutions and uploaded to Internet Archive, Hathi Trust or other websites that we have now linked in our catalogue.

So rest assured that as you embark upon your research and want to stop reinventing the wheel to save time that the Dentistry Library has made it just a little bit easier to access the content that you need!

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