Monday, 17 March 2014

Plan on taking at Trip this spring!

For most of us this long winter is really starting to take a toll… maybe it is time to take Trip and rejuvenate? And since the winter weather has not totally left yet –why not try a staycation! Lucky for dentists, the ultimate staycation can come in the form of (taking a) Trip, a “tool for you to find and use high-quality clinical research evidence”, right from your office or home!
What does T.R.I.P. stand for? Well, currently nothing; however, it used stand for Turning Research Into Practice. From the initial conception of Trip, as an Excel spreadsheet, until the current web based form, the impetus behind Trip has been about helping medical care professionals to quickly (and easily!) find information for evidence based medicine and/or evidence based dentistry.

So, what kind of information can you find using Trip? Searches can pull up information such as secondary evidence (evidence based synopses, systematic reviews, or guidelines), clinical Q&A, key and extended primary research, controlled trials, case reports or e-textbooks.

Trip can be used with a simple search, by typing in the subject you are interested in or you can switch over to the advanced search if you are looking for information that is a bit more specific or time sensitive. Trip also uses a synonym function which attempts to find alternate ways of saying your search term simultaneously (e.g. dental caries and dental cavities). The synonym function has some similarities to using a MeSH search in Medline.

More recently, Trip has included a search function where you can break your research question into PICO concepts (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) and search the database using all (or some) of these concepts. For a bit more information on PICO, please visit our Evidence Based Dentistry research guide

Although you may not have time to take a real trip this spring, we hope we have enticed you to spend a few minutes one day checking out Trip! We guarantee it will be almost as fun as a trip to the Bahamas or Cuba!

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