Monday, 4 November 2013

20 minute lunch hour express workshops

What are you doing at 12:30?

20 minutes could change your life

November is workshop month at the Dentistry Library! The last three Mondays and Tuesdays during the lunch hour break the Dentistry Library will be holding 20 minute lunch hour express workshops to help you learn how to search for articles more efficiently and accurately, manage your citations better; learn about new and exciting on line resources that could help you with your studies, research or teaching!

Each workshop (description and dates below) will be 20 minutes in length giving you plenty of time to eat your lunch after the workshop (outside of the library of course!)  Talk about your power lunch! So whether you want to learn something new or have questions about something you already know please come and join us!

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend! No sign up is required. Simply come down to the Alumni Reading Room at the Dentistry Library (not sure where that is? Ask us at the Service Desk in the library) at 12:30 and get ready to learn and have some fun on your lunch break!

Monday 11th: Savvy with Scopus*
Tuesday 12th: Ready with RefWorks*
Monday 18th: Masterly with Metrics and Hand with H-Index*
Tuesday 19th: Experienced with Endnote Web*
Monday 25th: Well-informed with Web of Science*
Tuesday 26th: On-the-ball with OVID*

* For descriptions of workshops, please see below.

 Monday 11th: Savvy with Scopus
Using medical databases like Medline is an ideal way to find good quality dental articles.  But, not every database contains every article.  Need some information about a topic like ethics in dentistry? Starting research on a new topic and want to get the lay of the land (finding review articles or identifying major articles in your area of study)? Come learn how an interdisciplinary database like Scopus can help you with your research.

Tuesday 12th: Ready with RefWorks
Starting your research and need to find a citation management system to help you store references and create bibliographies? Want to know which system would be best for your needs? Come and learn about the basics of RefWorks over lunch and see if it is a match made for you. (Also, you can attend our EndNote Web workshop to compare the ins and outs of these popular systems).

 Monday 18th: Masterly with Metrics and Handy with H-Index
Thinking of publishing a paper and want some information on some of the ways to compare journals? Thinking of doing graduate school and want to get the scoop on the research of potential advisors (or even just want to spy on your profs and see what they are doing in research).  Or already published and want to see what your metric is? Come visit us at lunch and learn about some simple methods of estimating H-Index, citation counts, and journal impact factors.

Tuesday 19th: Experienced with Endnote Web
Picking a citation management system can be tricky.  Different mangers are better for different things and no one citation management system is the best for every person. Want to find out if Endnote Web is the right system for you? Come join us while we learn the basics of using Endnote Web.  (Also, please attend our RefWorks workshop to learn see if that fits your referencing style!)

Tuesday 25th: Well-informed with Web of Science
Web of Science is an interdisciplinary database that contains articles from a multitude of disciplines. Interdisciplinary databases can be great places to  search for grey literature, articles about ethics and often contain review articles on many topics. Come this lunch hour and learn the basics of a Web of Science search and see how it can help you in your own research.

Monday 26th: On-the-ball with OVID
Come and learn some neat tricks on how to make searching using OVID easier and how to find articles more on topic with your research needs.  Do you have questions about how to use OVID to search Medline or Embase? We’d be happy to discuss them at this lunch hour workshop. Need a refresher on MeSH or Emtree? Come and learn with us!


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