Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New Books - February 2012


Fundamentals of orthognathic surgery, second edition / by Malcolm Harris and Nigel Hunt, editors.
Imperial College Press, 2008.

"This is a unique and comprehensive, but concise illustrated operative manaul for surgical and orthodontic consultants and trainees as well as for theatre and ward staff." Taken from back cover

Finding what works in health care : standards for systematic reviews / by Jill Eden, Laura Levit, Alfred Berg, and Sally Morton, editors.
The National Academies Press, c2011.

"Knowing what works in health care is of highest importance for patients, healthcare providers, and other decision makers. At the request of the U.S. Congress, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) undertook this study to develop a set of standards for conducting systematic reviews of comparative effectiveness research." Taken from Foreword

Periodontology at a glance / by Valerie Clerehugh, Aradhna Tugnait, and Robert Genco.
Wiley-Blackwell, c2009.

Periodontology at a Glance "provides readers with an easy-to-use tool to assimilate the key information about periodontics by illustrating each topic with a double-page spread that encapsulates essential knowledge. Clear diagrams and clinical pictures are accpmpanied by succinct text, providing a highly visual format to facilitate ease of learning." Taken from back cover

Fixed prosthodontics: principles and clinics / by H. W. Anselm Wiskott.
Quintessence Publishing, c2011.

"This book was written for dental students. It is indented to guide the prospective practitioner towards a scholarly approach to clinical problems. As such, it deals with the principal concepts and clinical steps of fixed prosthodontics." Taken from Foreward

Lingual & esthetic orthodontics / by Rafi Romano, editor.
Quintessence Publishing, c2011.

"Thirty-four of the best clinicians from around the world, who practice lingual orthodontics on a daily basis, have contributed their experiential knowledge in the most objective, noncommercial manner. The book does not aim to direct the orthodontist toward a specific treatment modality, but rather to review innovations in the technique and to serve as a reference source, which to date has unfortunately been lacking for the lingual clinician." Taken from Introduction

Orthodontic miniscrew implants : clinical applications / by Cheol-Ho Paik, In-Kwon Park, Youngjoo Judie Woo, and Tae-Woo Kim.
Elsevier/Mosby, c2009.

"This book brings together the knowledge and experience of leading experts from Korea and focuses on the clinical applications of miniscrew implants providing an easy step-by-step guide to their use. Highly practical in approach, the book demonstrates how miniscrew implants can be used to simplify many orthodontic treatments and to successfully solve more complex cases that have traditionally presented a major challenge." Taken from back cover

Also available as an electronic resource!

Reinforced periodontal instrumentation and ergonomics for the dental care provider / by Diane Millar.
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2008.

"In practice, it is important to implement proper instrumentation techniques to avoid repetitive stress injuries. By practicing the techniques demonstrated in this easy-to-follow, clinic-friendly flip chart book, you can ensure a long, healthy career!" Taken from back cover

Surgical complications in oral implantology : etiology, prevention, and management / by Louie Al-Faraje.
Quintessence Publishing, c2011.

"This book is designed as a self-instruction guide to the diagnosis and management of surgery-related complications and to the development of a protocol that allows for the early detection of potential surgical complications and how to avoid them. It is a well-documented fact that early detection of complications that are amenable to rescue therapies may reverse the fate of a failing implant or bone grafting procedure." Taken from Preface

Challenging nature : wax-up techniques in aesthetics and functional occlusion / by Paulo Kano.
Quintessence Publishing, c2011.

"Written for students as well as experienced clinicians, this landmark book will change the way that technicians wax up teeth. This book guides readers, step-by-step, through the author's revolutionary wax-up technique to recreate the complex morphology of premolar and molar teeth. Lavishly illustrated throughout, each chapter builds technical knowledge with chapters on nomenclature, morphology, wax handling and application, functional wax-up sequences for maxillary and mandibular dentition, and adhesive cementation and culminates in a series of impressive clinical cases." Taken from back cover

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