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New Books July 2010


All descriptions taken from book prefaces and book jackets.

Bruxism: Theory and Practice / by Daniel A. Paesani (ed.).
Quintessence, c2010
"This evidence-based comprehensive volume on bruxism provides answers to many questions arising to many questions arising in everyday dental practice. Researchers, students, and specialists will benefit from the in-depth analysis of the subject and the extensive, up-to-date bibliographies."
Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, c2008
"This book commences with a practical discussion of the role of history and examination followed by a detailed explanation of the investigations commonly used in clinical practice. The volume then provides a step-by-step guide to the diagnosis and management of a series of conditions ranging from disorders of tooth development, caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and other infections, to pigmented lesions, salivary gland disease and oral cancer. Systemic diseases such as leukaemias, HIV, and allergy are also discussed in relation to oral healthcare as well as topics of special interest such as the management of pain and anxiety, complications of systemic drug treatment and medical emergencies."
Dental Materials: Clinical Applications for Dental Assistants & Dental Hygienists, 2nd Edition / by Carol Dixon Hatrick, W. Stephan Eakle, & William F. Bird.
Saunders Elsevier, c2011

"Written especially for dental assistants and dental hygienists, this unique and user-friendly, hands-on resource helps you understand the most current methods of placing and assisting in the placement of dental materials and how to instruct patients in the maintenance. [This book] uses step-by-step procedures to show how to mix, use, and apply dental materials within the context of the patient's course of treatment."

Dental Materials Guide / by Donna J. Phinney & Judy H. Halstead.
Delmar Cengage Learning, c2009

"From amalgam to zinc oxide eugenol, the Dental Materials Guide provides a quick reference for the uses and properties of materials commonly found in dental practice. This essential resource can be used during clinicals and labs, and is also a handy study tool for examinations."

Dental Practice: Get in the Game / by Micheal Okuji (ed.)
Quintessence, c2010

"The single most important step in a career in dentistry is to serve the public by establishing your first practice. It is an action that creates the possibility for professional growth and personal fulfillment. Thus, I focused on two major goals in writing this book: (1) Preparing senior dental students and recent graduates for entry into the practice of dentistry, and (2) providing relevant information in an easily accessible format...Thois book is meant for true beginners in the business of dentistry."

dentEssentials High Yield NBDE Part 1 Review, 3rd Edition / by Micheal S. Manley, Leslie D. Manley, et al.

Kaplan, c2009
"[This book] is an all-in-one reference book for first- and second-year dental students. Use this comprehensive guide to ensure success on NBDE. With more than 80 teeth illustrations, dentEssentials integrates important information across various disciplines in one place, allowing for a complete and comprehensive understanding of any given topic presented on the exam."

Essentials of Microbiology for Dental Students, 2nd Edition / by J. Bagg, T.W. MacFarlane, et al.
Oxford, c2006

"[This book] covers the core knowledge and information on microbiology and infectious diseases required by those practising in clinical dentistry. Aimed at dental students, the book will also prove to be a valuable revision aid for those studying for postgraduate clinical qualifications, and as a reference text for practising dentists."

Esthetics in Implantology: Strategies for Soft and Hard Tissue Therapy / by Jose Barnardes das Neves.
Quintessence, c2010

"This book concentrates on the anatomical an coluristic details in the topography of the hard and soft tissues of the intra and estra oral characteristics of patients who have lost a minor or major part of their maxillofacial personality."
Radcliffe, c2010

"The parallel aims of a dental practice are to deliver excellent patient care through highly-trained and motivated employees and to maximize income and profit...So why Genghis Khan? Although some in the West see him in negative terms, the Mongol leader created one of the world's greatest empires. His hugely successful strategies included intelligence gathering, understanding his rivals' motivations, being quick to learn and to adopt new technologies and ideas, and successful people management...This 'how-to...' book on survival and empire-building in the dentistry business is ideal for anyone who owns, aspires to own, or is involved in managing a practice."

Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, 4th Edition / by B.K.B Berkovitz, G.R. Holland, & B.J. Moxham.
Mosby Elsevier, c2009

"The new edition of this noew classic book continues to provide dental students with all of the information required to ensure a complete understanding of oral anatomy, histology and embryology as they relate to dental practice. Fully updated throughout, [this book] now contains 1100 images, many perviously unpublished, and has expanded sections on clinical applications, tooth morphology and a completely new chapter on the effects of ageing on orodental tissues."

Oral and General Health Promotion for Children: A Holistic Approach / by Ayse Basak Cinar.
VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller, c2009

"This book provides further evidence that children's general and oral health are interrelated by common lifestyle and family factors, and both should be supported by holistic health promotion strategies and empowerment of families to adopt healthy lifestyles, both in economically developing and developed countries. This book should be especially useful to researchers, professionals in dentistry and medicine, policy makers, and anyone else involved in provision of better health to community."

Orofacial Pain: From Basic Science to Clinical Management, 2nd Edition / by Sessle, Barry J., Lavigne, Gilles J, et al. (eds.)
Quintessence, c2008

"Some of the most common pains occur in the orofacial region. Because this region of the body has special importance in eating, drinking, speech, and the expression of our feelings, pain occuring in this region has particular significance to the orofacial pain patient. The effect of chronic orofacial pain on a patient is particularly serious because it can be associated with emotional, psychologic, and social disturbances that compromise the patient's quality of life and well-being...Thus, there is a rapidly growing interest in the field of orofacial pain...The philosophy of this second edition remains true to that of its predecessor, namely to provide a based synthesis of the topic of orofacial pain through a translational bridging from molecules and celluar mechanisms to diagnostic and management approaches."

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 5th edition / by Laura Mitchell & David A. Mitchell.
Oxford, c2009

"It's here! The fifth edition of the bestselling pocket guide to clinical dentistry. Not in full colour throughout, with images coordinated to the text, this edition is full of new information, including a new chapter on professionalism and communication, plus new material on practice management, and orthodontics...This book is an essential purchase for dental students, and anyone involved in the care of dental patients."
Wolters Kluwer Lippencott William & Wilkins, c2010

"This textbook guides dental hygiene students through the process of patient assessment, covering both the actual physical assessment and effective patient communication. All skills presented in the book are detailed in a highly visual, step-by-step style - a unique and effective approach in the dental hygiene market."

Konigshausen & Neumann, c2009.

The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry / by A. Dawson, S. Chen, et al.
Quintessence, c2009

"Over the last 30 years, the development of new technologies and advances in clinical procedures have led to a steady integration of implant dentistry into daily practice. Dental professionals have had to broaden their range of skills in order to provide patients with the highest standard care. Education, however, has placed little emphasis on the identification of the degree of complexity and risk involved in individual procedures...In response to this situation, the ITI has formalized a system of classification for dental implant procedures to support clinicians at every level of expertise and experience."

Saunders Review of Dental Hygiene / by Margaret J. Fehrenbach & Jane Weiner.
Saunders Elsevier, c2009

"[This book] is the perfect tool for studying for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. Each chapter begins with a brief description of what will be discussed followed by text organized in a modern outline format with accompanying clinical case studies. The chapters end with review questions followed by the answers and rationales explaining the why behind the how. The conbination of clinical studies and multiple-choice questions encourages you to apply basic dental hygiene knowledge and experience to answer the questions and prepare full for the exam."


Retrospective review of reports of non-surgical paresthesia in dentistry / by Andrew S. Gaffen
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto, 2010.

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