Friday, 1 August 2008

New Books


 Panoramic Radiology / by Vivien E. Rushton and John Rout Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd. Quintessentials of Dental Practice Series #20; Imaging #2

"This textbook aims to promote a greater understanding of the principles and concepts of panoramic radiography by simplyfing the complexities that often exist in larger texts. Topics covered range from the theoretical and practical aspects of producing the panoramic radiograph to the radiological interpretation of the image. The text is written to enable all members of the dental team to gain a more informed and deeper understanding of panoramic radiography, thereby maximizing image quality and diagnostic yield for the benefit of the patient".

The periodontic syllabus, 5th ed./ by Arthur R. Vernino, Jonathan Gray and Elizabeth Hughes Wolters Kluwer LWW c2008

"The periodontic syllabus is widely known as "The Navy Syllabus" because the first edition was published by the Navy when the late original author Peter F. Fedi, Jr., DDS, MS was a dentist and educator in the services. The new edition of this much-relied upon text will keep students and practitioners current on periodontal techniques. A biological approach to treatment modalities with quick access to informaiton on performing specific periodontic techniques makes this book a practical go-to reference".

Indirect restorations / by David Bartlett and David Ricketts Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd., c2007. 157 p. : col. Quintessential of Dental Practice Series No. 25; Operative Dentistry No. 3

"Planning and providing indirect restorations are essential skills for general practitioners, but can provide challenges. This book uses illustrations, clinical experiences and references to provide an everyday practical guide for practitioners and dental students. Packed with hints and practical tips, it provides a useful companion and reference for general practitioners and students in providing successful indirect restorations".

Periodontal medicine: a window on the body / by Iain L. C. Chapple and John Hamburger. Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd., c2006. 258 p. : col. Quintessential of Dental Practice Series No. 43/44; Periodontology 5/6

"Periodontal Medicine is a sub-discipline of Periodontology which deals with non-plaque-induced conditions/lesions of the periodontal tissues, including the periodontal manifestations of systemic diseases and syndromes. It reminds us of the often forgotten and frequently ignored medical aspects of a traditionally surgical discipline. This heavily illustrated text attempts to guide the reader through over 100 conditions using their clinical presentation as the guiding principles to categorization."

Contemporary orthodontics 4th ed. / by William R. Proffit Mosby Elsevier c2007 A second copy has arrived and is now available on STL.

Essential endodontology: prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis, 2nd ed. / by Dag Orstavik and Thomas Pitt Ford Blackwell Munksgaard, c2008

"The second edition of Essential Endodontology maintains and solidifies the book's position as the major scientific treatise on apical periodontitis as a disease entity, promoting the concept of this as the disease of reference in endodontics. The new edition reflects the strides in scientific and clinical research that have led to advanced understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and etiology of apical periodontitis, while also retaining at its core the basic information which has accorded it its status as a classic and has enabled it to become a useful aid to rational diagnosis and treatment."

Odontologia: historia restaurada / by Heloisa Maria Murgel Starling et al. Editoria Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, c2007 Beautifully illustrated work on the history of dentistry in Brazil. Contents are in Portuguese and librarian will not attempt translating description to prevent disastrous results.

Oxford American Handbook of Clinical Dentistry / by John D. Da Silva et al. Oxford University Press, c2008.

"Covers latest developments in all branches of dentistry. Diagrams, thumb tabs, and bulleted informaiton in two-page spreads put practical information at your fingertips. Extensive color plate section".

Mosby’s dental hygiene: concepts, cases, and competencies, 2nd ed. / by Susan J. Daniel, Sherry A. Harfst and Rebecca S. Wilder Mosby Elseview Ltd., c2008

"Focusing on skills for everyday practice, this full-color textbook/CD-ROM interactive learning package makes it easy to master and apply the foundational concepts of dental hygiene. Presented in a logical sequence from preclinical essentials to assessment to dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment, this learning package offers learners multiple opportunities to interact and direct their own learning".

Mosby’s dental dictionary, 2nd edition / by Charles R. Babbush Mosby Elseview Ltd., c2008

"Designed for use by the entire dental team, this edition of Mosby's Dental Dictionary includes more than 10,000 terms. Definitions address all areas of dentistry, inlcuding basic, clinical and behavioral sciences, terms related to office management, and commonly used medical terms."

Clinical and laboratory manual of implant overdentures / by Hamid R. Shafie Blackwell Munksgaard, c2007 "Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures is a ground-breaking guide to this popular and effective treatment modality, which is increasingly seen as the standard of care for the fully edentulous patient. This highly practical step-by-step handbook provides the dentist and laboratory technician with essential instruction and sound clinical support, demystifying this complex subject through systematic evaluation of the available attachment systems to produce treatment plans to best suit the patient's needs."


Access to dental care for persons with disabilities in Ontario: a focus on persons with developmental disabilities/ by Anjani Koneru  
Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto c2008.

An evaluation of computer-aided learning in orthodontics / by Harold Rosenberg Thesis (M.Sc.)—University of Toronto c2008. Diversity of pseudomonas aeruginosa type iv pilins and identification of a novel d-arabinofuranose post-translational modification / by Julianne V. Kus  
Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Toronto c.2008

Neural mechanisms of temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscle pain / by David King Lam Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Toronto c.2008


Mosby’s dental hygiene: concepts, cases, and competencies, 2nd ed. / by Susan J. Daniel, Sherry A. Harfst and Rebecca S. Wilder Mosby’s dental dictionary, 2nd edition / by Charles R. Babbush


3D Interactive tooth atlas version 5.0 / by Brown & Herbranson Imaging

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