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New Books - August 2022

New eBooks

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This comprehensive guide to color science and shade selection in Dentistry presents all the theory and clinical guidance required in order to achieve consistent clinical success. The book opens by reviewing color and its dimensions and discussing color perception, drawing attention to the various phenomena that impact upon it. Shade selection in Operative Dentistry is then explained in detail with the aid of copious illustrations. The coverage encompasses shade selection methods for resin-based composite restorations and for bleaching procedures, with
presentation of the latest evidence on their accuracy and reliability. Guidance is then provided on how to achieve predictable color harmony between the natural tooth and the composite restorative material in the context of biomimetic Dentistry, with discussion of special effects, pigments, layering techniques, surface texture, and finishing and polishing. Changes in color over time and responses to such changes are also outlined. The book will be of value for practitioners in Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry as well as for dental students and researchers." From publisher's website.

Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. and People's Medical Publishing House 2022

"This book focuses on the clear and simplified clinical techniques for microscopic restoration dentistry. With the help of microscope and hole reference technique (HRT), dentists can design the dimensional relationship and carry it out in preparation precisely. Authors firstly introduce an overview and surgical microscope and auxiliary instruments. In the second part, there are 4 techniques shown in each chapter." From publisher's website.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This book is an evidence-based update on recent most significant advances in dental ceramics, specifically related to the relationships between composition, microstructure and mechanical behavior. Readers will find an introduction to the chemistry of dental ceramics as well as information about the technological progress and practical requirements restorative materials need to satisfy for long-lasting structural integrity. The book uses mechanistic approaches to address failure mechanisms from controlled experiments thus providing the tools for the application of sound research methodologies in the field. It is targeted for researcher and dentists interested in the field of dental ceramic materials and fracture mechanics." From publisher's website.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This book will serve as a one-stop, reference manual to understand the basic concepts of dental implant design, the related microbiome, research models and current concepts as well as futuristic perspectives in implant surface modification. The manual-like design including colorful illustrations and important critical questions will help researchers and advanced students in understanding the contemporary status and in designing studies for innovative treatments of dental implant infections. Considering the microbiome of dental implant related environment in health and disease is imperative to design strategies to good practice and prevention of infections around implants. This monograph will serve as a single reference material which links the interdisciplinary aspect of the dental implants covering material sciences, engineering and biological aspects, thus effectively bridging the gap between engineering and oral health sciences." From publisher's website.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This is the first known book on economic evaluations specifically geared to oral health professionals. The book serves as a starting point that explains the concepts and tools required for practitioners with little or no formal training or experience in economic evaluation to conduct such evaluations in oral health(care). It provides the foundation for applying economic evaluation principles to oral health programs as well as more advanced technical information for those interested in acquiring knowledge of health economics within the context of oral health care.

In the book, the authors describe the different types of economic evaluation and discuss their role and application in oral health care. Topics explored among the chapters include:
  • Why carry out an economic evaluation in oral health care?
  • Aspects of decision modelling for economic evaluation in oral health care
  • Interpreting economic evaluation in oral health
  • Worked examples in cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and cost-utility analyses
  • Assessing the quality and usefulness of economic evaluation in oral health: a practical approach for clinicians
  • Using economic evaluations to inform decision-making in oral health: Transferability
  • Economic evaluation: uses and potential uses in oral health policy development
Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Oral Health Care has an applied orientation that emphasizes practical solutions to managing existing problems and situations in oral health care. As such, the book is essential reading for oral health professionals including dentists, oral health therapists, and dental hygienists, as well as students in the oral health professions. The text is also an appropriate and useful resource for other health practitioners and managers who are interested in enhancing their practical understanding of economic evaluation including health economists and other health professionals and decision-makers." From publisher's website.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This atlas is a detailed and complete guide on imaging of the dentomaxillofacial region, a region of high interest to a wide range of specialists. A large number of injuries and patient’s treatment involve the facial skeleton.

Enriched by radiographic images and illustrations, this book explores the anatomy of this region presenting its imaging characteristics through the most commonly available  techniques (MDCT, CBCT, MRI and US). In addition, two special chapters on angiography and micro-CT expand the limits of dentomaxillofacial imaging.

This comprehensive book will be an invaluable tool for radiologists, dentists, surgeons and ENT specialists in their training and daily practice." From publisher's website.

Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist, Second Edition / by Susan S. Wingrove

2022 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

"The newly revised Second Edition of Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist provides a comprehensive guide to biofilm-focused assessment, maintenance, and home care for the prevention of long-term implant complications. The book offers clinical protocols ranging from single titanium and ceramic implant-borne restorations to the fixed full arch final prosthesis. The text also discusses pre-surgical regenerative procedures, implant placement, and patient communication to support hygienists and other dental professionals in talking to patients about implant dentistry.

The book is a valuable clinically oriented resource guide for dental professionals seeing patients with titanium and ceramic dental implants. This new edition introduces readers to new information on ceramic implant instrumentation and ‘Mastering the Arch’, as well as detailed information on how to remove, assess, and provide maintenance for full arch prostheses patients. A new companion website provides dental instructor materials, review questions and answers, lesson plans, videos, PowerPoint slides, skills evaluations, and learning objectives. The book includes:

  • Useful clinical photographs, illustrations, and patient cases to demonstrate the concepts discussed throughout the book
  • Researched protocols for assessment, professional in-office maintenance, and biofilm-focused patient home care to meet all the peri-implant therapy challenges
  • Updated classification, guidelines, and treatments for peri-implant disease
  • Technology and resources for prevention of peri-implantitis and complications that can be prevented with early detection and patient awareness

Ideal for dental hygienists and dental hygiene and dental students, Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist is also an essential reference for any dental professional seeking a one-stop resource for maintaining dental implants and managing their complications." From publisher's website.

2022 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

A Practical Approach to Special Care in Dentistry delivers a comprehensive and robust overview of special care dentistry reflecting the most common compromised clinical conditions dentists will regularly encounter. It discusses more than 50 topics based on real-world clinical cases focusing on two main areas: patients with disabilities and medically compromised patients.

The book uses a problem-based learning approach and helps the reader to apply knowledge in a clinical case context. Each chapter contains a case report establishing the main risk factors relating to the provision of dental treatment. That is followed by a practical and realistic set of adaptations for the reader to follow to minimise the rate and severity of potential complications for their patient. The book also includes:

  • A thorough introduction to patients suffering from disabilities, including physical disabilities, like cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and cognitive impairments, like Down’s Syndrome
  • Comprehensive explorations of the treatment of medically compromised patients, like those with infectious diseases, endocrine diseases, hepatorenal disease, and cardiovascular disease
  • Practical discussions of other special patient situations, like those with allergies, antiresorptive and antiangiogenic drugs, terminal patients, underhoused patients, and pregnant or breastfeeding patients

Perfect for general dentists, undergraduate students of odontology, and graduate students of special care dentistry, A Practical Approach to Special Care in Dentistry is also a must-read resource for dental specialists in special care dentistry, hospital odontology, geriatric odontology, oral surgery, and dental hygienists." From publisher's website.

Shear's Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions, Fifth Edition / by Paul M. Speight

2022 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

"The new Fifth Edition of Shear’s Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions delivers a comprehensive treatise on cysts that arise in the oral and maxillofacial tissues. It is the gold-standard on oral and maxillofacial cysts for professionals working in head and neck pathology, oral medicine, head and neck surgery, and radiology.

The book has been completely revised and rewritten to enable readers to easily access key facts and important information that will assist in diagnosis and management of these lesions. The text has been updated, with increased emphasis on histopathology and differential diagnosis, and with a new layout that makes information more accessible to students and trainees at all levels, as well as to non-specialist clinicians and general pathologists faced with an individual lesion that requires diagnosis and management. Key features include:

  • A new chapter that reviews the pathogenesis of cysts and presents an approach to diagnosis, including specific radiological and histological features that have diagnostic utility in each cyst type
  • More detailed considerations of the classification and terminology of cysts including discussion of the historical background
  • Enhanced data presentation with new tables and illustrations, and increased numbers of photomicrographs and radiology images
  • Detailed consideration of histological and radiological differential diagnosis
  • Comprehensive reviews of the pathology and pathogenesis of each cyst type including molecular and genetic studies that have advanced our understanding
  • The use of boxes that summarise key features and make information easily accessible to readers at all levels

Shear’s Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions Fifth Edition is a valuable resource for specialists and trainees in oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral medicine, and head and neck surgery, as well as radiologists seeking a comprehensive understanding of oral and maxillofacial cysts." From publisher's website.

Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, Fourth Edition / by Lee A. Fleisher

2023 Elsevier Inc.

"Addressing both routine and complex situations with practical decision-making tools, Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, 4th Edition, helps anesthesiologists make sound decisions in everyday practice. World-renowned authority, Dr. Lee A. Fleisher, takes an evidence-based approach to a variety of high-impact topics related to effective perioperative patient management: preoperative assessment; monitoring and administration of anesthesia during surgery; postoperative intensive care management; and postoperative pain management. The 4th Edition has been updated from cover to cover, helping you make informed clinical decisions based on reliable, up-to-date guidance in every aspect of patient care." From publisher's website.

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