Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New Books - January 2014


Nanobiomaterials in Clinical Dentistry / edited by Karthikeyan Subramani, Waqar Ahmed, James K. Hartsfield, Jr.
Elsevier Health Sciences, c2013

"New nanomaterials are leading to a range of emerging dental treatments that utilize more biomimetic materials that more closely duplicate natural tooth structure (or bone, in the case of implants). This book brings together an international team of experts from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and dentistry, to explain these new materials and their applications for the restoration, fixation, replacement, or regeneration of hard and soft tissues in and about the oral cavity and craniofacial region." Taken from Publisher Summary.

Business Basics for Dentists / by David O. Willis
John Wiley & Sons, c2013

"Dr. David Willis combines his experience as a practicing dentist, educator, MBA, and certified financial planner in this breakthrough text about managing a dental business. Rather than a checklist of steps for success, Business Basics for Dentists describes business, economic, marketing, and management principles and explains how to apply them to the dental practice. " Taken from Publisher Summary.

Surgical Essentials of Immediate Implant Dentistry / by Jay R. Beagle
Wiley-Blackwell, c2013

"Surgical Essentials of Immediate Implant Dentistry provides a definitive text on this important treatment modality. Assisting readers to make sense of the various clinical techniques and protocols, Beagle discusses the available underlying evidence to provide a practical, comprehensive and navigable aid to attaining a thorough understanding of this complex and highly relevant subject. All aspects of immediate placement of endosseous implants are clearly and scientifically discussed, enabling the reader to survey the entire subject area, fusing clinical guidance with scientific discussion." Taken from Publisher Summary.

The Orthodontic Mini-Implant Clinical Handbook / by Richard R. J. Cousley 
John Wiley & Sons, c2013

"The Orthodontic Mini-Implant Clinical Handbook is the must-have book for trainee and practicing orthodontists. It provides the essential theoretical and clinical mini-implant information to enable the clinician to easily introduce skeletal anchorage into their practice across a wide variety of common clinical scenarios. The initial chapters cover general principles with subsequent chapters employing a step-by-step approach to guide the novice through the most common clinical uses for orthodontic mini-implants including: incisor retraction, molar distalisation, transverse and asymmetry corrections, and orthognathic surgery uses." Taken from Publisher Summary.


CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, c2014

"In color throughout, Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Implant Surgery covers the practical application of computer-guided implant placement (CGIP) in a simple but detailed manner. Step by step, the book guides you on diagnosis and treatment planning, applying the specialized software, and using the necessary instruments and surgical guides. It also explores the strengths and weaknesses of CGIP and discusses literature related to the accuracy and clinical relevance of CGIP." Taken from back cover.

Mometrix Media, c2013

Elsevier Mosby, c2014
"Mosby's Dental Dictionary is a durable chair-side/computer-side reference designed for use by the entire dental team. Over 12,000 terms cover all areas of dentistry, including specialties such as Endodontics, Periodontics, Surgery, and more. The full-color format is illustrated with over 290 images (specifically related to practice of dentistry), while appendices provide quick, easy-to-use resources for vital information used daily in the clinical setting." Taken from back cover. 

Pearson, c2013

"A concise yet complete textbook on medical emergencies for the dental professional and particularly for dental hygiene and dental assisting students." Taken from preface. 

British Dental Association, c2010

"Aimed at the practicing clinician this book provides a welcome detailed overview of the medical and surgical conditions that affect patients seen in everyday dental practice. Examining each of the body systems in turn, the authors not only provide descriptive accounts of disease manifestations but also give information on how to recognise and avoid potential problems. Treatment advice, drug interactions and the effect of general medical and surgical conditions on treatment planning in the dental context are all covered, as would be expected from two such experienced and practicing clinicians, with new chapters added in this revised and expanded 2nd edition." Taken from back cover.

Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas, 6th ed. / by Barbara Young, Geraldine O'Dowd, & Phillip Woodford
Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, c2014.

"Take a simple approach to understanding the fundamentals of histology! This best-selling atlas equips you with all the must-know histology information you need to complete your courses and ace your exams." Taken from back cover.

Master Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, v. 2, 3rd ed. / edited by Peter Heasman 
Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, c. 2013

"This third edition of Master Dentistry addresses the restorative, paediatric and orthodontic aspects of dentistry and is particularly suitable for undergraduate students, vocational trainees and those preparing for post-graduate examinations such as the MJDF in the UK or international equivalent, and the ORE." Taken from back cover. 

Das Orale: Die Mudhohle in Kulturgeschichte und Zahnmedizin / by Hartmut Boheme, Beate Slominski (Hg.)
Wilhelm Fink, c2013

At the forefront:Illustrated topics in dental research and clinical practice/ edited by HiromasaYoshie, DDS, PhD.
Quintessence Publishing  Co, Ink, c2012

Atlas of cone beamimaging for dental applications, 2nd ed. / by: Dale A. Miles, DDS., MS. Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc, c.2013

ContemporaryRestoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth: Evidence-based diagnosis andtreatment planning / edited by Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD
Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc., c2013

"Written by a group of renowned experts three decades after the publication of the last comprehensive book on this topic, this much-needed book has a wealth of evidence-based information on all facets of the restoration of pulpless teeth. With a better understanding of the factors that can influence the prognosis of severely compromised teeth, the approach to treating these teeth has evolved, and this text offers a well-balanced, contemporary approach to treatment planning. Traditional principles and techniques are reviewed and reinforced, along with modern materials and methods, all with a firm foundation in the best available scientific evidence and with an emphasis on clinical studies." Taken from UTL Main Description Summary

Advances in Restorative Dentistry / edited by Adrian Lussi & Markus Schaffner
Quintessence Publishing Co, Ltd., c 2012

"This illustrated book discusses the comprehensive advances in technology and scientific understanding that have affected the practice of preventive dentistry in recent years. The chapters cover the developments in many specialties, including caries prevention, adhesive restorative treatments, endodontics, and halitosis."  Taken from UTL Main Description Summary

Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry / by Federico Hernandez Alfaro
Quintessence Publishing Co, Ltd., c 2013

"This work focuses on several controversial topics in implant dentistry, aimed at the clinician who deals with implant therapy and needs deep insight into topics that are still the subject of debate." Taken from UTL Main Description Summary

Inspiration: People,teeth and restorations / by Luiz Narciso Baratieri.
Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc, c.2012