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New Books - May 2018


Controversies in oral and maxillofacial surgery / by L.G. Vega and D.J. Meara (eds); R.H. Huang (Consulting ed.)
Elsevier, 2017

"In this issue, we attempt to address the predominant controversies in oral and maxillofacial surgery pertaining to a variety of topics as presented by a young generation of enthusiastic surgeons who have gracefully accepted our challenge to present the greatest controversies they face in their clinical practice each day." (Preface, ix).

Little and Falace's Dental management of the medically compromised patient, 9th ed. / by J.W. Little, C.S. Miller, and N.L. Rhodus
Elsevier, 2018.

"The purpose of this book remains to give dental providers an up-to-date, concise, factual reference work describing the dental management of patients with medical problems. The more common medical disorders that may be encountered in a dental practice continue to be the focus. This books is not a comprehensive medical reference but rather a book containing enough core information about each of the medical conditions covered to enable readers to recognize the basis for various dental management recommendations." (Preface, ix).

Ten Cate's Oral Histology, 9th ed. / by Antonio Nanci.
Elsevier, 2018.

"Written by Dr. Antonio Nanci, a world-renowned leader in cell biology, the new ninth edition of Ten Cate's Oral Histology covers all the latest research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, and postnatal growth an development that are essential to success in oral health! With its straightforward explanations and detailed, full-color micrographs, images, and illustrations, yiu will come away with a deeper understanding of oral health" (back cover summary).

Sedation: a guide to patient management, 6th ed. / by S.F. Malamed
Elsevier, 2018

"The sixth edition of Sedation: A Guide to Patient Management is, as were its predecessors, designed for the student of medicine or dentistry on a doctoral, postdoctoral, or continuing dental education level. It is meant to be comprehensive, providing basic concepts needed to fully understand the drugs and techniques and how they work, step-by-step descriptions of the various techniques, and a look at the potential complications and emergencies that might arise. More than anything else, this edition of Sedation is designed to be used in conjunction with a course in sedation that provides for the clinical management of patients in a controlled (supervised) environment. Only through this type of program can the techniques described in this book be used safely and effectively in a dental or medical practice" (Preface, v).

The anatomical basis of dentistry, 4th ed. / by B. Liebgott
Elsevier, 2018

Master the essentials of gross anatomy! [This book] includes full-color coverage of the regions of the head and neck that relate to applied anatomy for the clinical practice of dentistry. Core information provides a foundation of knowledge that’s important to a successful chairside experience for both you and patient. This new edition includes coverage of local anesthesia, dental imaging, spread of dental infection, and fractures of the craniofacial complex. Using a clear, accessible style, with practical Clinical Notes boxes updated to include case studies, this book closely relates the basic science of applied anatomy to the clinical practice of dentistry. From publisher site

Successful local anesthesia for restorative dentistry and endodontics, 2nd ed. / by A. Reader, J. Nusstein and M. Drum
Quintessence, 2017

Fear of pain is the number one reason people give for not making regular visits to the dentist. At the same time, a majority of dentists report experiencing anesthesia-related problems during restorative dental procedure. If dentists are able to administer successful local anesthesia, patient compliance and satisfaction are likely to improve. This book will help you successfully anesthetize your patients using the newest technology and drugs available. It presents the rationale, advantages, and limitations of the various anesthetic agents and routes of administration. A special emphasis is placed on supplemental anesthetic techniques that are essential to the practice of dentistry. From cover. 

Anecdote, expertise and evidence: applying new knowledge to everyday orthodontics / edited by S. Kapila, K.W.L. Vig and G.J. Huang 
University of Michigan, 2017

This proceeding of the 43rd Annual Moyers Symposium and 41st Annual International Conference on Craniofacial Research (the Presymposium) contains reports, original research and review articles written by international experts on the evidence -- or lack thereof -- for traditional, new and emerging approaches in orthodontics. An improved understanding of the currently available evidence for these diagnostic and treatment modalities will provide strong rationale and justify their application to everyday patient care.  (Preface ix). 

Dental hygiene: applications to clinical practice / by R. Henry and M. P. Goldie
F.A. Davis, 2016

Dental Hygiene and work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you’ve mastered the must-know concepts and techniques and are ready to apply them in class, clinical, and practice. You’ll develop the foundational knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and technical competencies you need to pass the boards and enter practice as a dental hygiene professional. [This book] bridges the gap between the theory and clinical patient care! This comprehensive text encompasses all of the theoretical and scientific knowledge that is the foundation of dental hygiene practice today integrated with the clinical procedures and techniques you need to succeed. From publisher site

Student workbook to accompany dental hygiene: applications to clinical practice / by T. Sanderson, R. Henry and M. P. Goldie 
F. A. Davis, 2016

The Student Workbook is the ideal companion to the textbook, Dental Hygiene and its multi-media online learning platform, DentalCareDecisions.comThis exceptionally student-friendly learning tool reinforces the textbook, concept by concept, chapter by chapter, helping you to bridge the gap between theory and clinical care. And, like the textbook, it’s designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners and learning styles.
Put it work for you as you master must-know concepts and techniques and learn to apply them in your labs and clinical. From publisher site

Anesthesia considerations for the oral and maxillofacial surgeon / edited by M. Mizukawa, S.J. McKenna and L.G. Vega 
Quintessence, 2017

The purpose of this book is to strengthen the margin of safety of office-based anesthesia administration by helping practitioners determine whether the patients they treat are good candidates for office-based anesthesia. This book is organized into three sections. The first section provides a review of the principles of anesthesia, including the pharmacology of anesthetic agents, local anesthesia, patient monitoring, preoperative evaluation, the airway, and management of emergencies and complications. The major organ systems of the body are reviewed in section two, and the most common comorbid conditions that affect these systems are described in terms of their pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, and anesthesia-related considerations. Section three reviews patient groups that warrant special consideration in the administration of office-based anesthesia, such as geriatric, pediatric, pregnant, and obese patients. Spiral-bound and featuring tabs for quick and easy reference, this important book belongs on the shelf of every clinician who provides anesthesia in the office setting. From publisher site

Biomaterials for oral and dental tissue engineering / edited by L. Tayebi and K. Moharamzadeh 

Elsevier, 2017

[This book] examines the combined impact of materials, advanced techniques and applications of engineered oral tissues. With a strong focus on hard and soft intraoral tissues, the book looks at how biomaterials can be manipulated and engineered to create functional oral tissue for use in restorative dentistry, periodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics. Covering the current knowledge of material production, evaluation, challenges, applications and future trends, this book is a valuable resource for materials scientists and researchers in academia and industry. From publisher site

Wiley, 2017

A practical step-by-step guide for all members of the dental team. Thoroughly updated, this new edition ensures all members of the dental team are up to speed on the practical aspects of infection prevention and control. It provides step-by-step guidance on the safe running of a dental practice, clear and concise explanations of the key issues and concepts, an overview of the evidence base, and coverage of legal and regulatory issues about which all staff members need to be aware. With more colour photographs and illustrations than the first edition, it also includes appendices full of useful practical and clinical information, and a companion website offering helpful instructional videos and self-assessment questions. From back cover.

Oral anatomy histology & embryology, 5th ed. / by B.K.B. Berkovitz, G.R. Holland and B.J. Moxham 
Elsevier, 2018

The latest edition of the now-classic [this book] continues to provide readers with all the information required to ensure a full understanding of these essential subject areas as they related to current dental practices. Maintaining the clear writing style and popular atlas-style format that characterized the phenomenal success of earlier editions, [this book] has been fully updated throughout with the latest research findings on a variety of important topics. Containing a wealth of new illustrations, many of them previously unpublished, chapters now also come with helpful Overviews to summarize the topic and place it into wider context while Learning Objectives help students focus on key areas. Written by dentists for dentists -- authors who know exactly what students need for safe clinical practice. From back cover. 


Mortality and morbidity in office-based deep sedation and general anaesthesia for dentistry in Ontario / by Alia O. El-Mowafy
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2017

Glycosylation features mediating endothelial interactions of the Lyme disease pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi / by Nupur Gupta 

Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2018

Circulating N1 Neutrophils are proinflammatory granulocytes that are first responders at sites of inflammation / by Oriyah Barzillay 
Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2017

Effects of different ceramic crown preparations on tooth structure loss – an in vitro study / by Ashkan Ebrahimpour 

Thesis (MSc)—University of Toronto, 2017

Effect of photosensitizer-functionalized bioactive nanoparticles on lipopolysaccharide-contaminated root dentin in-vivo / by Annie Shrestha 

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New Books - April 2018


Quintessence Publishing, 2017.

Predictable shade matching in dentistry remains a significant challenge for clinicians in daily

practice. Color is an important aspect in the esthetics of teeth and dental restoration fabrication, and color discrepancy can mar restorative results, even when other aspects (marginal fit, occlusion, and morphology) are adequate. This book provides step-by-step protocols to help dental professionals accurately match, communicate, and reproduce the color of teeth and gingiva. These authors demonstrate how to implement color science in simple problem-solving instructions for predictable esthetics in both clinical protocols and laboratory techniques. An extensive presentation of clinical cases is included to illustrate the use of recommended protocols in general practice. An outstanding contribution to the practice and theory of color management in contemporary dentistry. From publisher site

eBooks - Wiley Online Library

Dental Management of the Pregnant Patient / edited by C. A. Skouteris
Wiley, 2018

[This book] is the first book to focus on treating dental patients during pregnancy. The first book to compile all of the knowledge for managing pregnant patients into a single source. Offers a comprehensive approach to the physiological changes in pregnancy, clinical considerations for treating pregnant patients, and discussion of medical emergencies. Covers medications, oral disease, tumors, trauma, management of gynecological emergencies, and more. From publisher site

Clinical Cases in Endodontics / edited by T. Komabayashi
Wiley, 2018

A problem-based text that presents a wide range of real cases in endodontics. [This book]

presents actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in endodontic therapy. It begins with sets of cases illustrating the most common diagnoses and the steps involved in preparing a treatment plan. Subsequent chapters continue in this style, presenting exemplary cases as the basis of discussing various treatment options, including nonsurgical root canal treatment, re-treatment, periapical surgery, internal and external resorption, emergencies and trauma, and treating incompletely developed apices. The progression from common to increasingly challenging clinical cases enables readers to build their skills, aiding the ability to think critically and independently. From publisher site
Glossary of Dental Implantology / by K. Almas, F. Javed, S. Smith
Wiley, 2018

[This book] provides a comprehensive, consensus-based global platform of dental implant terminology for effective communication among dental professionals, clinicians, clinical and basic science researchers, and scientists. Offers clear definitions for dental implant-related terms for use by the whole dental team. Fosters a working knowledge of currently used dental implant terminolog. Helps team members to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Presents a comprehensive guide for specialist and general dentists, dental students, residents, dental hygienists, and dental laboratory technician. Includes entries for hardware technology, regenerative materials, lasers, radiology, and more. From
Impacted Third Molars / by J. Wayland
Wiley, 2018

[This book] offers a comprehensive surgical guide for the successful removal of impacted third molars. It walks readers through basic anatomy, case selection, complications, pharmacology, and anesthesia, and covers surgical principles and techniques in detail with illustrations and photos. Instruments and postoperative care are also described, and a unique chapter discusses the author's mobile third molar practice. [This book] covers everything that dentists need to know to safely remove impacted third molars with efficiency and confidence. This book provides step-by-step procedures for removing impacted third molars, includes practice management, legal, and marketing advice, features procedural videos on a companion website. Impacted Third Molars is an ideal reference for the general dentist, specialist, or resident. From publisher site