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New Books - May 2023

New Books

RK667 .I45 I4169 2023
Quintessence Publishing, 2023

Donated by Dr. Douglas A. Deporter

"This book systematically describes the current best practices for immediate implant placement in molar sites, including careful case selection, implant types, placement protocols, and adjunctive procedures to ensure implant success." Provided by publisher.

New eBooks

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023

"This book is a comprehensive guide to leadership in healthcare and the management of complex clinical scenarios in the medical or dental practice. Training in leadership and hospital management is not part of the curriculum and so guidance is often not provided in depth. This book outlines strategies for dealing with the management problems that arise in the healthcare profession, and it prepares the reader for interviews, examinations and the supervision of a team.
It opens with an overview of the NHS, its evidence-based practice and healthcare regulations. Subsequent chapters discuss data protection, management of new business cases, formal complaints and inappropriate use of social media. Information is provided on the recruitment of new junior trainees, the management of underperforming allied health professionals, and the handling of injuries sustained at work. This book is ideal for final-year medical and dental undergraduate students, foundation year doctors, core trainees, junior and senior specialists and newly-appointed consultants." From the publisher's website.

2023 Elsevier Inc.

"Smartphone Apps for Health and Wellness helps readers navigate the world of smartphone apps to direct them to those which have had the best medical evidence in obtaining the users’ goal. The book covers the history of apps, how they work, and specific apps to improve health and wellness in order to improve patients outcomes. It discusses several types of apps, including apps for medical care, sleeping, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and weight loss. In addition, sections present the features of a good app to empower readers to make their own decision when evaluating which one to use.
This is a valuable resource for clinicians, physicians, researchers and members of biomedical field who are interested in taking advantage of smartphone apps to improve overall health and wellness of patients." From the publisher's website.
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023
"This volume is a unique compendium of professional and practical knowledge on new paradigms and approaches in Teaching, Research, Innovation and Public Engagement that is currently missing from the Higher Education market. The intended audience includes healthcare, biomedical and physical sciences discipline specialists active in teaching, along with their students, science communicators associated with the above subjects and academics involved in relevant research/innovation. Its contents will be organised under the following three themes: 1) Scholarship of Teaching and Learning discussing pertinent knowledge, in this area, and inspiring educators to pursue similar medical humanities endeavours. The focus is on pedagogy/teaching including professional knowledge/expertise, reflections, literature reviews and evidence on a wide range of medical, biomedical and physical sciences topics interweaved with humanities. 2) Research and Innovation discussing novel work and paradigms as examples for future use/implementation. The focus is firstly on original research utilising cutting-edge technology and secondly on innovation with discussions around poetry and building communities. 3) Public Engagement discussing relevant science communication paradigms transferable to other settings and applications. The focus is on practical knowledge and examples from a wide range of healthcare and biomedical sciences topics interweaved with humanities while also exploring the hidden curriculum of public engagement and heritage practices through the lens of equality, diversity and inclusion. All chapter authors are renowned experts in their respective fields, who bring together a wealth of professional and practical knowledge, enriching the narrative of this edited book volume." From the publisher's website.
2023 Wiley‐VCH GmbH 
"Biomaterials Effect on the Bone Microenvironment focuses on the structure-activity relationship between bone biomaterials and microenvironment regulation, presenting a systematic exposition from all aspects of biomaterials regulated microenvironment in bone regeneration and covering design strategies, applications, and mechanisms of biomaterials that regulate bone microenvironment, along with the methods for manufacturing biomaterials and their clinical translation.

The subject’s potential challenges and future development direction are discussed, and the design and initiative principle of tailored biomaterials with various features, including bioactive components and physicochemical property, are elucidated in depth. Numerous biomaterials, including natural and synthetic, are summarized and compared. Their advantages and features are also evaluated, particularly in bone microenvironmental regulation and bone generation. Moreover, the stimulation mechanism of the microenvironment to bone generation is discussed in detail, including mechanical-support effect, redox effect, pro-angiogenesis effect, inflammatory immune effect, and anti-aging effect." From the publisher's website.
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023
"This book focuses on the challenges to biomedical education posed by the lockdowns and restrictions to on campus teaching brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights the tools and digital visualization technologies that have been successfully developed and used for remote teaching.

Biomedical education for science, medical, dental and allied health professionals relies on teaching visual and tactile knowledge using practice-based approaches. This has been delivered for decades via on-campus lectures, workshops and laboratories, teaching practical skills as well as fundamental knowledge and understanding. However, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that education across the globe had to pivot very quickly to be able to deliver these skills and knowledge in a predominantly online environment. This brought with it many challenges, as Higher Education staff, had to adapt to deliver these visual subjects remotely.

This book addresses the challenges and solutions faced by Higher Education staff in teaching visual content in distance education. Chapters include literature reviews, original research, and pedagogical reflections for a wide range of biomedical subjects, degrees such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary sciences with examples from undergraduate and postgraduate settings. The goal of the book is to provide a compendium of expertise based on evidence gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as reflections on the challenges and lessons learned from this dramatic shift in teaching. It also presents new examples of best practices that have emerged from this experience to ensure that they are not lost as we return to on-campus learning in a new era of biomedical teaching.

This book will be of interest to anyone looking for a helpful reference point when designing online or blended teaching for visual practice-based subjects." From the publisher's website.
2023 Wiley‐VCH GmbH

"This book merges the two most important trends in biomaterials: functionalization and renewable chemistry. It covers a variety of biopolymers and various approaches for the transformation of these biopolymers into functional units. Sample topics covered by the two well-qualified authors include:
  • Fundamental knowledge of biopolymers–natural ones, such as cellulose and other polysaccharides, and synthetic ones, such as polyethylene
  • The origin, classifications, chemical nature, and isolation methods of specific biopolymers
  • The different classical and modern approaches for the transformation of biopolymers into different shapes, ranging from thin films (model surfaces), to nanoparticles, to nanofibers, all the way to 3D scaffolds
  • The morphology, structure, shape, thermal, electrical, and surface properties of biomaterials
This all-inclusive reference guide, which covers fundamentals, methods, and applications alike, is a key resource for both students and practicing scientists involved in programs of study or disciplines that intersect with the field of biomaterials." From the publisher's website.
Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2023
"This book reviews and describes anesthetic management of patients during oral and maxillofacial surgery. It covers applied anatomy of oral and maxillofacial surgery, difficult airway management and anesthetic techniques. The anesthetic management for patients with oral and maxillofacial disorders such as head and neck infection, head and neck injuries, and head and neck malignancy is also discussed. It will be a concise, up-to-date reference for specialists in anesthesiology, as well as practitioners in oral and maxillofacial surgery. It aims to share up-to-date knowledge and practical techniques with those who work in the fields related to oral and maxillofacial surgery." From the publisher's website.

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New Books - April 2023

New Books
Wiley Blackwell, 2021 

"Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education comprehensively and efficiently prepares students for the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) Certificate in Oral Health. Written by a dental tutor and course administrator, as well as a certified NEBDN examiner, this revision guide includes tips and techniques to help students with the test. It also includes examples of mock examination questions along with answers and explanations to further students’ understanding of the material contained within.
Presented in question-and-answer format to aid with retention and learning, Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education contains the most up-to-date regulations, policies, and oral health guidance." From the publisher's website.
Sorejaw Publication, 2022
"Dentist on the Ward provides a concise introduction to oral and maxillofacial surgery for those starting hospital work or previously unfamiliar with the speciality or hospital environment. It will also help in the preparation for undergraduate and non-specialist post-graduate dental examinations.
In 41 concise chapters it provides an introduction to the hospital departments that contribute to the care of oral and maxillofacial patients and guidance on procedures the new appointee may have to carry out.
There are background explanations about the clinical conditions managed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons and their management. This includes oral medicine, and the essential medical information which relates to dental, oral and maxillofacial practice.
Dentist on the Ward is written by two consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeons with decades of experience in supervising and teaching young dentists working in their departments. It simplifies the essential surgical and medical knowledge needed for hospital work." From the Amazon description.
APhA, 2021
"The Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Quick Reference, 2nd Edition, provides a succinct summary of the most common self-care conditions for which community pharmacists provide treatment recommendations. It presents the most essential information that is needed in the OTC aisle to assess if patients are candidates for self-care. Appropriate treatment recommendations are also indicated based on the patient’s presentation, current medications, and chronic conditions.

As a practical tool to improve practitioner or student pharmacist assessment of patients seeking self-treatment strategies in the community pharmacy setting, the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs Quick Reference is a user-friendly and complementary supplement to the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs. The chapters are presented in the QuEST SCHOLAR-MAC format, providing a standardized process to help student pharmacists and practitioners quickly assess and treat their patients in the community pharmacy." From the publisher's website.

Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc, 2022

"In dentistry today, heavy focus is given to learning the techniques of fixed or implant-supported restorations at the expense of learning how to make removable dentures. As a result, many talented clinicians lack the training and experience necessary to provide functional and dependable complete denture therapy to their patients, even when this could be the best treatment option for certain patients. This book seeks to solve that problem, taking the reader step by step through the process of fabricating removable complete dentures from the very first appointment through impressions, delivery, and maintenance. Sections alternate between clinical and laboratory steps (color coded for quick reference), and technical aspects of denture making, such as master cast fabrication and baseplate and occlusal rim formation, are covered in detail for clinicians who choose to perform them in-house rather than outsourcing to a laboratory. With sections devoted to jaw and occlusion evaluation, how to determine the appropriate occlusal scheme, and more, the book seeks to empower clinicians to improve their patients’ quality of life. Focus is also given to delivery and subsequent adjustment, followed by maintenance of existing dentures and determining when a new denture is needed. From start to finish, this book supplies everything you need to provide functional and esthetic dentures for your patients." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2023
"Emphasizing patient safety and disease prevention in the dental office, Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials for the Dental Team, 7th Edition, is an essential resource for all members of the dental team. With discussions ranging from microbiology concepts to protocols for clinical asepsis, this comprehensive, highly practical text features the most up-to-date regulatory recommendations, as well as coverage of patient safety preparation and infection control breaches. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to perform safety procedures and use the supplies and equipment needed to prevent the spread of infectious disease, while real-world case scenarios present opportunities for critical thinking and application." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2022

"The most comprehensive dental hygiene review book available, Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, 9th Edition offers an all-inclusive review to help you pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) on the first try. Written by a team of expert editors and authors, this affordable, all-in-one review tool includes a wealth of chapter review questions, case studies, outline-style review of all exam topics, and four computerized practice exams that simulate the NBDHE test-taking experience. It’s everything you need for NBDHE success!" From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2022
 "This expert volume in the Diagnostic Pathology series is an excellent point-of-care resource for practitioners at all levels of experience and training. Covering all areas of head and neck pathology, it incorporates the most recent clinical, pathologic, and molecular knowledge in this challenging field to provide a comprehensive overview of all key issues relevant to today’s practice. Richly illustrated and easy to use, the third edition of Diagnostic Pathology: Head and Neck is a one-stop reference for accurate, complete pathology reports—ideal as a day-to-day reference or as a reliable teaching resource." From the publisher's website

Elsevier, 2022

"3D Bioprinting and Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering provides an in depth introduction to these two technologies and their industrial applications. Stem cells in tissue regeneration are covered, along with nanobiomaterials. Commercialization, legal and regulatory considerations are also discussed in order to help you translate nanotechnology and 3D printing-based products to the marketplace and the clinic. Dr. Zhang’s and Dr. Fishers’ team of expert contributors have pooled their expertise in order to provide a summary of the suitability, sustainability and limitations of each technique for each specific application.
The increasing availability and decreasing costs of nanotechnologies and 3D printing technologies are driving their use to meet medical needs, and this book provides an overview of these technologies and their integration. It shows how nanotechnology can increase the clinical efficiency of prosthesis or artificial tissues made by bioprinting or biofabrication. Students and professionals will receive a balanced assessment of relevant technology with theoretical foundation, while still learning about the newest printing techniques." From publisher's website.

New eBooks 
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022 
"This book is a comprehensive guide to Biodentine™, an innovative biocompatible and bioactive material based on pure tricalcium silicate that can permanently replace dentin and can also serve as a temporary enamel substitute. Although Biodentine™ has been widely used across the world for the past decade, this is the first book to be devoted to its properties, interactions with the soft and hard tissues, and its multiple clinical applications. The coverage encompasses applications in primary and permanent teeth, in specialties as diverse as restorative dentistry, endodontics, paediatric dentistry, dental traumatology, and prosthetic dentistry. Biodentine™ application both in vital pulp therapy and endodontic procedures is illustrated and clinical step by step protocols are provided. The book provides a detailed update on Biodentine™ use to preserve the pulp vitality in direct/indirect pulp capping, pulpotomy and irreversible pulpitis treatment. It also details Biodentine™ use for non-vital teeth treatment in indications such as root/furcation perforation repair, apexification as well as in regenerative endodontic procedures.

Biodentine™: Properties and Clinical Applications will be a rich source of guidance and information for all dentists as well as dental students and academics." From the publisher's website.
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022
"Published in the series Headache, endorsed by the European Headache Federation, this is the first book on the novel synthetic treatment of migraine with ditans (lasmiditan) and gepants (atogepant, ubrogepant, rimegepant, vazegepant). These drugs will provide additional options for people with migraine put at risk of side effects by other medications or with unsatisfactory response to previous drugs. There is now a sufficient amount of literature published to interest a wide multidisciplinary readership (general physicians, general neurologists, clinical psychologists, neurologists in training, and medical students) facing every day this burdensome disorder in their clinical practice. The book aims therefore at offering an overview of these new drugs for both acute and prophylactic treatments of migraine, covering studies on clinical evidence, tolerability, and the different stages of clinical development." From the publisher's website.  

2022 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

"Pharmaceutical drug products and medical devices are expected to be effective and safe to use. This includes minimizing patient, user or product exposure to impurities leached from these items when the drug product is administered or when the medical device is used. Clearly, patient or user exposure to leachables must not adversely impact their health and safety. Furthermore, these impurities must not adversely affect key quality attributes of the drug product or medical device, including its manufacturability, stability, efficacy, appearance, shelf-life and conformance to standards. Extractables and leachables are derived from the drug product’s packaging, manufacturing systems and/or delivery systems or from the medical device’s materials of construction. It is imperative to understand and quantify the release of extractables from these items, the accumulation of leachables in drug products and the release of leachables from medical devices. Once extractables and leachables have been discovered, identified and quantified, their effect on the key product or device quality attributes, including safety, must be systematically and scientifically established according to recognized, rigorous and relevant regulatory and compendial standards and industry-driven best practices.

In Extractables and Leachables, the chemical compatibility (including safe use) of drugs (and their containers, delivery devices and manufacturing systems) and medical devices is examined at length, focusing particularly on how trace-level extractables and leachables affect the quality and safety of a medical product and how to assess the magnitude of the effect. This is accomplished by addressing the two critical activities required to develop, register and commercialize safe, effective and affordable clinical therapies; measuring extractables and leachables (chemical characterization) and assessing their impact (for example, toxicological safety risk assessment). Each of these activities is addressed in-depth, based on the existing and developing international regulations and guidelines, current published literature and the author’s extensive personal experience. Written by a key contributor to standards, guidelines, recommended practices and the scientific literature, the book provides “insider” insights beyond those gained by merely reading the relevant texts. Given that the rapidly evolving extractables and leachables landscape, this book provides the most current and crucial information on new and forthcoming regulations and best practices." From the publisher's website.
2022 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

"In this newly revised edition of Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery, a distinguished team of emergency surgeons deliver a one-of-a-kind question-and-answer book on the growing specialty of surgical critical care and acute surgery, ideal for those caring for the critically ill and injured surgical patient.

This book reviews surgical critical care, emergency surgery, burns and trauma, and includes full color, high-quality surgical photographs to aid understanding. Readers will also benefit from access to a website that offers additional topics and tests, as well as an archive of all test questions and answers from previous editions.

The authors’ focus throughout is on the unique problems and complexity of illnesses of the critically ill and injured surgical patient, and the specialist daily care that such patients require.

Perfect for the acute care surgeon, surgical intensivist and those in training, Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery will also earn a place in the libraries of those working in or with an interest in critical care." From the publisher's website
2022 Elsevier Inc.

"Tissue Engineering: Current Status and Challenges bridges the gap between biomedical scientists and clinical practitioners. The work reviews the history of tissue engineering, covers the basics required for the beginner, and inspires those in the field toward future research and application emerging in this fast-moving field. Written by global experts in the field for those studying and researching tissue engineering, the book reviews regenerative technologies, stem cell research and regeneration of organs. It then moves to soft tissue engineering (heart, vascular, muscle and 3D scaffolding and printing), hard tissue engineering (bone, dental myocardial and musculoskeletal) and translational avenues in the field." From the publisher's website.

2022 Elsevier Inc.

"Big Data Analytics and Medical Information Systems presents the valuable use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics in healthcare and medical sciences. It focuses on theories, methods and approaches in which data analytic techniques can be used to examine medical data to provide a meaningful pattern for classification, diagnosis, treatment, and prediction of diseases. The book discusses topics such as theories and concepts of the field, and how big medical data mining techniques and applications can be applied to classification, diagnosis, treatment, and prediction of diseases. In addition, it covers social, behavioral, and medical fake news analytics to prevent medical misinformation and myths. It is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and members of biomedical field who are interested in learning more about analytic tools to support their work." From the publisher's website.

2022 Elsevier Inc.

"Digital Innovation for Healthcare in COVID-19 Pandemic: Strategies and Solutions provides comprehensive knowledge and insights on the application of information technologies in the healthcare sector, sharing experiences from leading researchers and academics from around the world. The book presents innovative ideas, solutions and examples to deal with one of the major challenges of the world, a global problem with health, economic and political dimensions. Advanced information technologies can play a key role in solving problems generated by the COVID-19 outbreak. The book addresses how science, technology and innovation can provide advances and solutions to new global health challenges.

This is a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, policymakers and members of the biomedical field who are interested in learning how digital technologies can help us avoid and solve global disease dissemination." From the publisher's website.

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New Books - March 2023


Elsevier, 2023
RK361 .P73 2023Y

"The second edition of this popular textbook provides a concise and easy-to-follow guide that will increase the confidence of students and clinicians alike in managing all aspects of periodontal care. Practical Periodontics provides evidence-based information on the essentials of clinical periodontology, written by internationally renowned contributors in an accessible, practical style. It covers all aspects of the discipline, including the aetiology of periodontal diseases, clinical management, patient education, paediatric care, and the interaction of periodontology with other dental disciplines such as implant dentistry and orthodontics. This book will be invaluable to all undergraduate dentistry, hygiene and therapy students. It is also highly relevant for practising dentists, dental hygienists and therapists as a source of up-to-date, evidence-based information on periodontics." From the publisher's website.

Quintessence Publishing, 2022
RC931 .O73 M37 2022Y

"Drug-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws (DIONJ) is something oral surgeons are all too familiar with. For decades, Dr Marx has advocated drug holidays and other clinical tactics that can help mitigate the effects of bisphosphonates and other DIONJ-causing agents, particularly in patients being treated for osteoporosis or cancer. This book provides doctors and surgeons with the strategies and guidelines to treat DIONJ effectively and prevent it whenever possible. The first chapter explains the mechanism of action of DIONJ as well as its risk factors and staging, and the following chapters outline how to diagnose, treat, and even prevent DIONJ in patients with osteoporosis and cancer. Twenty cases are included to show how DIONJ presents clinically and what to do in each situation based on severity and patient condition. As the avoidance of DIONJ-causing drugs is not always feasible in the treatment of cancer, Dr Marx gives clear and practical information on how best to handle each situation, so oral surgeons and other clinicians can decide on the best possible treatment plans for their patients." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2023
RB128 .W35 2023Y

"Here is the perfect text you need to provide your learners with real-life clinical scenarios that are ideal for Case-Based Learning and Discussion.

Key Features
  • Presents real-world patients in a real-world clinical setting, making learning fun and engaging. 
  • The Case-Based Learning approach focuses learners and clinicians on the key elements for each diagnosis and helps develop a deep understanding of how to diagnose and treat each condition.  
  • Covers everyday clinical problems such as migraine and other headaches, occipital neuralgia, temporal arteritis, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and more.  
  • Cases unfold just the way they do in your clinic. Each case is accompanied with thoughtful clinical commentary and key messages from the author.   
  • Each chapter uses high-quality radiographic images, clinical photos, and full-color drawings to facilitate a clear, easy-to-understand approach to evaluation and diagnosis.
An ideal self-assessment and review tool for pain medicine practitioners and trainees, as well as those preparing for the American Board of Anesthesiology Pain Medicine certification and recertification exam." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2021
RK361 .N49 2021Y

"Based on Newman and Carranza's Clinical Periodontology, this resource provides the most up-to-date, complete, and essential information. The broad range of content covers everything from the biology of the periodontium--how it's structured and the functions it serves, the new classification of periodontal disease, the link between periodontal disease and systemic health, and more. An extensive clinical section contains a complete guide to everything from procedure instrumentation to patient management at the point of care. Full-color photos, illustrations, and radiographs show how to perform periodontal procedures. Case-based practice questions and skill evaluation checklists promote board-exam readiness. The clear instruction and health-focused approach provide support throughout the Dental Hygiene program and beyond." From book cover.

Thieme, 2021
QM535 .S37513 2021X

"Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy, Third Edition by renowned educators Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, and Udo Schumacher, along with consulting editor Cristian Stefan, expands on prior editions with hundreds of new images and significant updates to the neuroanatomy content. Head and neck sections encompass the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, lymphatic system, organs, related neurovascular structures, and topographical and sectional anatomy. The neuroanatomy section covers the histology of nerve and glial cells and autonomic nervous system, then delineates different areas of the brain and spinal cord, followed by sectional anatomy and functional systems. The final section features a glossary and expanded CNS synopses, featuring six new topics, from neurovascular structures of the nose to the pharynx." From the publisher's website.

Quintessence Publishing, 2022 
RK651 .S36 2022Y
"This beautiful book was written as a guide for the clinical practice of restoring implants in partially edentulous patients with fixed restorations. It provides the essentials of implant prosthodontic workflows and protocols based on the best available current evidence—and in stunning fashion too. As an educator, the author has designed the book so that readers may search for the specific procedure they intend to perform and have a concise guide on how to properly execute it. Each chapter provides guidance on selecting an appropriate protocol or restoration, explains the rationale for the given procedure, and provides a detailed step-by-step protocol followed by special considerations and potential complications. Many of the techniques also feature a QR code linking to a video demonstration of the procedure. To make the book maximally applicable and remove any erroneous extrapolation from one system to another, the author has included directions and photographic demonstrations for three of the major implant manufacturers—Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BioHorizons. In addition, a robust appendix at the back of the book includes checklists for nearly every procedure in the book." From the publisher's website.

Quintessence, 2020
RK450 .P4 C36 2020X

"The minimally invasive philosophy underpinning periodontal and peri-implant microsurgery respects biologic principles, preserves healthy tissues, enhances patient well-being, and maximizes soft tissue esthetics. Distributed into nine carefully sequenced chapters, this book first presents the minimally invasive philosophy before demonstrating the protocols necessary for the development of new skills for the surgeon, walking the reader through each phase of learning and practice required to advance to the next. Once this training is complete, the book reviews the basics of ergonomics, magnification, and subepithelial connective tissue grafting before moving on to the hallmark chapter on microsurgical techniques. This chapter comprises half the book and systematically presents each microsurgical technique, illustrating it step by step and then showcasing its use in multiple clinical case examples. Digital planning and suturing are emphasized, as well as esthetic microsurgery and the correlation of these techniques with implantology. The authors’ end goal is to equip clinicians to perform increasingly conservative, biologic, and predictable procedures with the greatest precision possible." From the publsiher's website.

JP Medical Publishers, 2020
RK351 .G54 2020Y

"The aim of this book is to focus on the dentin hypersensitivity in clinical practice. Dentin hypersensitivity is a common symptom not only in those suffering from periodontal disease and side effects from certain periodontal therapies, but also in individuals with clean mouths. The prevalence of dentin hypersensitivity in the general population is reported to be >50%, with higher values noted for individuals with periodontitis. First, this book provides an overview of the topic of dentin hypersensitivity, and then present a strategy for treating it based on the presenting clinical features described in six clinical cases. Dentin Hypersensitivity in Clinical Practice presents comprehensive information relevant to all dental professionals either during their initial training or as part of their professional development or research activity. This book delivers the underpinning knowledge in a logical and easy-to-read format and it contributes enormously to the professional standards required to deliver highquality assessment, treatment and management for dentin hypersensitivity." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier, 2020
RD82.3 .A53 2020Y

"Authored by current and former physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Faust's Anesthesiology Review, 5th Edition, combines comprehensive coverage of essential anesthesiology knowledge with an easy-to-use format, reflecting the latest advances in the field. This outstanding review tool offers concise content on everything needed for certification, recertification, or as a refresher for anesthesiology practice, covering a broad range of important and timely topics. Save valuable time with this trusted resource as you master the latest advances, procedures, guidelines, and protocols in anesthesiology." From the publisher's website.

Canadian Scholars, 2021
RK52.4 .C3 Q56 2021

"Filling a gap in the health policy literature, author and dental public health specialist Dr. Carlos Quiñonez explores the complexities surrounding Canada’s dental care system and policies, including how they came to be, their consequences, and what they mean for oral health and access to dental care. The Politics of Dental Care in Canada seeks to answer a long standing policy question in Canadian health care: Why is dental care excluded from Canada’s national system of health insurance, Medicare? The text presents a history of dentistry in Canada from the late 19th century onward, outlining how dentistry traversed a developing Canadian welfare state. Dr. Quiñonez explores factors that led to dentistry’s separation from larger movements in health care policy, including moral questions on individual versus social responsibility over health, scientific advances in the field, and prevailing economic uncertainty. Opening with a series introduction by Dr. Dennis Raphael, this vital text offers an extensive overview on how the politics of dental care contributes to inequalities and inequities in oral health. From discussing scientific and public health advances in dentistry to looking at the general nature of oral health care in Canada from an international perspective, this text serves as an important addition to the field of health policy and a foundational resource for courses in dentistry, health studies, and comparative health policy." From the publisher's website.


Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Pain Disorders / by Bahman Jabbari
Springer, 2022

Botox by Jabbari
"This book provides an authoritative overview of botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) treatment menus for 16 pain categories with an evidence-based literature review on each pain disorder, illustrative figures showing anatomy and techniquesIntroductory chapters cover basic information about the mechanism, function and the analgesic effects of the BoNTs based on the data derived from animal studies. Clinical chapters define pain in conditions such as post-herpetic and post-traumatic neuralgias, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, post-surgical pain syndromes and migraine in detail, provide discussion of current modes of treatment and updated information on BoNT therapy. Each chapter also includes illustrative case histories. The new edition is updated with all the new findings since the explosion in research and literature since 2015. New chapters on the history and pain in dentistry round out the update.
Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Pain Disorders provides an invaluable resource for clinicians and researchers involved in the treatment of pain disorders including neurologists, pain medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, internists, those conducting research in pharmacology and toxicology as well as students in these areas." From book publisher

Anesthesiology In-Training Exam Review: Regional Anesthesia and Chronic Pain / edited by Ratan K. Banik
Springer, 2022

"Focused on rotations in regional anesthesia and chronic pain, this book provides a structured review of the concepts covered in the American Board of Anesthesiology in-training exam. The first section of the book covers regional anesthesia with dedicated chapters on basic science, acute postoperative pain, and nerve blocks for neuraxial, lower and upper extremity blocks, and head and neck. The second section on chronic pain includes chapters on basic science and common pain conditions - including craniofacial pain, CRPS, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain. This section closes on multimodal analgesia and other treatment approaches. Each chapter presents a common clinical topic and is organized by indications, preparation, technique, complication, prevention, clinical pearls, and related ABA key points. Highlights must-know information in bold throughout the text. Concise, practical, and easy-to-read, this book will aid anesthesiology residents, certified nurse anesthetists, and medical students in their study regarding patient care practices on regional anesthesia and chronic pain. The book will also be useful to residents going into regional anesthesia and pain medicine subspecialties during the year of their anesthesiology training. " From book publisher. 

Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics / edited by Pradip R. Shetye and Travis L. Gibson
Wiley, 2023

"Cleft and Craniofacial Orthodontics is a comprehensive and detailed reference work on the management of patients with orofacial clefts and complex craniofacial conditions. Covering patients ranging from birth to skeletal maturity, the book provides orthodontists, plastic and
oral and maxillofacial surgeons, speech and language therapists, pediatric dentists, and prosthodontists with the information they need to evaluate and treat these conditions. Highlighting the multidisciplinary team approach, the book aids clinicians in developing a complete plan for their patients.

Each chapter is organized to reflect clinical practice, making it easy to apply the information to the treatment setting. Additionally, a companion website offers video clips of surgical and orthodontic procedures to further aid in reader comprehension and application. Sample topics covered within the work include:
  • Introduction to orofacial clefting: cleft lip and palate anatomy, cleft types and classification, epidemiology, and genetics of cleft lip and palate
  • Early management of orofacial clefting: prenatal diagnosis and counselling, feeding infants with clefts, and development of nasoalveolar molding therapy
  • Orthodontic treatment: interceptive orthodontics, management of anteroposterior and transverse discrepancies, preparation for alveolar bone grafting, and combined orthodontic-orthognathic management
  • Orthodontic and multidisciplinary management of twenty complex craniofacial conditions including craniofacial microsomia, Treacher-Collins syndrome, and syndromic craniosynostosis
Orthodontists, plastic surgeons, craniofacial surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, speech and language therapists, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists, and otolaryngologists can use this book to attain essential knowledge on managing patients with orofacial clefts and complex craniofacial conditions and understand how to apply that knowledge to practical patient settings." From book publisher

Bioactive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics: Fundamentals and Applications / edited by Francesco Baino and Saeid Kargozar
Wiley, 2023

"Bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics are a versatile class of biocompatible materials that have an astonishing impact in biomedicine. Bioactive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics: Fundamentals, Applications, and Advances presents topics on the functional properties, processing, and applications of bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics. The primary use of bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics is to repair bone and dental defects; however, their full potential is yet to be fulfilled. Many of today's achievements in regenerative medicine and soft tissue healing were unthinkable when research began. As a result, the research involving bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics is highly stimulating and continuously progresses across many different disciplines including chemistry, materials science, bioengineering, biology and medicine. Topics relating to these disciplines and covered within the work include: Fundamentals on bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics, bioactive glasses in today’s market, and improvements and challenges for the future. Scalability and other issues when taking bioactive glass from lab to industry/commercialization applications, plus clinical challenges." From book publisher

Friday 3 February 2023

New Books - February 2023

New Books
Quintessence Publishing, 2022
QP88.6 .B37 2022Y

"This book documents the internal anatomy of teeth, with a special focus on the innervation and vascular structure and distribution within the dentin chamber. Instead of the common use of sectioning, the author uses a complex diaphanization method to make extracted teeth transparent before photographing the intact internal dental anatomy. Therefore, the images throughout the book display structures that have rarely been seen so clearly and in three dimensions, including clear photographs of the pulp chamber, apical anatomy, and tooth channels. The body of work represented in this book pushes our understanding of internal dental anatomy." Provided by the publisher.
Springer, 2022
RC280 .H4 M85 2022Y
"This book is a multidisciplinary guide to head and neck cancer.Head and neck cancer remains one of the most technically complex cancer subsites to manage. This field involves highly specialized, multidisciplinary management and collaboration amongst surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other health disciplines. The clinical and research landscape for head and neck oncology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
This multidisciplinary book provides the latest updates in the contemporary understanding and management of these tumors. The text incorporates updates in surgical techniques (minimally invasive and robotic techniques, reconstructive approaches), radiation medicine (new data on dose and fields, oligometastatic/oligoprogressive disease, retreatment), medical oncology (targeted, immunotherapy and molecular agents), in addition to other overarching topics such as side effects, biomarkers/nanotechnology, and epidemiology. Written by experts in their respective fields, chapters include the most up to date scientific and clinical information with perspectives from each relevant subspeciality. These sections are concise and accessible, yet comprehensive. Palliative medicine, pathologic and imaging principles, and health systems/economics considerations are also described. This book is an ideal resource for clinicians, trainees, and researchers dealing with, and interested in, this challenging malignancy." From the publisher's website.
IOP Publishing, 2022
RK685 .L37 S748 2022Y 

"Spectroscopic techniques have potential applications in many different fields. This book presents a general overview of different spectroscopic techniques and explores how they might be used for dentistry applications. With a general introduction to different techniques, the book discusses a wide range of spectroscopy techniques, with individual chapters focusing on specific techniques important to dentistry applications. Such techniques include laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and electron spin resonance spectroscopy. The book also covers molecular spectroscopic techniques such as UV-visible spectroscopy, near-infrared spectroscopy and mid-infrared spectroscopy. This book is suitable for professionals and researchers in academia and industry, as well as advanced students involved with EPR spectroscopy and dentistry." From the publisher's website.

Cambridge, 2022
RC386.6 .E43 E44 2022Y

"This book will assist medical diagnosis and aid clinical decision-making. It shows that neuronal networks, machine learning, and VAR models proved useful for EEG signal analysis, and details EEG signal processing methods. The book also highlights how to use learning machine for epileptic cerebral activity localisation, and details a parallel implementation for EEG artefact rejection." From the publisher's website.
Elsevier, 2023
RK666 .R65 2023Y

"Find everything you need to become an expert in tooth preparation, prostheses, and restorations! Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, 6th Edition provides a solid foundation in basic science as well as step-by-step guidelines to hundreds of fixed prosthodontic procedures. Using more than 3,500 high-quality drawings and photographs, this complete reference walks you through each step of patient care, from diagnosis and planning to prosthesis fabrication and follow-up care. Separate sections on planning and preparation, clinical procedures, and laboratory procedures make it easier to look up the information you need. This edition covers the latest advances in Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing technologies and adds new content on minimally invasive prosthodontic procedures through preventive, adhesive, and implant dentistry. From internationally recognized prosthodontic educators and clinicians Stephen Rosenstiel, Martin Land, and Robert Walter, this book includes an enhanced eBook with each new print purchase, featuring a fully searchable version of the entire text." From the publisher's website.

Elsevier 2022
RK55.C5 H265 2022Y

"Based on the understanding that oral health is an important social determinant of health, the latest edition of this internationally recognised handbook equips the reader with necessary skills and knowledge to provide truly integrative patient care. The text goes beyond the technical skills needed to treat children’s dental disorders. It covers assessment of a child’s health and development, their oral health, the newest clinical interventions, and concepts of dental disease initiation and progression. It guides the reader through the management and communication skills needed to deal with children, and how to support their overall health behaviours. Written by renowned authors Angus Cameron and Richard P Widmer, this text is an essential companion for all practitioners who treat children, including undergraduate dental students, general dental practitioners, specialist pediatric dentists, orthodontists and pediatricians." From the publisher's website.

McGraw Hill, 2022
RD81 .M67 2022Y
"Morgan & Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology, Seventh Edition is an essential resource for all anesthesia students and practitioners. Hailed as the best primer on the topic, this trusted classic delivers comprehensive coverage of the field's must-know basic science and clinical topics in a clear, easy-to-understand presentation. The text is also ideal for coursework, review, or as a clinical refresher." Publisher's description.
New eBooks 
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This book constitutes the Second 3D Head and Neck Tumor Segmentation in PET/CT Challenge, HECKTOR 2021, which was held in conjunction with the 24th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2021. The challenge took place virtually on September 27, 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 29 contributions presented, as well as an overview paper, were carefully reviewed and selected form numerous submissions. This challenge aims to evaluate and compare the current state-of-the-art methods for automatic head and neck tumor segmentation. In the context of this challenge, a dataset of 325 delineated  PET/CT images was made available for training." From the publisher's website

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023

"This book provides an introduction to next-generation applications and technologies for improving diagnostic accuracy and prediction of treatment outcomes in dentistry through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The authors attempt to bridge the gap between dental research and global health outcomes, as well as provide a comprehensive guide to general and clinical aspects of dental and oral health issues and the etiology, prevalence, assessment, and management of these conditions. This book combines engineering applications and medical healthcare and will be an important reference for researchers, biomedical engineers, dental students, and dental practitioners. " From the publisher's website.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"The new edition of this outstanding reference textbook, in two volumes, offers comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the contemporary specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The aim is to provide an all-encompassing, user-friendly source of information that will meet the needs of residents and experienced surgeons in clinical practice and will also serve as an ideal companion during preparation for board certification or recertification examinations. All of the authors, numbering some 100, are distinguished experts in the areas that they address. The new edition takes full account of the significant changes in clinical practice and guidelines that have occurred during recent years. Readers will find clear explanations of the practical application of surgical principles, with a wealth of supporting illustrative material, including atlas-type illustrations to complement the descriptions of specific procedures. The fourth edition of Peterson’s Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a truly exceptional resource for clinicians and students alike." From the publisher's website.

2022 Elsevier Inc.

"Features and Assessments of Pain, Anaesthesia and Analgesia examines the syndromes of pain and how they interlink with anesthesia and analgesics. The book covers assessments, screening and resources, and provides applications to related areas of medicine. It explores how the perception of pain results from a multifaceted interaction between illness beliefs, age, gender, time of onset, stress, socioeconomic status, and any number of other factors. In addition, the book scrutinizes how the neuroscience of pain in one condition may be relevant to understanding pain observed in other conditions." From the publisher's website.
2023 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

"Dentistry is a high-stress profession with elevated rates of anxiety, depression, burnout, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. Chronic workplace stress is a growing concern as it can severely damage the mental health of dental professionals and negatively impact their ability to provide appropriate care. Psychological interventions have been shown to greatly benefit the well-being and emotional resilience of the medical and healthcare community, yet resources that provide preventative tools are limited.

Resilience and Well-being for Dental Professionals, is designed not only to combat occupational hazards in Dentistry, such as burnout and compassion fatigue, but also to build resilience, engagement at work and nurture positive mental health through a variety of evidence-based tools. This invaluable guide helps readers utilise tools from the science of well-being (Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), to create happier, thriving careers.

It includes:
  • Tools from resilience interventions to help dental professionals implement preventative habits and take steps towards positive mental health
  • Focus on self awareness in recognizing burnout early
  • Positive psychology and well-being exercises, customised for dental professionals, to help you meld together research and application: from journaling and creative exercises to nature-based and activities at work
  • Measure and track well-being using psychological scales
  • Manage difficult emotions, practice mindfulness and self-compassion, develop a culture of kindness and gratitude at work, utilise a growth mindset when upskilling, harness positive leadership and use strengths, with patients and at homeCreate habits that stick through applying the psychology of goal setting, behaviour change, motivation psychology, work-life harmony and happiness
Written by a Positive Psychologist, and Dentist, with more than 12 years’ clinical dentistry experience within a stressful NHS environment, Resilience and Well-being for Dental Professionals is a must-have resource for all dental students, hygienists, therapists, dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, specialists and allied healthcare workers." From the publisher's website.

2023 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

"Clinical Applications of Digital Dental Technology provides comprehensive yet practical references to a wide range of potential uses for digital technology in dental practice, discussing a wide range of digital technologies including their indications, contraindications, advantages, disadvantages, limitations, and applications. Overall, the book emphasizes how to use digital dentistry in daily practice across all specialties.

With broad coverage of the subject, Clinical Applications of Digital Dental Technology discusses digital imaging, digital impressions, digital prosthodontics, digital implant planning and placement, and digital applications in endodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Each chapter is written by experts in each topic and covers applications for prosthodontics, implant dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and other specialty areas.

Clinical Applications of Digital Dental Technology also includes information on:
  • Software, scanning, and manufacturing capabilities which have led to an unparalleled revolution leading to a major paradigm shift in all aspects of dentistry
  • Digital radiography, virtual planning, computer-aided design and manufacturing, digital impressions, digitally fabricated dentures, and the “virtual patient”
  • Available technologies, plus a critical evaluation of each one to detail how they are incorporated in daily practice across all specialtiesDeveloping technologies in the field with special attention paid to those expected to be on the market sometime in the near future
Clinical Applications of Digital Dental Technology is an essential resource for general dentists, specialists, and students who wish to understand digital dentistry and efficiently and intelligently incorporate it into their practices. The text is also useful for laboratory technicians interested in recent digital advances in the dental field." From the publisher's website.
2023 Elsevier Inc.

"Our bodies record what happens to us physically throughout our lives. This is illustrated by the simple appearance of scars from injuries sustained years, and even decades ago. Evidence such as scars also tells us how we used our joints or may have injured them as children and adults. Our bodies conform to the environment in which we live, both outside and inside. By examining and observing these key clues, a forensic investigator can reveal the unique character that tells the story of a person’s life and death.

Craniofacial Anatomy and Forensic Identification
is an atlas that covers all aspects of facial reconstruction and anatomy of the head and neck, such as facial expression and the anatomic basis for facial development, along with the effects of muscle movement. Written by a world-renowned forensic artist with decades of experience as a scientific illustrator as well as a portraitist, anthropologist, and lecturer in anatomy and biology, the author is as much a scientist as an artist." From the publisher's website.

2023 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd 

"Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases delivers an expert and comprehensive description of sexually transmissible oral diseases encountered in clinical dental practice. This book features contributions from more than 20 international experts representing the disciplines of oral medicine, sexual health, infectious diseases, microbiology, community medicine, and dermatology.

Divided into three relevant sections, readers will find:
  • An overview of the etiology, epidemiology, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Details on risky sexual behaviors and their impact on oral health, including the risk of sexually transmissible diseases associated with oral sex.
  • Detailed descriptions of oral manifestations of sexually transmissible infections.
  • Diagnostic and treatment strategies for oral healthcare professionals in the dental setting.
  • Clinical images that complement the user-friendly patient-focused approach of the book.  
Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases is ideal for dental practitioners, oral medicine specialists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dental hygienists, oral health therapists, and dental educators. The book will also earn a place in medical and dental libraries as a recommended reference book for dental students, medical students, and students of other health professions." From the publisher's website.
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

"This book reviews the standard surgical, radiotherapeutic, and systemic management of sinonasal and skull base tumors. It provides up-to-date information on epidemiology, diagnostic modalities, molecular biology, staging, treatment complications, principles of supportive care, and current controversies. Sinonasal and skull base tumors display histologic and anatomic heterogeneity, as well as wide variation in clinical behavior. Accordingly, they pose significant diagnostic and treatment challenges. A multidisciplinary approach offers the best chance of a successful outcome. In addition to documenting in detail the currently accepted management approaches, this book sheds light on various promising novel therapeutic strategies.

Sinonasal and Skull Base Malignancies
is an invaluable reference for all specialists involved in treating these tumors, including otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists, specialized head and neck pathologists, prosthodontists, and speech and swallow therapists." From the publisher's website.

Springer Nature 2023

"This fully revised new edition explores advances in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Beyond the updated chapters, the book delves into regenerative biology, gene editing and the use of CRISPR in oral biology, as well as histone acetylation and deacetylation methods, further reflecting advances in the application of molecular techniques to oral biology. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step and readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Authoritative and up-to-date, Oral Biology: Molecular Techniques and Applications, Third Edition serves as an ideal basic resource not only for new researchers but also for experienced scientists wishing to expand their research platform into new areas of this vital field." From the publisher's website.